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2265123 - Sales Order Created via Web Service Not Automatically Released


Sales orders created via the web service are still in status In Preparation even though the following scoping questions was set to No: Would you like your employees to control the release of sales orders that originate from an E-Shop in order to initiate order processing?


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select the respective implementation project.
  4. Click on the Edit Project Scope button.
  5. In Scoping, go to the section Questions.
  6. Select the following path Sales -> Selling Products and Services -> E-Selling
  7. In the section Questions: Sales Order Release Procedures the following question is set to No:
  8. Would you like your employees to control the release of sales orders that originate from an E-Shop in order to initiate order processing?

In the SOAP Request XML which created the sales order the tag <ReleaseCustomerRequest> is set to true.

You expect that the sales orders will be released automatically.


The tag <ReleaseCustomerRequest> only controls the technical status and is not related to the actual releasing of a sales order (Submit->Release order on the UI) which changes the status of the order from In Preparation to Open which is controlled via the fine tuning question.

The reason why the sales orders created via the web shop are not released automatically is due to either:

1. You have set up an approval process for sales orders. Unfortunately, we do not have an automatic Submit For Approval action call from the web service. This means that when you create a sales order via the web service and if you have scoped and sent up the approval for sales orders in the system, then sales order will never get released automatically since the Submit For Approval action is required first. This works differently from the UI (User Interface) because we have a Submit Button on the UI which is mapped to the SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL and RELEASE action subsequently.

2. You are passing the element DataOriginTypeCode not as 4 (Internet).


This is the expected system behavior.

In case point 1 applies:
Please evaluate if you require this approval process. If you don’t need the approval process you can un-scope the Sales Order Approval Process and the sales orders will then be automatically released. Should you require the Approval Process, you will need to release the sales orders manually via the UI.

In case point 2 applies:
Please pass the element DataOriginTypeCode as follows:


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