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2246273 - SuccessFactors Outages|Disconnections, Intermittent Application Errors, Temporarily Unavailability and System|Datacenter Down


  • Can't access an instance
  • The SuccessFactors system is very slow
  • Our SuccessFactors environment is down
  • All the users are currently unable to get into the system
  • We're being disconnected/kicked out/logged out of the application while I am working
  • I'm facing the following errors:
    • Unexpected error
    • 404 Not Found error
    • 400 Bad Request error
    • 500 Internal Server error
    • 503 Service Unavailable error
    • Service temporarily unavailable error
  • Is something happening in my datacenter?
  • Where do I find an explanation about any recent outage?
  • Where can I check the status of my SuccessFactors applications?


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Reproducing the Issue


The above mentioned symptoms are usually due to the following:

  • An issue affecting the whole or part of the datacenter where the SAP SF instance is hosted
  • A temporarily connection issue with either SAP SuccessFactors or the customer network/infrastructure


What's the proper approach for either an outage or module-specific unavailability?

  • If you're unable to access the system at all, raise a support case under the component LOD-SF-PLT-OUT
  • Note not all major issues are, in fact, a SuccessFactors HXM Suite outage
  • If only a specific module or feature (LMS, Onboarding, etc.) is in trouble instead of the whole SuccessFactors HXM Suite, then it's likely module related
    • In this situation, please engage the proper component's support team
      • SAP SuccessFactors SFAPI/ODATA API Outages:
        • SAP SuccessFactors API (SFAPI/ODATA) connectivity fails  with error code 502 or 503 or 400
        • Or very slow performance experienced during SFAPI/ODATA API. sample: or endpoints.
        • These support cases should be handled over to LOD-SF-INT-OUT component. 
    • This guide can help you in finding the correct component for your issue

    How do I proceed if I'm unable to access the system?

    SuccessFactors HXM Suite is a big and very complex environment. The better you describe the issue you need help with, the more timely Product Support can assist

    For better tracking purposes, always provide the following information:

    • Affected instance's Company ID & Datacenter where it resides
    • Affected users
    • Admin user with support access granted (KB article 2088892)
    • Screenshot of the error you're facing
    • Which steps must be taken to have the issue happen?

    With this information we can determine if it's a full outage or, it if isn't, we'll properly address the problem

    How can I check my system's availability?

    Unexpected events resulting in an outage will be placed in the Cloud Availability Center Portal

    You can access the CAC Portal through HERE. Guidance on how to use the dashboards within are available in KB article 2548400

    • The Cloud Availability Center offers real-time availability information for all applications
      • It provides 24/7 and hourly updates until the issue is resolved
      • Even if an initial notification was received, you can track the issue investigation and results real-time via the CAC Portal

    Will I receive a notification for unexpected outages?

    Yes. Please refer to the KB article 2871614 for further information regarding how Regular Maintenance & unexpected event notifications work

    Also, outage details will be placed in the Cloud Availability Center Portal. You can check there as well

    Furthermore, this article provides additional guidance on how to subscribe for these notifications

    • Assuming you have already subscribed for these notifications, you'll receive:
      • An initial service interruption notification, and
      • A resolution notification when the service is restored

    If you aren't receiving such notifications, ask your Cloud Administrator grant the related permission as per KB article 2115584

    Will I also receive a Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

    You'll receive a RCA for all the unexpected outages which last for more than 30 minutes

    Neither outages shorter than this nor feature-related issues are eligible for RCA

    • Issues with specific features (Ex: not able to access Report Center/Integration Center/LMS Admin Page, etc.) do not designate an outage
    • Therefore, the cause of the issue must be provided — should you need it — in the specific support case within the concerned module

    If you need a RCA for an outage shorther than 30 minutes, refer to KB article 2116114 for further information

    See Also

    • Cloud Availability Center FAQ can be found HERE
    • KB article 2115584 - How to be added or removed from e-mail notifications for downtime, outages, data center maintenance, or release information - SuccessFactors


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