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2250186 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Requests for Performance Management and 360 Multi-Rater Templates


This article describes which changes can be completed by Cloud Product Support via Software Change Request, and which changes should be completed by Implementation Partners for Performance Management and 360 Multi-Rater Templates.

Important Note to Customers:

  • Software change requests should not be initiated via the Chat Channel. 
  • If a supported XML change request is required, please follow the process outlined below under "To submit a software change request" to create a support ticket and fill out the required information.

If you would like to have all Performance Management changes available from Manage Templates, please upvote the following idea in Customer Influence: Possibilty to see/edit XML code of templates


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi-Rater


What can be done via self-service tools in Admin Center

  • Create and edit Route Maps and the impact of changes
  • Modify Rating Scales and connecting to a template
  • Setup and manage the Scheduler to create forms
  • Add items to picklists, edit picklists
  • Template configuration available in Admin Center > Performance Management > Manage Templates

    For a detailed list of the template changes that can be performed via Admin Center, please refer to the KB Articles below:

    • 2609716 - Configuration changes that can be done via Admin Center for Performance Management templates
    • 2613759 - Configuration changes that can be done via Admin Center for 360 Multi-Rater templates
    • 2077413 - PM Template Settings & Changes to Live Forms - Performance Management
    • 2068618 - 360 Multi-Rater Template Settings & Changes to 360 Review Live Forms - 360 Multi-Rater
    • 2076599 - Automatic Synchronization of Performance Forms & Goals

To change Data, People, Settings, & Reports, please see (login required):

Additional assistance can also be found via the Community Quick Question Forum (login required).

What is considered an Implementation Request

Custom changes that cannot be completed via SuccessFactors Admin Tools can be delivered by Implementation Partners and Professional Services.

  • Creation of new templates
    • Free, pre-built templates can be downloaded from the SuccessStore
    • These are to be used as-is. Confirm they work before making any alterations
  • Evaluating current programs for design optimization
  • Creation of new system fields and associated permissions
  • Creation of new system filter fields to be used throughout the program
  • 3 tier custom language changes
  • Adding new languages to your programs
  • Adding or removing sections (this has large impacts to existing logic)
  • Customizing form layout and sections beyond what is possible in admin tools
  • Creation of new workflows, and the associated user permissions within forms and programs not supported via admin tools
  • Customizing Employee Profile section
  • Changing, adding, customizing Picklists
  • Changing rating options and logic related to how your form calculates data
  • Program health checks
  • All XML changes out of scope for Cloud Product Support
  • Translation services, localizing templates for the first time, & adding msgKeys
  • Overhaul of existing program to meet new business needs
  • When you are not sure what to change and are wanting our experts to provide guidance (requires PS or Partners)
  • Providing consultation on how to redesign your existing program (this is a function of PS)
  • Adding new modules
  • Customizations for ALL reports (this is a function of the BTS team). See KBA 2634150
  • Consultation on best practices and alternative ways on achieving desired business results
  • Rolling out the process to a new division for the first time
  • Multiple field changes or a need for more complex requirements

How to engage an Implementation Partner

  1. Visit our SAP Partners page.
  2. Click the "Search Now" button on "Find a Partner" tile > click the button "Search the SAP Partner Finder".
  3. You can filter the search by solution, industry and location.
  4. From the list, click on the Partner name you want to work with to see contact details for the partner.
  5. Partners can provide quotes and estimates based on your needs.

Please note that each partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between partners. There are a number of partners that are happy to perform the types of changes listed here.

XML Level Changes to Live Forms

IMPORTANT: Due to data protection security policies, we are unable to push out data or XML changes into ANY customers' live programs via backend scripts. This is called a "brute force change" which is a violation of data security protection rules, and is not supported. This would introduce a severe risk of data corruption to existing programs and user data. This would also introduce changes into programs where there would be no audit capacity to know who, when, or why such data or XML was changed, which also precludes SAP SuccessFactors from being able to perform such tasks to live programs.

Note: SuccessFactors recommends for a program to be corrected to the specifications you need so you can launch new forms.

Partners should NOT attempt to change live form XML via any front end or provisioning level tools! Any damage caused to forms are likely irreversible, and may result in loss of data and forms that can no longer be used. Changing live XML code in a production instance may breach SAP policies.

XML Upload via Provisioning

If you made changes in a template XML and now needs to upload it in the system in order to update it, please engage your Implementation Partner or Professional Services to fulfill this task or, alternatively to the XML upload, request instead each supported change individually as per the Software Change Request (SCR) process described below. For more information on this topic please refer to KB Article 3236270 - Requests to upload XML Templates via Provisioning.

Supported XML Changes that can be delivered via Product Support

    Itemized List

    Details for Supported Change

    The options below apply to NEW FORMS ONLY, and not for forms you have already launched. We do not support XML/code changes to live forms (forms already launched), but we do support many data & settings changes in live PM programs. Details here

    Copy a program and edit a value for a specific field that is not possible in Admin tools

    Support can assist adjusting a maximum of 1-2 fields, with minor changes regarding existing field permissions, for example by adding or deleting basic roles (E, EM, EH etc.) associated with it.

    If more field changes or more complex requirements are needed, this request should instead be redirected to an Implementation Partner or to SAP Professional Services.

    Edit an existing attribute

    Support can assist adjusting a maximum of 1-2 attributes by changing it from "true" to "false" or vice-and-versa in the XML.

    If more field changes or more complex requirements are needed, this request should instead be redirected to an Implementation Partner or to SAP Professional Services.

    Remove hardcoded competencies for all types of templates

    If you want to change your program year-over-year and change hardcoded competencies, please engage an Implementation Partner or SAP Professional Services. We recommend customers to NOT use hardcode competencies in the forms as this is not supportable to change. Rather, set up categories and then you can control what competencies show in a template by editing competencies via Admin tools.

    Edit or remove Read and Write permissions

    This is limited to changing existing fields (field-permission type="read", field-permission type="write").

    Smart goal wizard - adding or removing

    <add-wizard mode="smart goal"> </add-wizard>

    Change existing competency category filter - KBA 2086591

    If your form is already set up to filter on competency categories, and that category name has changed, we can edit this for you. It does not include adding and setting up new filters.

    Remove existing steps

    This is referring to hardcoded Route Map ID's in PM templates for a goal plan state.

    Modify settings for Goal Plan fields that are displayed in a PM form (existing field layout) - KBA 2682596

    In the goal plan XML, there is an area called <form-layout>, used to control how the goal fields will appear in the Performance Management form, if goals are pulled into it from the Goal Plan. We can change the order that the fields will appear in the Goal Details tab or delete a field that should not be shown.

    Enable/Disable Mass Route option and/or permissions for a form - KBA 2076566

    <mass-route-permission type="enable" validation="true">
    <route-step stepid="*"/>
    </mass-route-permission >


    • SAP Cloud Product Support doesn't make new changes in XML i.e. doesn't add new XML code at the backend.
    • This service is available only to Enterprise customers and their designated primary administrators.
    • It is not available to Professional Edition customers.
    • It is not available to Partners.
    • The change process does not cover changes you can make via Admin Tools.
    • It is limited to 1-2 changes and to 1 template per request, to avoid any confusion and to be better to assist you.
    • Cloud Product Support can take up to 4 weeks to process change requests. Please submit your changes at least 4 weeks in advance.

    How to request a change from Cloud Product Support?

    If the change you want to apply is listed in the table above, you can submit an case in the Support Portal requesting it. Please use the below template:

    SCR Template: (Just copy and paste this into your case)

    1. Data Center (URL of your login screen):
    2. Company Instance ID (where to apply changes):
    3. Name of the Template Changes Will be Applied to:
    4. Testing Usernames we will use to test change:
    5. Itemized Change (from list below, which item needs to be changed):
    6. Other Comments: 

    Testing of Software Changes

    Once the change is completed, we require that you thoroughly test to ensure that the content has been coded to specifications and all functionality behaves accordingly and to expectations including all the way to printing and reporting, if applicable.

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