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2225942 - Defining Templates & Triggering Email in SuccessFactors Recruiting


  • How to define templates and trigger emails of Recruiting Management module?
  • This KB article explains in how to set up templates for Recruiting e-mails and how to trigger notifications used in the RCM module.

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


There are three types of e-mail used in the Recruiting Module:

  • System email notifications (set up in Admin Center > E-Mail Notification Template Settings)
  • Recruiting email notifications (templates configured in Admin Center > Manage Recruiting e-mail Notifications)
  • Recruiting email triggers (set up in Admin Center > Recruiting E-Mail Triggers. The templates are configured in Admin Center > Manage Recruiting Email Templates)
  1. System email notifications: The notifications are set up in Admin Center > E-Mail Notification Templates. These are usually shared by multiple modules.
    The notifications supported in the Recruiting Module are the following:
    • Document Routing Notification: In Recruiting the Document Routing Notification will be sent to an approver in the Route Map, for which the job requisition or offer approval is "Currently with", when the document is being sent to the next step.
    • Document Due Notification: The Document Due Notification will be sent based on the Due date field on the job requisition.
    • Document Late Notification: Similar to the Document Due Notification - this notification will be sent after the Due Date has passed.
    • External To Internal Candidate Profile Conversion Success Notification: This notification will be sent to the job owner of the scheduled job responsible for the External to Internal Candidate Profile conversion. Please note that this notification is mandatory, when using the External to Internal Candidate Profile Conversion, otherwise the scheduled job for the conversion will fail. For more information please refer to KB article 2225804 - External to Internal Candidate Profie Conversion scheduled job is failing
    • Internal To External Candidate Profile Conversion Success Notification: It's similar to the notification above, it will send an email to the responsible for the Internal to External Candidate Profile conversion (deconversion job).
    • New Recruiting Operator Notification: New Recruiting Operator Notification will be sent to selected recruiting operators when a job requisition is reassigned or goes to approved state.
    • Recruiting Interviewer Notification: This message is sent to employees to notify them of a recruiting candidate interview assignment.
    • Recruiting Event Interviewer Notification: This message is sent to employees to notify them of a recruiting event group interview assignment.
    • Recruiting Agency: This message is sent to agencies to notify the agency users that there are new job postings posted to agencies
    • Recruiting Imminent Candidate Purge Notification: Emailed to candidates that their profile is about to be purged on PURGE_DATE due to inactivity.
    • Share candidate search: E-mail to selected persons with whom you want to share candidate search.

IMPORTANT: As most of the system notification templates are shared with other modules, the tokens are usually not module specific. If it isn't specified, only general tokens (e.g. [[DOC_TITLE]], [[DOC_ACCESS_URL]]) are supported in those emails. You can find the list of tokens in KB article 2087503 - Email Notifications: Customizing Email Notifications Default Template Text - BizX Platform

If Recruiting specific tokens are supported in system-email notifications, this information will be provided in the notification description:


  1. Recruiting Email Notifications: Notifications set up in Admin Center > Manage Recruiting Email Templates.
    These are used in the following cases:
  • Status Triggered Emails: automatically sends email notifications when changing the status of the applicant (if an email template is set to be sent. That is configured in Admin Center > Edit Application Status Configuration)
  • Ad-hoc emails sent to applicant from the Application page (when using the E-Mail/Contact Candidate button)
  • Recruiting E-Mail Triggers

To set up a template, go to Admin Center > Manage Recruiting E-Mail Templates. You can either create a new template or edit an existing one.

Note: You cannot delete email templates, since they may be part of the applicant compliance records.

There is also currently no feature within SuccessFactors that has the functionality to recall any emails send to candidates.

Also Note: In a multi-language environment, you may want to translate a template in different languages. Please configure a different subject and body text for different languages by changing the language in the "Change language" field. Additionally you can set up CC and BCC recipients linked with the recruiting e-mail template. For tokens supported in Recruiting e-mail templates click the "Show Tokens" button, as shown in screenshot below. A list will open, and this list will show all standard and custom tokens available for the instance.


The list of available tokens is also accessible from the text editor, when configuring an email template. When you select the token, it will insert it into the e-mail body text. The tokens will render the data information in the notification referenced in the token if the referenced field is filled. If the data is not available for the specific application, the placeholder will render blank.


  • Status Triggered Recruiting Emails: A candidate entering a status might trigger e-mail notifications to various operators. Set up these e-mail notification triggers and associated templates in Admin Center > Edit Applicant Status Configuration. To track status-triggered emails sent to candidates, use the Application Correspondence portlet on the Application page.
    A few notes on this topic:
    • You cannot track status triggered emails sent to other operators in the Correspondence portlet.
    • Status Triggered Emails do not work with Candidate Profile e-mail tokens.
    • Only Job Application and Job Requisition tokens are supported in status-triggered emails.
    • Status triggered emails are sent when a status changes.
    • You cannot configure a delay in sending status-triggered emails, except for those to disqualified candidates.
    • In Edit Applicant Status Configuration you can decide on e-mail recipients: Internal/External candidates, you can exclude Agency candidates from external candidates and Recruiting Operators.
  • Ad-hoc emails sent to applicants: You can send ad-hoc emails to candidates. To do that, you just need to access the candidate's application, and click on 'Contact Candidate' button, right next to 'Take Action'.
    A few notes on this topic:
    • To email en masse, check the boxes next to several applicants in the candidate summary page on the Candidate Summary page, click on Action, then click on 'Contact Candidate'.
    • When you're sending an ad-hoc email, you can either write an e-mail or select one of the pre-configured Recruiting E-Mail Templates.
    • The e-mail will send as shown on screen, except that each user listed in the 'Candidates' and 'CC' field will receive an independent copy of the email (candidates cannot see each other's email addresses).
    • Emails sent to an applicant through the Recruiting Management product will be logged in the Correspondence portlet on the application record.
  1. Recruiting Email Triggers: These emails are sent when an action is performed in the system, then an email is triggered to be sent to the candidate. They are configured in Admin Center > Recruiting Email Triggers, and the templates used for those emails are configured in Manage Recruiting Email Templates. The triggers available are described in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Administration Guide - Recruiting Email Triggers. In this page you can also have a more detailed explanation on this type of email. The trigger point is explained when clicking on each e-mail trigger name. You can find the information about additional supported tokens in the 'Tips' section, when you're configuring an email trigger in Recruiting Email Triggers.
    NOTE: That the Operator Recipient does not include operatorTeam members, that is only the operator of the requisition will receive the email. There is an open enhancement request for this: Notifications to team members


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