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2220377 - Batch Upload of Employee Photos job


  • How to mass upload employee photos through an SFTP import?
  • Provisioning job fails with error "The job creator doesn't have permission to run a bulkUploadProfilePhotos job".

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Profile

Reproducing the Issue

Creating a Job:

  1. Access Provisioning (Back-End).
  2. Navigate to "Manage Scheduled Jobs".
  3. Create New Job.

Monitoring a Job:

  1. Monitor Jobs.
  2. On "Job type", select "Batch upload employee photos".


The batch upload of photos is performed by uploading the employee photos and a .csv file – that will map the photo filenames to the username of the employee they correspond to – on a directory in the SFTP server.

NOTE: Files under one single folder (without using subfolders) must not be more than 20k count. Please refer to KBA 2187183 for further guidance.

Customer is responsible for preparing the CSV file and placing it with the photos to be uploaded into the SFTP.

Partner or SAP SF Support are responsible for preparing the job that processes the CSV file.

Pre Requirements
An SFTP account configured for the instance is required. In case you still do not have a SFTP account created for your instance, please contact SuccessFactors Support to request it. It is recommended to have separated SFTP accounts for each environment.
Please refer to KBA 2174119 on how to request an SFTP account.

Note: We recommend to always use the SuccessFactors SFTP account in order to avoid external issues.

Photo Files Specifications See Here

Requirements for Profile Photos

The profile photos must meet the following requirements:

  • Photo size

    Each photo must be 2 MB or less. The recommended size is 100 KB.

  • Photo format

    JPG format only. If your photos are in other formats, convert them into JPG format.

  • Aspect ratio

    3:4 is preferred for optimal display results.

  • Dimension in pixels

    The recommend dimension is 180 pixels in width and 240 pixels in height.

  • File names

    Photo names must not contain spaces. Use dashes or underscores to replace spaces.

  • Filename should not have spaces or special characters, e.g., FirstName_LastName.jpg.
  • There should be only one file for each photo.

CSV File Specifications her:Requirements for the CSV File

The CSV file must meet the following requirements:

  • We recommend naming the CSV file as <instanceID>_photos_<YYMMDD>.csv
    The "instanceID" is the company instance name, and the "YYMMDD" is the date when the scheduled job runs.
  • The table must contain two columns only: a Username column followed by a Filename column.
    In each row, enter an existing username in the Username column and a file name in the Filename column to create a mapping. All names are case-sensitive. Example:


  • If the CSV file name includes a date, don't include the date in the file name for ZIP files.
  • For example, if the CSV file name is instance123_photos_210720.csv, the ZIP file name must be, or and for multiple ZIP files.
  • Header and content:
    • Two columns: "Username" followed by "Filename"
    • Column "Filename" must match exactly the filename of the individual photo for the specific username, considering uppercase and lowercase letters.


  • There is a limit of 5000 photo files that can be processed at once. If you have more than 5000 photos to upload, please make sure they are separated into different .csv files and different scheduled jobs.
  • The files can be uploaded in compressed form(zip formart) as long as the following steps are followed.
    1. The csv file should not be in zipped form, only the photo files should be zipped, and make sure that the photos be zipped directly as jpg format instead of being zipped after being put into one folder.
    2. The csv file and the photo file should be uploaded to SFTP server separately into one folder.
  • The CSV must be in the extension CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv).


Steps to Batch Upload of Employee Photos

  1. Create a directory in the SFTP server to upload all the files, e.g., 'Photos'.
  2. Upload the photos and the .csv file to the same directory in the SFTP server.


  3. Configuring the Job:

    From the 1H 2023 Release: 

For the 2H 2022 Release:
You can work with your Partner to configure the job. If you do not have a partner, you can contact SuccessFactors Support to configure and run the job in the back-end of instance. Please provide the below details:

    • Company ID: 
    • File Path (directory uploaded all files): 
    • CSV File Name: 
    • SFTP Host Address:
    • SFTP Username:
    • SFTP Password:
    • Job Owner
      Must have following permissions:
      Administrator > Admin Center Permissions > Batch export of profile photos / Batch export of profile photos
      Employee Data > photo (edit)
    • File Encryption:
      • None or
      • PGP
    • Occurrence: 
      • Once
      • Recurring or
      • Dependent of
    • Additional recipients (e-mails that will receive run job details).

Job Failure due to Execution Limit: 

If the Synchronize Business Configuration job fails due to execution limitations, it will detail the following error in the Job Details:

  • job failed because it exceeded the daily scheduling threshold for execution

If a job fails due to this job execution guardrails, it is recommended to review the configuration of the job and adjust the recurrence to ensure it complies with the job execution guardrails detail in the WNV: WNV: EDU-18622 - Upload and Export Multiple Profile Photos in Scheduled Job Manager.

To do this, please ensure you have the required permission to access Scheduled Job Manager from the Admin Center.

This requires you have the permissions:

  • Administrator > Admin Center Permissions >  Monitor Scheduled Jobs
  • Administrator > Admin Center Permissions > Manage Scheduled Jobs

Steps to change the recurrence of a job:

  1. Ensure you have the required permissions detailed above.
  2. Navigate to Scheduled Job Manager.
  3. Select "Job Scheduler" tab.
  4. Filter for the desired Job Type
  5. For the desired job, select Actions> Cancel.
  6. Once the job is canceled, select Actions> Edit.
  7. Adjust the recurrence to comply with the job execution guardrails.
  8. Ensure all required fields are filled out.
  9. Submit.

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide:Managing User Information /Chapter: Managing Profile Photos for Employees                                                                                                                     

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