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2220900 - Goal Weight is reported as negative value when reported in Performance Ad Hoc report


Goal Weight is reported as a negative value when reported in Performance Ad Hoc report


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log into the instance;
  2. Navigate to the Reports module;
  3. Select Ad Hoc Reports;
  4. Select Performance Management Ad Hoc report;
  5. Note that Goal Weight is being reports as " -1752 " (or a negative value).


This is the system expected behavior. In the report we are doing sum of Goal weights. Please check the example below:

  • There are 7 goals and and two objective sections;
  • For one objective section, there are 6 goals with proper weights which sum comes to 100;
  • In second objective section, there is only one goal, but there is no weight associated;
  • Therefore, in the "Feedback" table, if weight is not mentioned for an item, then "-1972" is stored for the weight;
  • The total sum of goal weights = 100 + (-1972) = -1872 which would be shown in the report;
  • If you want to see the proper sum, please give weights for the items.


Workaround for Existing Forms

For existing forms, there is an alternative fix that can be done at your end, which you can find it explained below:

  1. Edit the report and add a filter on 'Objective Weight' column with rule 'Objective weight' greater than or equal to 0;
  2. This filter ignores all goal records from FEEDBACK table that have negative weight values;
  3. These records will not participate in any of the aggregation (count/sum/avg etc) defined;
  4. Hence adding this filter WILL IMPACT 'Count(Goal Name)' column also (as per the csv file attached, I see only 2 aggregate columns defined on goal fields);
    • For example: we have 10 goals and 9 of them have negative weights and the remaining one has weight=100. With the filter enabled, the report would show 'count(goal name) = 1' and 'sum(goal weight)=100'.
  5. If you are fine with this impact, then go for the filter option for existing forms.


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