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2233720 - Changing Labels for Standard Fields Location, Division and Department in SuccessFactors Recruiting


  • The label for location / division / department is translated in the job requisition/offer detail template, but the translation doesn't appear in the UI.
  • How can the label of these fields be updated?


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Relabeling the fields is not supported via XML Template Changes (via Provisioning nor Manage Templates) and is also not supported via Text Replacement in Admin Center or Job Requisition System Field Labels in Provisioning. Depending on the type of the field that the attempt to change their labels is done, the resolution differs.

  • If you're using the standard type="object" location, division and department, the changes are made through the Data Model (formerly called Succession Data Model). The changes made need to be done to the standard-elements location, division and department to be reflected in the job requisition. This update can be done either through Manage Business Configuration or through Provisioning.
  • If you're using the standard type="enum" location, division and department, they are specific fields which strongly correlate with the Employee Profile (E.g. Values for these fields are automatically assembled based on the values present in the corresponding field on active and inactive users in the BizX user database).

Relabeling these fields is only possible to be accomplished via Tier 3 Language Pack customizations or via Manage Languages feature in Admin Center.

For complete information about these two features and how to customize this label, please check:

  • KB article 2088077 - How to localize / change labels on BizX?
  • KB article 2576546 - Working with Manage Language Feature - Platform


If you want to download the standard labels to use as base for the new locale, the file will contain the following value for these fields:




However, if you just update the label and follow the same format, it will generate an error in the UI and the system will concatenate questions marks to your label. For example, if you try to upload the field and use the value for your label as "$(Department Example)", in the UI you will see ??? Department Example ???.

In order to prevent this issue, you have to remove the dollar signal ($) and the parentheses and use just the value, e.g. "RECRUITING_DEPARTMENT_OBJECT","Department Example".

Note: While there is no technical restriction in using the Location enum field and Location Object in conjunction, both will use the same name defined in the Succession Data Model. You cannot define a separate name for an enum field and object (for example Location enum and Location Object).

See Also

  • KB article 2088077 - How to localize / change labels on BizX?
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