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How does the Candidate search work, when using Candidate Privacy options?

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Privacy options impact the Candidate visibility to instance users, Candidate searchability in Recruiting > Candidates and the possibility to forward Candidates to requisitions and to colleagues.


To enable Candidate Privacy options:

  1. In provisioning, go to Edit Candidate Privacy Options. (Note: Please contact Professional Services Team or Implementation Partners to enable this)
  2. You can choose which candidate will have the privacy option:
  • External Candidate.
  • Internal Candidate.
  1. Click "Save Settings".
  2. Click on Sync Visibility Options (This option will only be available if there are candidates whose share profile flag is not yet set, then the "Sync Visibility Options". "Sync Visibility Options" is a one time activity for an instance to update the candidate share profile "null" values with default settings. Once update is done, "sync" button will be greyed out.

To access the candidate page, the user need to have Candidate Search permissions and it needs to be configured correctly in the Candidate Profile (Candidate) template and in Succession Data Model (User).

If this option is enabled candidates can choose from 3 options:

  • Only Recruiters managing jobs I apply to.
  • Any company Recruiter in my country of residence.
  • Any company Recruiter worldwide.

NOTE: It is only possible to hide "Any company recruiter in candidate’s country/region of residence” candidate profile visibility" and this can be done via Manage Recruiting Settings.

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How these selections can affect candidate search:

1. Only Recruiters managing jobs I apply to.

Most restrictive.

Candidates will never be found in the candidate search.

Only visible on the requisitions they have applied to.
Candidates cannot be forwarded to colleague; attempts to forward the candidates will prevent colleagues from being found in the search, but will not provide an explanation of why.

2. Any company Recruiter in my country of residence.

A Recruiter in the candidate's country of residence will find the candidate in a candidate search.

System checks to match country value (option id) of person doing the search with the candidate's country.

Country value for recruiter is tracked in employee data file by option id.

This is why using the picklist/option id is critical.
Recruiters without a country on their employee profile will receive an error when they try to search for candidates.
Candidates cannot be forwarded to colleague, forwarded as applicant; attempts to forward the candidates will prevent colleagues from being found in the search, but will not provide an explanation of why.

3. Any company Recruiter worldwide.

Candidate can be found by any recruiter - no restrictions.

Anybody can find anybody as long as they have search permissions.

This is the default setting if the Privacy feature is not turned on.
*Recruiter = any user (that is, a hiring manager or other user with candidate search or requisition visibility permissions will be treated the same as a recruiter in these examples.)

Please consider following visibility options / Recruiting user perspective scenarios:

Recruiting user is:

A - Country of Candidate = Germany1
B - Country of logged in user = Germany
C - Country of logged in user = Switzerland
D - Country of recipient user (in forward to colleague) = Germany
E - Country of recipient user (in forward to colleague) = UK
F - Country of the job requisition = Germany
G - Country of the job requisition = Switzerland
(H - Recruiter managing the job, the candidate applied to)

 Visibility Option of the Candidate is: Is the candidate searchable? Can I forward the candidate to requisition?  Can I forward the candidate to a colleague / foward as applicant?  
 1. Only recruiters for jobs I have applied to  NO - also in H NO  NO - also in H
 2. Any company recruiter in my country of residence

 A + B - Yes
 A + C - No

 A + B + F - YES
 A + B + G - No

 A + B + D - YES
 A + B + E - No

 3. Any company recruiter worldwide  A, B, C, F, G - YES  A, B, C, F, G - YES  A, B, C, D, E, F, G - YES

 Please note that the country names are just examples and the system will behave in the same way, if using other countries.

NOTE: By "Recruiters" we mean Recruiters on a Job Requisition. Nevertheless any Recruiting users (i.e. Hiring Managers, Coordinator, Second Recruiter) that are Recruiters on at least one Job Requisition in the system will be able to find the candidate in the candidate search if they are located in the same country. This is when the candidate selects the 2nd visibility option "Any company Recruiter in my country of residence".

ADDITIONAL NOTE: with 1H 2023 release it will be possible to forward candidates as applicants (Forward as Applicant feature) from an Evergreen Job Requisition to one (or more) of its child Job Requisition(s) regardless of the candidate's visibility/privacy options. This will be applicable only to Evergreen Job Requisitions.

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