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  • The main method to auto-populate data on a requisition (other than the few fields that auto-populate from Families and Roles) is through a feature commonly called Job Code Entity.
  • How is the Job Code Entity feature used in SuccessFactors Recruiting Management?

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


  • Configuration of the Job Code Entity feature enables some additional job attributes to pre-populate on the requisition when the recruiter selects a given job code.
  • The Families and Roles library stores the role information and associates it to a job code.
  • A separate Job Classification foundation objects library stores the job codes and associated data.
  • The Families and Roles library is a Platform feature and the Job Classification foundation object is an Employee Central feature, but they can be set up and used for non-EC clients.
  • Only selected fields can be pre-populated from the Job Classification foundation object library, so the Job Code Entity feature is useable but limited.
  • The Job Classification foundation object is the only foundation object used in Recruiting but other HRIS objects are supported for EC in addition to Job Classification. The HRIS element with id="jobCode" in the Corporate Data Model must exist and contain the recruiting-related fields, as shown. The presence of the jobCode hris-element produces the Job Code option on the Import Foundation Data page.

The hris-element can contain multiple hris-field elements. The field elements define the fields in the foundation object import file. For example:

<hris-field id="custom-string1" visibility="both">
<label>Compensation Title</label>
<hris-field id="custom-string2" visibility="both">
<label>Grade Level</label>
<picklist id="gradeLevel"/>

You may configure the following hris-field id values. These field names must be used exactly as listed below. Other hris-field id values may be supported for use in Employee Central but there is a mapping process that links the hris-field ids from the Job Classification foundation object to the jobCode fields in the Requisition form, and only these hris-field ids are supported in this mapping process. Additional fields cannot be used for Recruiting.

hris-field id Acts as field type
description Text (100 character limit)
custom-string1-15 Text or Picklist (100 character limit)
custom-long1-5 Integer (no decimals)
custom-date1-5 Date

For each Recruiting-related hris-field configured in the corporate-data-model, configure a corresponding field-definition in the Requisition XML.
Note the field IDs change between the Corporate Data Model XML and the Requisition XML. Where the corporate data model states custom-string1 the requisition states customString1. (If you reference these fields in the Offer Details XML, the field IDs change yet again. To reference this field in the Offer Details XML you would configure jce_customString1.):

<field-definition id="jobCode" type="text" required="true" custom="false">

<field-label mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[Job Code]]></field-label>


<field-definition id="customString1" type="jobCode" required="true" custom="false">

<field-label mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[Compensation Title]]></field-label>


<field-definition id="customString2" type="jobCode" required="true" custom="false">

<field-label mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[Grade Level]]></field-label> </field-definition>

  • This data is auto-populated from the foundation data library at the point of requisition creation. There is no dynamic link that causes this data to be automatically updated on the requisition if the data in the foundation data library is changed at a later date.
  • It is possible to permission the jobCode fields as editable to users if desired.
  • Only custom fields are supported in Job Classification Library Fields, standards fields are not supported.
  • Because of the mapping process that links the hris-field ids from the Job Classification foundation object to the jobCode fields in the Requisition form there's a limitation of 16 custom fields that can be related in Job Classification Library (1 Description field + CustomString1-15 Job Requisition Fields)

How to set up job code field preview in Browse Families and Roles

  • Clients may wish to provide the user more job code related information while they are selecting from families and roles during the requisition creation process. Up to five fields can be displayed on the Browse Families and Roles page under the Job Code.

20-11-2015 11-50-24.jpg

You can set it up in Provisioning > Job Code Custom Field Configuration Settings > Enter the corporate data model hris-field IDs


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