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2214777 - Extra blank space shows in Cross-Tab even conditional suppressed is set in CR


  • Add a Cross-Tab in Group Footer and set conditional suppress of this Cross-Tab
  • Extra blank space shows in Cross-Tab even conditional suppressed is setssdsd


  • Crystal Reports 2008 SP7 (CR 2008 SP7)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a CR report based on e-fashion universe and add some objects (For example: Year,  Month, Sales revenue).
  2. Insert Group into the CR report grouped by Year.
  3. Insert a Cross-Tab into the Group Footer.
  4. Select the Cross-Tab, right click on it and select Cross-Tab Expert. Cross-Tab Expert window pops up.
  5. In Cross-Tab tab as follows:
    Rows: Year; Columns: Month; Summarized Fields: Sales revenue.
  6. In Customize Style tab, check Suppress Column Grand Totals.
  7. Click OK button to close the Cross-Tab Expert window, will get followings.

  8. Preview and there is extra blank space output between each Group Footer.


This is by-design.

When conditional suppress is set, the object is suppressed and the place is blank but CR will always reserve the space for the biggest section when performing any conditional suppress on these Group Footer sections.
Section height is the height of section in CR Design mode. It can grow if the content height is large, but it can’t shrink by itself;
In this case, section height is equal to 3 table lines. So even the total is suppressed, the space is still kept.



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Crystal Reports 2008 V0 ; Crystal Reports 2008 V1