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2218484 - Recorded Time Not Shown In Report


You are using a report based on data source Employee Recorded Times (technical ID: HCMTLMB07).

You may notice that for some employees, the key figure Employee Recorded Time shows incomplete or missing values.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Run a report based on data source Employee Recorded Times (for example, Recorded Employee Times)
  2. Display the characteristics Employee and the key figure Employee Recorded Time.
  3. Recorded times ares not visible in the data source and the report, respectively


This key figure only shows duration-based time recordings.

  1. Go to the Time Administration work center.
  2. Go to the Time Recording or Time Sheet view.
  3. Find an employee for whom the recorded time is missing.
  4. Click the Open Time Sheet button.
  5. Go to the Review and Correct tab.
  6. Select a date row with a time recording that is missing in the report.
  7. Check if the field Hours is populated.

If the hours column is not filled, then the key figure Employee Recorded Time does not show any values in the report.


Currently the report Recorded Employee Times based on the data source HCMTLMB07 shows only duration-based time recordings and doesn’t show time recordings based on Start and End time.

Make sure to maintain values in the Hours field (duration) when completing your time recording. Note that the Quantity field is filled automatically, if you enter a start and end time, but for duration-based time recording you need to maintain a duration.

Alternatively, you can retrieve time recordings without the hours in your report by displaying the characteristics Start Time and End Time in the report.

Or you can create a new report based on data source: HCMTLMU01 (Employee Times).

Note: We have explored the technical feasibility for this requirement, but changing the design would mean severe impact on the performance of the reports, hence we cannot address this requirement currently. We will explore the possibilities of this requirement in future releases.

Additional Characteristics of this report:

  1. For Vacation time type also, the key figure Employee Recorded Time does not show any values. This means even if you fill the Duration field for the vacation (time types such as Absent, Leave, etc.), the key figure Employee Recorded Time will not show any value. This report is not designed to show the recorded hours for Vacation time type.
  2. The report shows duration-based times even if they are canceled. To distinguish between active and canceled time recordings, you may add the Status field to the report.
  3. If you have a requirement to compare the status of the time recording between the report and the time File of the employee, then compare the Status field in this report to the Approval Status field in the Time File. Status field is actually a consolidated status derived from Life Cycle Status and Approval Status.


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