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2258482 - Payroll Data Error: Employee’s Tax Data Cannot be Changed


When you try to complete Payroll Data for an employee, system throws an error:

The employee’s tax data cannot be changed as federal tax information is not setup for your company. You must add this information in the Personnel Administration ‘Authorities’ view by adding a new federal tax arrangement record and activating it OR

Company tax arrangement for federal tax authority is missing or incomplete. For reporting purposes, the employer must have a valid company tax arrangement.

You have already maintained a valid company tax arrangement as follows:

1. Go to Personnel Administration work center.
2. Choose the Tax Authorities subview under the view Authorities.
3. Edit Tax Authority: XX(XX represents Tax Authority).
4. Company Tax Arrangements is filled.

Reproducing the Issue

1. Go to Personal Administration workcenter.
2. Work view.
3. Select an employee.
4. Select Task : Complete Payroll Data- for specific Country.
5. Select Payroll Group ID.

Error messagge thrown mentioned above.


There is no Employee Identification Number maintained for Tax Authority.


Steps to add Employee Identification Number for Tax Authority : XX and employee's Company : 1000:

1. Go to Personnel Administration workcenter.
2. Choose the Tax Authorities subview under the Authorities view.
3. Edit Tax Authority: XX.
4. Go to Company Tax Arrangements
5. Select Tax Numbers.
6. Add Row and select Tax Number Type as Employee Identification Number.


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