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2250718 - Report Output differences between report that is run manually and via scheduled job - Table report


  • You notice differences on the output when the exact same Report Table is run manually and automatically [schedule job]. Both reports don't have the same results between runs manually or automatically.
  • The domain used in the report requires a date parameter e.g. As of Dated or Date Range domains like Person and Employment (As of Date) or Job Information (Date Range).


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Run the Ad Hoc/Table report Online or Offline manually by selecting the Required parameters "As of Date".  e.g. enter a date As of Today
  2. Run the same report 'Automatically' via job schedule: 
    1. If from Provisioning without the  expression builder ${today} has been selected.
    2. If from Report Center > View Schedules > My Schedules, select Fixed date
  3. Compare the two results downloaded and in this case we observed a diiference in the number of row between the two reports output. 


In this case the differences were caused by the different date used to run the report.

  • If scheduled from Provisioning: the Expression Builder ${today} is not selected causing the report not picking up the current day [${today}].
  • If scheduled from Report Center - the Date parameter is Fixed Date, meaning it will only include results as of a certain date and is not dynamic.


To get the same result Online and via Scheduled Job, please set the same criteria for the Run Online/Offline and the Scheduled Job

The job parameters were adjusted, from Provisioning, as follow:

  1. Select your company
  2. Go to: Managing Job Scheduler
  3. Manage Scheduled Jobs
  4. Edit the the job that has the issue
  5. In the section "View Scheduled Job"
  6. Go to: Job Parameters >> Required Parameter >> Expression Builder
  7. From Expression select the ${Today}
  8. Click created
  9. Save

For Report Center > View Schedules > My Schedules:

  1. When the Scheduling page prompts you to select a Filter criteria in Step 2, there will be two choices: Fixed and Relative.  Please select Relative.
  2. After selecting Relative, more fields will show up in which you can select a dynamic date criteria.  For the example here, choose "Today".  You can set this up as per whatever requirement.

    Relative filter job schedule.png


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