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2236212 - Error Message: Material Not Available For Consumption In Project


You are trying to consume a material in a Project Stock Order, but the system is showing the error message: "Material not available for consumption in project".


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Project Management work center.
  2. Navigate to Project Stock Orders view.
  3. Find and select the relevant Project Stock Order ID.
  4. Choose Edit button.
  5. Select the relevant Line Item.
  6. Click in Consume button.
  7. Enter the relevant Details.
  8. Click in OK.

The system returns the error message: Material not available for consumption in project.


The possible reasons that the system is triggering the error message are:

Reason 1: You cannot consume the material in case the Project Stock Order does not contain a Ship-From Location for the item type Pickup / Pre-Delivery.

Reason 2: The material is not available for consumption in the project as there is no Open Delivered Quantity to consume.

Reason 3: The issue is in the Logistics Area of the material. Please search in the Stock Overview for the Material that you are trying to consume and open its respective Logistics Area. You can see that the Inventory-Managed field is set as "No".

Reason 4: The identified stock ID is enabled for the material. However the current material in project stock is different from the one delivered to the project. The steps to check this are listed below:

  1. Go to Project Management work center.
  2. Open the relevant Project and navigate to Product tab and then Project Stock Order subtab.
  3. Find the relevant Project Stock Order and check the Document Flow tab. You can find the Goods and Activity Confirmation for the delivery.
  4. Open the Confirmation and note down the identified stock ID "XYZ" (XYZ represents the material identified stock ID delivered to the Project).
  5. Go to Stock Overview and check the material in the relevant Project Stock Order.
  6. Quantity and Logistic area are the same, but the identified stock ID is not XYZ.

Reason 5: The Ship To party in the Oubound Delivery is different from the Project Stock Order. Because of this mismatch, the custodian tagging in the Inventory is different from that expected, which is triggering the error message.


The possible solutions, based on its reasons, are listed below:

Solution for reason 1: The user can manually complete the project stock order which does not have Ship-From Location. Then create a new Project Stock Order with a Ship-From Location.

Solution for reason 2: Once the stock is delivered, the user will be able to consume it.

Solution for reason 3: Please maintain the checkbox 'Inventory-Managed' for this material by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Inbound Logistics work center.
  2. Go to the Stock Overview common task.
  3. Search for the Material you are trying to consume.
  4. Click in its Logistics Area.
  5. Click in Edit button.
  6. Select the Logistics Area.
  7. Mark the checkbox "

Solution for reason 4: To known how the internal deliveries took place, please check the report "Confirmation Journal" via Internal Logistics work center. There you can find the relevant Transfer Confirmations. Please move the quantities with identified stock ID XYZ back to the project stock, then the consumption can be performed with no error.

Solution for reason 5: Until the Oubound Delivery is not released, the user can change the Ship-to Party (this is a flexibility provided by the system). Please undo release the Oubound Delivery, correct the ship to party and then release the Oubound Delivery again. This should resolve the issue at consumption as well.

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