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2252618 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Request for Career Development Plans and Learning Activity Plans


This article describes what type of changes can be completed by Cloud Product Support via Software Change Request and which changes should be completed by Implementation Partners and Customers for Career Development Plan and Learning Activity templates.

Important Note to Customers:

  • Software change requests should not be initiated via the Chat Channel. 
  • If a supported XML change request is required, please follow the process outlined below under the section "To submit a software change request" to create a support ticket and fill out the required information.


SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Plan


What can be done via self-service tools in Admin Center

  • RBP Permission Changes;
  • Picklist Changes;
  • Change the Name, Introduction, Start and End Dates for the Development plan template;
  • Add/Modify/Delete fields in the Development Plan template;
  • Add/Modify/Delete categories in the Development Plan template. 

Some changes to Development Plan templates can be applied via Admin Center > Manage Templates feature. For more information on this, please refer to the Career Development Planning (CDP) - Manage Templates Wiki Page.

What is considered an Implementation Request

Custom changes that cannot be completed via SuccessFactors Admin Tools can be delivered by Implementation Partners and Professional Services. Some examples are:

  • Career Development Plan template:
    • Defining fields for the plan;
    • Field and Plan permission logic change (Edit, read, delete, lock, etc);
    • Goal Plan States (Lock/Unlock);
    • Define Goal Plan and Form Layout;
    • Changing the numbering format and logic -obj-plan-numbering
    • Change logic to allow a value to be entered greater than x% in the percentage complete field
    • Changing the more-details logic in plans
    • Min/Max for a Goal Plan.
      • Setting logic for max-weight or min-weight
      • Min/Max per Category
      • Min/Max per Objective
      • Objective Count Rules for plan
    • Defining Category and Default-Category that cannot be performed via Admin Center.
  • Learning Activity template:
    • Upload a new Learning Activity template and associate it to a Development Plan template;
    • Defining fields for the plan;
    • Field and Plan permission logic change (Edit, read, delete, lock, etc);
    • Layout Changes;
  • Languages: 3-Tier Language Pack Customization and Translation work.

How to engage an Implementation Partner

  1. Visit our SAP Partners page.
  2. Click the "Search Now" button on "Find a Partner" tile > click the button "Search the SAP Partner Finder".
  3. You can filter the search by solution, industry and location.
  4. From the list, click on the Partner name you want to work with to see contact details for the partner.
  5. Partners can provide quotes and estimates based on your needs.

Please note that each partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between partners. There are a number of partners that are happy to perform the types of changes listed here.

XML Upload via Provisioning

If you made changes in a template XML and now needs to upload it in the system in order to update it, please engage your Implementation Partner or Professional Services to fulfill this task or request each supported change individually as per the Software Change Request (SCR) process described below. For more information on this topic please refer to KB Article 3236270 - Requests to upload XML Templates via Provisioning.

Supported XML Changes that can be delivered via Product Support

Supported changes are typically characterized as "existing program maintenance" that are:

  • A necessary change to keep the existing program working as-is
  • Small year-over-year change not possible via Admin Tools
  • Adding functionality driven by SAP’s quarterly releases not possible via admin tools, and required by SAP.

Some examples are:

  • Change the Learning Activities template used by the Development Plan template (assuming the Learning Activity template is already configured);
  • Add or change a Competency Filter for the Development Plan;
  • Make Development Goals populate the Scorecard (Development Goals portlet) by default;
  • Disable Fancy Pod for "name", "status" and "description" fields (only applicable when LMS is enabled).
  • Edit basic permissions inside the XML templates;
  • Change the label of a field inside the Learning Activity or Career Worksheet templates (limited to 1 or 2 items) (Changing labels is available via Manage Templates for Career Development Plan templates);
  • Make all goals be created as public/private;
  • Include mandatory fields in the Learning Activity template for LMS integration (assuming the configuration has already been made for LMS integration, most of the template is already configured for this and the integration is not working because of 1 or 2 missing fields);
  • Make a custom field reportable in Ad-Hoc Reports;
  • Change the Role Assessment Form being used by the Career Worksheet.

Itemized List

Details for Supported Change

Change the Learning Activities template being used by the Development Plan template

This change can be applied when there is a need to change the current Learning Activities template being used by a Development Plan.

Add or change a competency filter to be used by the Development Plan

This item will modify the current setup of the Development Plan so the competencies that are being pulled by each Development Goal are filtered according your needs.

The full list of the filters that can be applied can be found in the Career Development Planning Implementation Guide - Linking Development Goals to Competencies.

Make Development Goals populate the Scorecard (Development Goals portlet) by default This configuration change allows you to make every Development Goal inside a Development Plan automatically populate the Development Portlet inside Employee Profile. Unless this configuration is applied, Goals can only be published to the Employee Profile manually and individually.
Disabling Fancy Pod for “name”, “status” and “description” fields This section enables/disables the use of the Fancy Pod UI for the creation/edit of Learning Activities. This is only applied when CDP is integrated to LMS.
Edit Permissions inside any of the XML templates for CDP

As the permissions inside a Development Plan or a Learning Activities template cannot be modified via Admin Tools, the same can be requested to Support so it is done directly inside the XML code of the templates.

The level of changes supported is defined inside the document "CDP Supported XML Changes" attached to this Article. You can also refer to the article 2231404 - How to get started and Best Practices on Career Development Planning for more information related to how CDP permissions work.

Apply changes to the Plan layout 

This item supports the changes that are not yet available inside Manage Templates. By default, any fields added to a template via the Manage Templates functionality will automatically include it in the layout, but some configurations (such as the column weights) cannot be determined by Manage Templates. Below is what is supported on this item:

  • Changing the column weight of a specific field on the Development Plan template
  • Adding/removing a field from the layout of the Development Plan template
Change the label of a field

Support can modify existing field labels (including translations), provided that the customer supplies the labels to be included. This item only applies to Career Worksheet and Learning Activities template.

Support does not provide translations.

Make all goals be created as Public/Private This item allows you to determine whether new Development Goals are created as public or private inside the Development Plan.
Include mandatory fields in the Learning Activities template for LMS integration

There are seven fields that are mandatory inside the Learning Activities template in order for the integration between CDP and LMS to work properly. In case the current Learning Activities template does not contain all the mandatory elements, Support can include the missing ones.

Make field reportable in Ad Hoc

If a field is not currently available for reporting on Ad Hoc, either for Development Goals or Learning Activities, it can be configured to become reportable via an XML change to it's respective template.

Full information can be found in the Development Goals and Learning Activities - Ad Hoc Reports Wiki Page.

Change the role-assessment form being used  This item allows to modify the form currently being used for the Role assessment inside Career Worksheet.

The full description of the changes, including the actual XML code that will be modified, can be found in the document "CDP Supported XML Changes" attached to this Article.


  • SAP Cloud Product Support doesn't make new changes in XML  i.e. doesn't add new XML code at the backend.
  • This service is available only to Enterprise customers and their designated primary administrators.
  • It is not available to Professional Edition customers.
  • It is not available to Partners.
  • The change process does not cover changes you can make via Admin Tools.
  • Is limited to 1 or 2 changes for 1 template per request.
  • When you have multiple changes and multiple templates, you will need to use partners.
  • Cloud Product Support can take up to 4 weeks to process change requests. Please submit your changes at least 4 weeks in advance.

How to request a change from Cloud Product Support?

If the change you want to apply is listed in the table above, you can submit an case in the Support Portal requesting it. Please use the below template:

SCR Template: (Just copy and paste this into your case)

  1. Data Center (URL of your login screen):
  2. Company Instance ID (where to apply changes):
  3. Name of the Template Changes Will be Applied to:
  4. Testing Usernames we will use to test change:
  5. Itemized Change (from list below, which item needs to be changed):
  6. Other Comments: 

Testing of Software Changes

Once the change is completed, we require that you thoroughly test to ensure that the content has been coded to specifications and all functionality behaves accordingly and to expectations including all the way to printing and reporting, if applicable.

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