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2229579 - Job Family/Roles/Competency Mapping Import – Mapping Job Codes to Job Roles


This KB article explains how to import Job Code mappings to Job Roles when using JDM 1.0


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Job Description Manager - JDM 1.0


  • The import functionality of Families/Job Roles/Competencies does not provide a template directly inside SuccessFactors application to update/create new data
  • Below are examples of how to build a file to be used for the “Import Job Roles” functionality (also known as “Job Family/Roles/Competency Mapping Import”), for mapping Job Codes to Roles
  • Unlike files used for importing new Families & Roles, the header is visible when importing a mapping between Job Codes and Job Roles
  • The system will automatically detect how to handle this file, so all that needs to be done is to build the mapping file according to the specifications defined by the system


  1. The mapping of Job Codes to Roles can only be done after the creation of the Families & Roles. For more information on how to import new Families & Roles, refer to KB article 2161377
  2. The entire mapping must be imported every time, as the system will always do a complete overwrite of all mappings. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to export the current mapping state before doing an import. This can be done via Admin Center > Manage Job Roles > selecting all roles >and clicking Export

This is how a header looks:


  1. JOBCODE: Contains the Job Code to be associated with a Role
  2. FAMILY: Name of the Family that contains the Role for which you are mapping a Job Code to
  3. ROLE: Name of the Role that you are associating a Job Code to
  4. MODULE: Can be either “default” or “Succession”, depending on how your company uses it
  • A Role can have several Job Codes being associated to it
  • To achieve this, the FAMILY and the ROLE column can repeat the same value as many times as needed
  • A new row for every Job Codes being mapped is required

Below is an example of a simple file for mapping Job Codes to a Role:


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