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This KB article provides information on the views available in the Team Summary Tile in Home Page v

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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


  • The Team Summary tile is a pre-packaged presentation available in the Home Page for managers, containing key details and metrics about their direct reports.
  • It can be used to deliver team insights to a new manager in the Home Page.
  • The tile is located within the new managers homepage To-Do tile in the Home Page v3 (Fiori).
  • On the v12 Homepage, the Team Summary Tile appears as a To-Do, not as a tile under the To-Do section.

If Home Page v3 (Fiori) is enabled, make sure to have Intelligent Services enabled over the instance (via Upgrade Center), else the Team Summary Title may not show on the Home Page.

Views available on Team Summary

  1. Team View (Company Org Chart)
  2. Team Location
  3. Competency Gaps
  4. Performance History
  5. Performance-Potential Matrix;
  6. Impact of Loss vs Risk of Loss

Team Summary Configuration

  • It is possible to configure the order and which views will appear in the Team Summary Tile, by dragging and dropping the views in the desired order.
  • For the "Performance History" view, you can configure the process and date range to display the data.
  • To configure this, you can go to Admin Center > Manage Home Page > Click "Edit Tile" in Team Summary tile. In the example below, we are hiding the tile Team Location.

Note: For Performance History, the dropdown list refers to the Processes listed in Admin Center Processes and Forms. The default option will choose the default process (selected via radio button in Processes and Forms). The date filters allow you to choose the date range (Start and End dates).

Team Summary Views

  1. Team View (Company Org Chart)
  • The Team View section displays the user's team (direct reports) in a hierarchical view and allows navigation to the user's profile by clicking on the user.
  • Its layout is similar to the Team View Live Slide from Presentations:

  1. Team Location
  • The Team Location section is only available for customers using Employee Central.
  • This section plots users on a map based on the "Business Address" of the "Location" object associated to the user's "Job Information". For more details see sap help link Foundation Objects for Structuring Your Business
Note: Users are plotted at city level (randomly), to avoid overlaps.


  1. Competency Gaps
  • The Competency Gaps view displays the gap analysis of the manager's direct report, for each competency configured for the user's role, comparing the last rating of record specified for the user with the expected rating for that role.
  • Managers can identify gaps between an user's current competency ratings and the ratings required for the competencies by a job code.
  • Competencies are configurable to be either for core values you have set for your company, or job specific competencies.
  • Gaps are calculated using the expected rating from Families and Roles.

Note: As per the current system design,the rating scale will always be 5 points in the Competency Gaps.


  1. Performance History
  • The Performance History section displays a graph plotting the user's direct reports according to their Performance ratings, based on the process and date range selected, when configuring the Team Summary Tile.
  • The scale has a maximum number of 5, to display in the graph. Thus, the graph will show a 5 point scale regardless of the rating scale configurated for the process selected.
  • However, users will still be plotted in the graph based on the rating scale configured for the process.

Example: If the rating scale configured for the process selected is a 3-point scale, the graph in the Team Summary Tile will show a 5-point scale, but users will be plotted within the 3-point scale.


  1. Performance-Potential Matrix 
  • The Performance-Potential Matrix view displays the user's direct reports plotted in the Matrix Grid Report.
  • The grid settings you can see in this section are configured through Admin Center > Succession > Matrix Grid Rating Scale > Performance - Potential.
  • The Rating scale is configurable via Matrix Grid rating scales in Admin Center:

Note: If the start and end date of Performance rating is 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018, the date range configuration in Manage Home Page > Team Summary Tile > Performance History should be 1/1/2018 to 1/1/2019 as the system makes sure that rating ended before it captures the rating from the system.


  1. Impact of Loss vs Risk of Loss

The Impact of Loss vs Risk of Loss view displays the user's direct reports plotted in a matrix grid according to their values for "Risk of Loss" and "Impact of Loss":


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