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2220451 - Creating High Level SAP Lumira Desktop Trace Log Files (Lumira 1.x and Lumira 2.x)


  • On occasion Lumira may throw errors or behave in a way that requires detailed logging.


  • SAP Lumira Desktop


  • For Lumira 1.x, download the attached file to this KBA ( ***NOTE: is for Lumira 2.0, is for Lumria 2.1+(including 2.4)! ***
  • The file contains enabletracingv2.batch file.
  • To enable detailed Lumira Logging, download the attached batch file and follow the steps below.

1) Log in to the Central Management Console and open the Servers page. Stop Lumira and double click on the batch file.

2) If you are not logged on as an Administrator, the following screen will be displayed:


3) In order to proceed successfully enter Y and click Yes in the User Account Control screen that is displayed next:


4) If you are the Administrator or after following the above steps, the screen should look like this:


5) To enable Lumira Desktop tracing, select 1. The following screen with information regarding what the batch file just did is displayed:


6) Go to the Central Management Console and open the Servers page and start Lumira. Press any key to continue. Once the Lumira test is completed, in the command window, enter “3” to “Gather the most recent set of log files generated”:


7) The following screen will be displayed:


and the folder where the log files are located will be shown:


8) To enable JCO tracing, select option “2” in step "5" above. The following screen will display:


9) Once your Lumira test is completed, press any key and then option 3 to “Gather the most recent set of log files generated”.

10) Press “4” to exit the batch file.

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