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2261006 - PartnerEdge: Engaging PS or Partners for Implementations, Change Requests, New Program Development, Process Change & XML Configuration


  • What is PartnerEdge?
  • When do we engage Partners?
  • What can partners do for us?
  • What is the difference between what support will do and partners?


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What is PartnerEdge?

The PartnerEdge network is a large and diverse group of businesses. Each partner determines the types of services they offer SAP customers, so we cannot provide a definitive list of services common to all partners. In general all custom changes that you cannot complete yourself via Admin Tools can be delivered via Solution Consultants or our SAP PartnerEdge network.

When do we engage Professional Services or Partners?

  • Whenever you have new programs to create, changes to existing programs, or just want experts to do the work for you. 
  • To engage the SAP SuccessFactors Professional Services team or one of the partners, please reach out to your Sales Account Manager. They will help find the right partner for your project, whether that be from within our SAP Professional Services organization of via the PartenerEdge network. If you're unsure who your account manager is, please follow the steps in 2626344 - Who is the SAP Account Manager for my company?.

What can partners do?

Partners can do anything involving updating existing programs or creation of anything new in your system. It includes but is by no means limited to:

  • Support for the entire SuccessFactors product suite
  • Product training for individuals or your entire organization
  • Implementing an entire new module, or just adding to existing programs
  • Creation of new templates
  • Evaluating current programs for design optimization
  • Creation of new system fields, and associated permissions
  • Creation of new system filter fields to be used throughout the program
  • 3 tier custom language changes
  • Creation of new workflows and the associated user permissions within forms and programs not supported via admin tools
  • Setting up new integrations
  • Some partners offer adminstrative services
  • Best practice advice
  • Consultation services
  • Product Demonstration
  • Anything you would like assistance with to implement

What is the difference between what support will do and partners?


Examples of work that characterizes when you would engage PS/Consultants/Partners are:

  1. Creating something new
  2. A change to existing logic, permissions, fields etc. in existing process or program
  3. Adding functionality that was not previously part of your program/process
  4. Optional changes that a customer does not need, but desires
  5. Multiple changes to multiple templates and programs
  6. Program integrations
  7. New go live implementations 

Cloud Product Support is typically characterized as "existing program maintenance":

  1. general guidance of feature use (that does not rise to the level of product training). Typically the information is already available within Knowledge Base Articles.
  2. basic assistance on new features
  3. break/fix where a product release has impacted the program that we need our product engineers to release a fix for.
  4. providing a code change to keep the existing program working as-is
  5. small year-over-year change not possible via admin tools
  6. adding functionality driven by SAP’s quarterly releases not possible via admin tools, and required by SAP. If you feel you have an xml change request that fits this scope please refer to our Software Change Request.
  7. Does NOT include:
    1. consulting type advice on what changes should be made, best practice advice, or how to improve business programs or processes etc.
    2. trying to fix a new program that never worked properly in the first place. Generally the person who implemented this should be re-engaged to correct this. If it was done via self-service and never worked, please engage a partner to build a program that does work and does not have the problems ocurring in one built via self-service.

What can we change ourselves?

  • The SuccessFactors suite has powerful features that enable self-service via your administrators. Be sure to download the latest Admin Guides. Self Service can help you manage your programs to avoid or reduce Professional Services or Partner costs.
  • Think carefully when determining what you will use Self-Service for, versus what might require the assistance of trained professionals. While many small year-over-year changes can be performed by HR admins quickly and easily, and while our application may seem simple to use since it is web-based, remember these programs power your entire organizations business process. The features, logic, configurations, and options are as powerful and complex as any world-class system. Any failure to properly develop a program to the required specifications for your organization to be successful can have negative downstream impacts.
  • This is why we make the PartnerEdge Network available to you. These are trained professionals that understand the SuccessFactors HXM suite to a very deep level and understand the impacts that small changes might have on your broader programs. They can work with you to conduct end-to-end testing before going live with any new or changed program to ensure the system delivers exactly what is needed at every step, for every user in the workflow. 

Note: Please reach out to your Sales Account Manager who can help engage Professional Services or the right SAP Partner for your current project needs. If you're unsure who your account manager is, please follow the steps in 2626344 - Who is the SAP Account Manager for my company?.


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