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2263596 - How to Close E-Verify Correct Data Activity of a Candidate Who's no Longer Working with the Company [E-Verify] - Onboarding 1.0


How to close E-Verify Correct Data activity of a candidate whose no longer working with the company?


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0


Open E-Verify Correct Data Activity of resigned candidate(s) or new hire(s)


For Live Customer(s)

OPTION ONE (1): Manual US Form I-9 Update

  1. Check key BasP_OrigDataChangedDesc in HRData of the open E-Verify Correct Data to get data change
  2. Print the US Form I-9 located in Document Center
  3. Note the data change and the reason why the candidate is no longer with the company to the form
  4. Scan the US Form I-9 with note and upload to Document Center
  5. Delete open E-Verify Correct Data of candidate who's no longer with the company


Hiring Manager can write "Quit Work" on the printed US Form I-9 and indicate that why it was not corrected.


OPTION TWO (2): Delete Open E-Verify Correct Data and Request Support for E-Verify Kick-start

  1. Delete open E-Verify Correct Data of candidate who's no longer with the company
  2. Make a request to SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support to create a new E-Verify activity, see KBA 2291440
  3. Navigate to SAP SuccessFactors HCM > Onboarding
  4. Find and open the new E-Verify activity
  5. Click Submit Initial Verification to send candidate's data to E-Verify system
  6. Current candidate's E-Verify panel will update with initial eligibility status
  7. Click Resolve Case button 
  8. A panel will show with the question "Is the employee currently employed with this company?", select No if the candidate is not employed
  9. Click Request Closure Options underneath the Yes/No selection
  10. Select the reason why the E-Verify Activity needs to be closed
  11. Done


E-Verify Correct Data activity is not link to E-Verify system hence deleting won't have an issue


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