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2252666 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Request for Succession Org Chart and Succession Datamodel


This article describes what type of changes can be completed by Cloud Product Support via Software Change Request and which changes should be completed by Implementation Partners and Customers for Succession Org Chart and Succession Datamodel.

Important Note to Customers:

  • Software change requests should not be initiated via the Chat Channel. 
  • If a supported XML change request is required, please follow the process outlined below under the section "To submit a software change request" to create a support ticket and fill out the required information.


SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management


What can be done via self-service tools in Admin Center

  • Enabling features via Upgrade Center;
  • Permission Changes;
  • Picklist Changes;
  • Changes to Matrix Grid Report icons;
  • Basic changes to the Succession features, available in "Org Chart Configuration", "Succession Settings" and "Nominations Set Up";
  • Label Translations in Manage Languages;
  • Label and Background Color changes to Matrix Grid Report cells.

What is considered an Implementation Request

Custom changes that cannot be completed via SuccessFactors Admin Tools can be delivered by Implementation Partners and Professional Services. Some examples are:

  • Enabling features which cannot be done via the Upgrade Center;
  • Succession Data Model XML: changing field types or field IDs; creating a new background portlet; creating a new rating element;
  • Succession Org Chart XML Configuration: adding a new icon to the Succession Org Chart; creating the "Readiness" or "BenchStrength" Rating Scale in the XML; Updating a picklist value in XML such as replacement of an existing readiness value as this will have an impact to the existing users with Readiness value defined;
  • Matrix Grid Reports: changing a field to be of picklist type, so it can be added as icon to the Matrix Grid Reports;
  • Switching nomination method (Role-Person, Legacy Position, MDF Position). This includes deciding what nomination method best fits customer needs, Instances that never ran Import nor Sync/totally blank Succession org chart;
  • Creating and setting up complex RBP permission, specifically MDF Position Object with Succession Planning User Based target population.

How to engage an Implementation Partner

  1. Visit our SAP Partners page.
  2. Click the "Search Now" button on "Find a Partner" tile > click the button "Search the SAP Partner Finder".
  3. You can filter the search by solution, industry and location.
  4. From the list, click on the Partner name you want to work with to see contact details for the partner.
  5. Partners can provide quotes and estimates based on your needs.

Please note that each partner may determine the types of services they offer for customers. Pricing can vary between partners. There are a number of partners that are happy to perform the types of changes listed here.

XML Upload via Provisioning

If you made changes in a template XML and now needs to upload it in the system in order to update it, please engage your Implementation Partner or Professional Services to fulfill this task or request each supported change individually as per the Software Change Request (SCR) process described below. For more information on this topic please refer to KB Article 3236270 - Requests to upload XML Templates via Provisioning.

Supported XML Changes that can be delivered via Product Support

Supported changes are typically characterized as "existing program maintenance" that are:

  • A necessary change to keep the existing program working as-is
  • Small year-over-year change not possible via Admin Tools
  • Adding functionality driven by SAP’s quarterly releases not possible via admin tools, and required by SAP.

Some examples are:

  • Enabling basic Provisioning switches (eg. Hide Inactive Users, Position Pill, Limit Succession Org Chart, Field/Cell/Row Level Permissions, ect.)
  • Label changes in the Succession Data Model and Org Chart XML configurations (limited to 1 or 2 items).
  • Color/icon changes in the Org Chart XML configurations (limited to 1 or 2 items).
  • Update Matrix Grid Reports Filters.
  • Provide to the customer the XML templates of Provisioning.
  • Adding/Maintaining the fields for Keyword Search and creating the search index (which can only be done via the back end).

Itemized Options

Details for Supported Changes

Readiness/bench strength value change in the Succession Org Chart

If the Readiness rating scale is changed, as an example by adding a new value inside it or rearranging the existing ones, it is required to update the XML configuration of the Succession Org Chart as well as the necessary modifications via Admin Center.

The XML changes referred here should only be applied after the initial configuration is done via Admin Center. For more information on what are the configurations required from admin side, refer to the articles "How to configure Readiness values for Succession Planning” and “Adding a new value for Readiness between two existing values".

Readiness/bench strength color change in the Succession Org Chart

This is mandatory after applying value changes on the Readiness scale (Item 1), but can be done if no actual value changes occurred as well. On this item Support can adjust the color being used by the readiness and bench strength inside the Succession Org Chart according to the available colors for use. For the full list of colors available, refer to the document "SCM Supported XML Changes" attached to this Article.

Label changes inside the Succession Org Chart

Changes that are contemplated by this item:

  • Label changes to existing fields on the Succession Org Chart
  • Translation changes for the existing fields on the Succession Org Chart (e.g. localizing the label of an existing field for a specific language)
  • Change the short label of an existing field on the Succession Org Chart
Update Matrix Grid Filters

The fields available to be used as filters in the Matrix Grid Reports are configured in the Succession Data Model XML. Cloud Product Support can add a field to be available or remove one that already is. Full list of supported fields can be found in the wiki page Matrix Grid Reports - Custom Filters.

Adding/maintaining Talent Search Fields (no longer required in Talent Search v2) Add/remove fields as filters for both the search and the comparison (analyze) sections of Talent Search. This is not required for Talent Search v2, as these configurations can be done directly from Admin Center on the new version. 
Standalone Talent Search

This is to enable Talent Search without Succession Management license. Reference KBA for steps: How to enable Talent Search without Succession Management License.

Configure Key Position in Position Card for MDF Positions

Create or setup Key Position for MDF Position nomination method. For complete list of steps, refer to Wiki Article: Succession Org Chart - Highlighting Key/Critical Positions.

Icon changes for Succession Org Chart Fields

Change the icon being used by an existing icon field on the Succession Org Chart. Full list of available icons can be found in the Succession Implementation and Administration Guide.

Cloud Product Support would make changes in the existing icon configuration code and won't add new xml code in Icon configuration.

If the change required is for the icons inside the Matrix Grid Report, this can be done directly from Admin Center. For more information, refer to the wiki page Matrix Grid Reports - Icon Configuration.

The full description of the changes, including the actual XML code that will be modified, can be found in the document "SCM Supported XML Changes" attached to this Article.


  • SAP Cloud Product Support doesn't make new changes in XML  i.e. doesn't add new XML code at the backend.
  • This service is available only to Enterprise customers and their designated primary administrators.
  • It is not available to Professional Edition customers.
  • It is not available to Partners.
  • The change process does not cover changes you can make via Admin Tools.
  • Is limited to 1 or 2 changes for 1 template per request.
  • When you have multiple changes and multiple templates, you will need to use partners.
  • Cloud Product Support can take up to 4 weeks to process change requests. Please submit your changes at least 4 weeks in advance.

How to request a change from Cloud Product Support?

If the change you want to apply is listed in the table above, you can submit an case in the Support Portal requesting it. Please use the below template:

SCR Template: (Just copy and paste this into your case)

  1. Data Center (URL of your login screen):
  2. Company Instance ID (where to apply changes):
  3. Name of the Template Changes Will be Applied to:
  4. Testing Usernames we will use to test change:
  5. Itemized Change (from list below, which item needs to be changed):
  6. Other Comments: 

Testing of Software Changes

Once the change is completed, we require that you thoroughly test to ensure that the content has been coded to specifications and all functionality behaves accordingly and to expectations including all the way to printing and reporting, if applicable.

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