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2219817 - Competency Expected Rating Calculation in Career Worksheet


This article provides information on how the system calculated the competency expected rating in Career Worksheet.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


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  • SAP SuccessFactors Career Worksheet


Expected Rating of Competency is dependent on the Rating % of that Competency in a given Job Role and the rating scale mapped to Career Worksheet.

It is possible that a given Competency is mapped to more than one Job Role, and each Job Role have a different Rating % for the Competency. Therefore, before calculating the expected rating, it is important to understand from which Job Role the Competency showing in Career Worksheet is mapped, to use the correct Rating % value in the Expected Rating equation.

The system uses the following equation to calculate the Competency Expected Rating in Career Worksheet:

expectPercent * (ScaleMax - ScaleMin) + ScaleMin


  • expectPercent = Rating % configured for the Competency mapped to the given Job Role;
  • ScaleMin = Minimum value of rating scale used in Career Worksheet
  • ScaleMax = Maximum value of rating scale used in Career Worksheet


Example of Competency Expected Rating Calculation

In the Career Worksheet, we have 2 Competencies - "Acting Decisively" and "Acting Strategically" - associated to the Job Role selected "IT Management":


Each Competency has a different Expected Rating, based on the Rating % configured in Job Profile Builder.

To verify what is the Rating Percentage configured for each Competency in this Job Role, we go to Admin Center > Manage Job Profile Content > Set Up Families and Roles. Opening the Job Role "IT Management", under "# Mapped Competencies" tab, the Competency "Acting Decisively" has the Rating Percentage value of "70%", and the Competency "Acting Strategically" has the Rating Percentage value of "50%":


The Rating Scale used for Career Worksheet in this example is a 5-point scale, as you can see in the first screenshot from Career Worksheet that the maximum value is 5.


  • expectPercent = Acting Decisively: 70%, Acting Strategically: 50%
  • ScaleMin = 1
  • ScaleMax = 5

Expected Rating for Competency Acting Decisively

expectPercent * (ScaleMax - ScaleMin) + ScaleMin

70% * (5 - 1) + 1

0,7 * 4 + 1

2,8 + 1 = 3,8

Expected Rating for Competency Acting Strategically

expectPercent * (ScaleMax - ScaleMin) + ScaleMin

50% * (5 - 1) + 1

0,5 * 4 + 1

2 + 1 = 3



Special Notes:

  • One percent is one hundredth of a whole. To calculate the percentage value as a decimal, divide it by 100 at the beginning or end of the equation;
  • Multiplication MUST be calculated before addition. Therefore, first calculate the "expectPercent * (ScaleMax - ScaleMin)" and then add + ScaleMin;
  • The formula is hardcoded, so Reverse Rating scales do not work in Career Worksheet;

Using 0% Rating Scale Percentage

The Career Worksheet does not support 0% in the Competency Rating Scale percentage. Calculating a Competency with a 0 rating will cause it to display as 'N/A' for Expected Rating and show as "not met", this is an expected behavior of the system.

Currently there is no difference of N/A and 0% in Career Development Planning, as the module relies on JDM Data, and JDM does not support Null or 0% Rating.
NOTE: CDP relies on JDM even on instances with JPB enabled.

Our developers are working to move CDP and Career Worksheet to JPB Framework. In the future, it will be expected the system to be able to support 0% Rating Scale Percentage. For more information and other related topics, check Wiki Article Career Worksheet - Role Readiness.


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