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2214326 - Overall Rating is not Populating in the compensation form when using Overall Potential, Overall Objective, Overall Competency as a rating source - Compensation Management


The Compensation form has the Overall Potential, Overall Objective, or Overall Competency Ratings setup as a rating source in the Compensation form however the Rating is not Pulling into the Compensation form Correctly

Some Symptoms include

   1. It is Pulling in the Overall Performance Rating by default when it should pull in the Overall Competency rating

   2. It is Pulling in a rating of 0 or N/A


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1. The Performance form does not have the required Sections to generate the Overall Objective, Overall Competency or Overall Potential Rating

Compensation forms requiring a rating type of Overall Objective or Overall Competency requires that the Performance Management form contains an Objective-Competency Summary section. Compensation forms requiring a rating type of Overall Performance or Overall Potential section requires a Performance-Potential Summary Section.

The attribute Rating Type to specify what type of rating will be pulled from PM form to comp form, it can be one of the following:
Overall Competenc (the overall competency rating in objcomp-summary-section)
Overall Objective (the overall objective rating in objcomp-summary-sect)
Overall Performance  (the overall performance rating in perfpot-summary-sect)
Overall Potential  (the overall potential rating in perfpot-summary-sect)

Note: Since PM V12 forms do not have obj-comp sections, a customer will likely need to upgrade to PMV12A if they wish to use the overall competency rating as the rating in the compensation form.

2. The Attribute for Use Calculated Rating is Set to Yes. This will result in the rating defaulting to the Performance rating and ignoring the Rating Type setting.

Note: attribute is applicable only when use-calculated-rating is "false", otherwise ignored




1. Ensure that the Rating type is set correctly(Overall Competency, Overall Objective, Overall Potential)

2. Ensure that Use-Calculated Rating is set to No

3. Ensure that the Performance form is actually generating the rating by confirming the form has:

     obj-comp Section - For Overall Competency and Overall Objective Rating

     Perf-pot Section - For Overall Performance and Overall Potential rating

Note: To ensure that a rating is being generated, create a report using ad hoc for the Performance form and include the overall competency, overall objective ratings in the report to validate if there is a valid report.


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