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2265965 - Targeted CR List for ASE 16.0 SP02 PL03


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 16.0 SP02 PL03. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
706483 A NULL value may be inserted into TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT columns that do not allow NULL values during the execution of an INSERT-SELECT command if the attribute "dealloc_first_txtpg" is not set to 1 in the source table.
729246 A new option WITH COPYONLY= < target_file_path > is added to LOAD DATABASE and LOAD TRANSACTION commands. It allows to extract a DATABASE DUMP or a TRANSACTION DUMP from a storage system and copy it into a local directory.
749560 When the server level option 'abstract plan sharing' is enabled but the session level option is disabled by 'set plan shared off', the shared AP is still loaded.
763497 In rare cases, the backup server could hang waiting for input on a pipe that is never received. The stack trace of the sybmultbuf process that causes the problem will show the function sys_ipc_io().
766323 Additional threads cannot be utilized without server reboot after syb_blocking_pool thread count is increased.
768872 Systemwide switch (traceflag) 3605 is left active if a fatal error occurs while outputting diagnostic information for an invalid column length error. A stacktrace that includes the function colleen() will be seen in the errorlog followed by SWITCH SERVERWIDE ON 3605 followed by a fatal error. Traceflag 2779 disables the function turns on this switch to output additional diagnostics on the column length error.
770943 The database server cannot read SSL certificates with dates that exceed 2038.
779137 The message "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'proc_decr_pbsharecnt' followed by a stack trace that includes the module 'showCachedPlanInXml' and/or 'show_cached_plan_in_xml' may be reported in the error log leading to a crash of the database server.
779357 Parameterized SQL text with its abstract plan will be saved in sysqueryplans. For example: SQL text is: "select count(*) from sysobjects where id > 10". Parameterized text is: "select count(*) from sysobjects where id > @@@V0_INT". All SQLs with text "select count(*) from sysobjects where id > " will now share the same abstract plan in sysqueryplans. This feature is enabled by Trace flag 16944.
779430 In rare circumstances, the message, "row count error", may be reported when running DBCC CHECKSTORAGE after creating a database from a template database.
780373 During a batch INSERT in the database server, Data Load processes on BW systems frequently fail with the error 30292, "Attempting to read past stream EOM"
780909 The message "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'kbfusage' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'ubfprop' and 'mda_exec' may be reported in the error log during a query on the monMemoryUsage table.
782881 New configuration parameter 'enable delta dump tran' has been added to avoid that two sequential transaction dumps contain duplicate pages. When this option is disabled (the default), every transaction dump contains the log pages from the first log page to the dump instant. When the option is enabled, a transaction dump will contain the pages from the last page included in the previous transaction dump to the dump instant.
783402 The message "Current process infected with signal 4 (SIGILL)" followed by a stack trace that includes the module 'TabStatOrig::StabInitTabStats' may reported in the error log if a VIEW with both the DISTINCT and GROUP BY clauses appearing twice in a query with a large join (at least 7 not necessarily different tables/views).
784451 When "streamlined dynamic SQL" configuration option is active a statement involving a subquery which is executed inside a stored procedure could increase the memory of the whole stored procedure plan and keep the memory in use until the stored procedure finishes its execution.
784900 CREATE DATABASE command with default_location parameter does not return expected errors, like 1860, 1861.
785084 In rare circumstance a 247 message "Arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of UNSIGNED INT value '4294967295' to a INT field" may be raised when running sp_helpartion after database recovery.
785680 A 2805 error, "Bad pointer < address > encountered while remapping stored procedure < proc_name > . Must re-create or replace procedure", may be raised during recompilation if 'plan load' & 'literal autoparam' are enabled.
785795 The message "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'Gbitstr::Gbitstr' followed by a stack trace that includes the module 'LeAPScanContext::LeAPScanContext' may be reported in the error log when executing queries when the ASE host machine is low of free memory or swap space. Some queries may cause memory leak against ASE 16.0 SP01 and later if the configurable parameter 'enable monitoring' is set. Queries referencing partitioned tables may leak more memory than using non-partition tables for this issue.
785831 Explicit conversion errors, "Explicit conversion from datatype 'IMAGE_LOCATOR' to 'VARCHAR' is not allowed", may be reported when inserting IMAGE data into a table with an IMAGE field using dynamic prepare and auditing is enabled.
785971 sp_help reports the object status value of "keep first text page" on a table that does not have LOB columns defined.
786552 CREATE OR REPLACE procedure does not preserve the execution mode when replacing a procedure.
786653 In the HADR environment, a command issued by a legacy HA connection is currently frozen unconditionally if the node is not in HADR active state. This change allows an exit/quit command to proceed in the above conditions.
787054 The message "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'PartNodeInfo::collocatedSite' followed by a stack trace that involves the module 'Pop < ParallelCost, ParallelProps > ::popIsCollocated' may be reported in the error log when running a complex query with proxy tables.
787934 The recovery fault isolation feature is not enabled during the execution of a LOAD TRANSACTION in the database server. This feature could exclude a blocking error from the loaded backup.
787969 When SAP ASE is configured for synchronous replication the auto-deactivation of the primary HADR node triggered by the OS shutdown or Windows service stop, does not raise errors 9699 and 9862 as expected when the ASE service is stopped.
788127 When there is a hint in sysqueryplans, the AP hint in plan clause of a query will be ignored. When there is no AP hint in sysqueryplans, AP hint in plan clause will be used. This feature is enabled by new configuration option "abstract plan dynamic replace".
788646 A 3101 error, "Database in use. A user with System Administrator (SA) role must have exclusive use of database to run load", may be reported when LOAD DATABASE is run while the Job Scheduler Agent process is enabled.
788682 KBA 2210441 : Signal 11 in ptn__pdeslookup_optsearch() when query MDA monOpenObjectActivity.
789377 In rare circumstances, a 644 error, "Index row entry for data row id < > is missing from index page < > of index id < > of table < > in database < > . Xactid is < > . Drop and re-create the index." may be reported during the execution of an UPDATE or DELETE command on a table after an unsuccessful online CREATE INDEX on the table. Alternatively a 3474 or 6902 error may also be reported during boot time recovery or when loading a transaction dump that includes the aborted online CREATE INDEX and other concurrent DML activity.
789403 A new optimization criteria cr789403 is introduced to disable large IN-list materialization to worktable.
789945 Under some circumstances, hash based parallel scan strategy may not be used for partitioned tables even when plldegree is set for the table.
790006 The message "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'altdb__shrinkimrslog_backout' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'altdb_shrinkimrslog' and 'alterdb' may be reported in the error log during an ALTER DATABASE OFF WITH CHECK_ONLY command.
790184 The following Abstract Plan enhancements are added. 1) A message, "Optimized using an Abstract Plan (ID : %d).", will be printed when simple AP hints like (use optgoal sap_olap) (use parallel 4) (use fact_table F) in sysqueryplans are reused by queries. 2) When there is no entry for a query in sysqueryplans and plan dump is on, plan hint like (use optgoal sap_olap) (use parallel 4) (use fact_table F) can be saved in sysqueryplans under configuration "abstract plan dynamic replace". 3) When both "abstract plan dynamic replace" and "abstract plan replace" are turned on, "abstract plan replace" will be ignored. The AP in sysqueryplans won't be replaced.
790239 ASE might report boot failures with error such as "Incorrect Java Virtual Machine library version" in errorlog file on Windows NT platforms (nt386 / winx64) if the ASE PCI Bridge configuration parameter “pci memory size” is set as a value lower than 512 reserving 1 MBytes memory.
790414 In rare circumstances, the message "Current process infected with signal 7 (SIGBUS)" in the module 'ldx__load_type' may be reported in the error log when executing LOAD TRANSACTION.
790463 Procedure cache may get full with multiple plan copies of single stored procedure involving DDL inside a transaction.
790672 In rare scenarios where the monOpenObjectActivity table is used and a #temp table is being dropped, the 3702 error, "Cannot drop or replace the < obj_name > because it is currently in use" may be reported and the temp table could not be dropped.
790682 In rare circumstances, user tasks may be suspended when attempting to log information in a mixed-log and data database, although there are no visible space issues for this database when executing either sp_helpdb or sp_spaceused for syslogs.
790834 On Solution Manager systems, database server processes that completed executing UPDATE INDEX STATISTICS may remain active and stall connections.
791106 Database Owner (DBO) is granted MANAGE DATABASE PERMISSIONS by default. As a result, in a server with granular permissions enabled, DBO can grant/revoke database permissions (CREATE TABLE, CREATE PROCEDURE, etc.) to/from other users in the database. Customers who do NOT want DBO to manage database permissions can revoke MANAGE DATABASE PERMISSIONS from DBO in model database and user databases.
791146 If a stored procedure has a 'select into temp table' and a session running the stored procedure is chosen to be the deadlock victim, error 267, "Object < obj_name > cannot be found", will be raised after error 1205, "Your server command (family id, process id) encountered a deadlock situation. Please re-run your command".
791364 Under certain situations, for queries involving huge number of OR predicates, a kill spid may not be able to kill the spid during histogram processing in the optimizer.
791807 In rare circumstances, when ASE runs out of disk buffers for large I/Os, a CREATE DATABASE command may fail with error 913, "Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id < > " and error 834 "Illegal attempt to clean buffer: < buffer description > "
791857 A table may contain two indexes with same name, if there are two CREATE INDEX commands with same name on same table running at same time.
791901 Sometimes error 7794, "You cannot scan table < table_name > at isolation level 0 because another process is running a utility command that is incompatible with level 0 scans. Please retry later", may be reported with concurrent SELECTs (level 0 scans) and UPDATE STATISTICS on large tables.
792001 When AP load/dump is not enabled, trace flag 16944 is turned on to parameterize the sql text used for sysqueryplans. But the sql text in create plan command is not parameterized. Parameterization is now enable for create plan even without AP load/dump enabled.
792025 After the Rep Agent Thread gets infected with a timeslice error or a signal, the Rep Agent context is left in an inconsistent state. This may cause unpredictable behaviors. Moreover, any attempt to restart the Rep Agent Thread fails with error 9262 indicating that it is already running.
792089 A DUMP or LOAD from or to database devices created on veritas file system on HP could hang if the backup server is started using the trace flag -D1024 to enable posix async I/O.
792211 In rare circumstances, where the database server is configured to use character set GB18030 and after data is inserted into a TEXT column which is not defined to be compressed, then a DBCC CHECKTABLE may report a 7951 error, "Data size mismatch while checking a text value. The first page for this value is < page id > , partition ID < partition id > . < value > characters were found; however, the expected length is  < value > characters".
792277 Workload Analyzer Date-Time Adjustment functionality is enabled in this CR. This enables the user to configure the Replay Engine to set the date and time of the replay server to the time at which the capture originally started when the replay begins. It will help eliminate errors or changes in application behavior that would occur if the database server’s time during replay was different from that when the original workload was capture.
792339 A query on the monOpenObjectActivity table in which the DBID, ObjectID and IndexID columns are fully specified in the WHERE cause may cause a 3702 error in another connection if that connection attempts to drop the same table that the query on the monOpenObjectActivity table is analyzing at the same time.
792355 The stored procedure 'dbcc checkmdcache' fails because of Objversionts mismatch between des and disk values after ALTER TABLE statements.
792397 The ASE RepAgent scanner task may be blocked by a user task that is attempting to drop a functional index if the stream replication mode and DDL replication are enabled. The user task may itself be blocked by the RepAgent scanner task. This self deadlock will result in the replication stream to hang.
792425 The monErrorLog table does not display the correct ErrorNumber, Severity and State.
792471 When using resource governor lock_count limit in ASE Cluster Edition and the threshold is reached, process might be infected with SIGSEGV while trying to release locks and the cluster instance will shutdown.
792483 In rare case, if DOL table with datapages lockschema has unique index, concurrent DML may hit index corruption with error 12313, "Insert into page id < page # > of index id < index # > of table ' < table name > ' (id = < id # > ) in database ' < db name > ' tried to replace undeleted RID ( < > , < > ) at slot < slot # > and ridposn < # > . Try dropping and recreating the index".
792515 A segmentation fault may occur in the query of the monSpinlockActivity table when the spinlock has just been released at the time the query examines the spinlock.
792612 When full database encryption is enabled, the database server may report the message "Current process infected with signal 4 (SIGILL)" in the module 'cm_split' when buffer pools are being resized.
792694 When SAP ASE Rep Agent encounters a fatal error, it is possible to disable the ‘auto start’ configuration option by executing sp_stop_rep_agent. While this stored procedure returns an error, the ‘auto start’ configuration option is disabled, but was kept enabled mistakenly.
792710 sqlupgrade[res] did not install $SYBASE/ASE-16_0/scripts/installmodel in database server upgrade.
792713 When disabling a job which is scheduled to run, all the other jobs in the Job Scheduler queue also fail to run.
792982 In rare circumstances on a heavily-loaded system, a 1295 error, "Unconditional lock request for table or page < page id > , dbid < dbid > was made while holding a latch." may be reported when running DUMP TRANSACTION on a table having compressed index.
793135 In some circumstances, the database server may run out of procedure cache during histogram processing when the query has a large IN-list containing out-of-domain values.
793367 Certificate Authority root certificates provided as examples in database server release areas have expired.
793518 The message, "Current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'dam_cache', together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'db_fill' and 'dam_enable' may be reported in the error log when loading a database dump into a database that has an invalid system table SYSDAMS and the database option 'allow incremental dump' is enabled.
793552 A 3701 error, "Cannot drop the index 'test_table.ind', because it doesn't exist in the system catalogs.", may be reported by the standby database server because a DROP INDEX command in the master database has been mistakenly replicated from the primary SAP ASE.
793666 A 8006 error followed by a stack trace that includes the module 'as_send_db_map' may be reported in the error log, followed by the message "Device < master-device > : < # > is not a legal virtual block number.", while trying to dump the master database, if the system table SYSDEVICES contains some other device that has a ‘vdevno’ value of 0.
793722 When the master database is setup for replication, the execution of the system stored procedure sp_addserver resulting in an update of an existing entry in sysservers fails to be replicated.
793766 The message, "ulvspinlock: spinlock being released improperly" or "ulpspinlock: spinlock order violation" may be reported in the error log on Solaris M-Series machines when the diagserver binary is used.
793841 Readonly feature is now supported in HADR.
793873 A 2714 error, "There is already an object named < obj_name > in the database", may be reported if GTT is created in a database with deferred table allocstion enabled.
793902 In some cases, the database server might report error 12034, "Collection of monitoring data for table < table_name > failed due to insufficient memory. Retry when there is less load, or fewer users, on the server. < nn > rows were not returned because < xx > bytes of memory could not be allocated" and error 8601, "Process < spid1 > tried to keep the PSS for process < spid2 > when it already had the PSS for process < spid3 > kept", and the affected process would be terminated.
793904 In rare circumstances, if NV cache is being used, tasks performing sp_nvcacheunbind may hang forever waiting for address lock.
793950 The message "current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'GenCondensedText::isInTree' followed by a stack trace that includes the modules 'GenCondensedText::getAghead' and 'GenCondensedText::generateAggregate' may be reported in the error log when running show_condensed_text() built-in function.
793963 Dataserver spids might hang indefinitely waiting on the MASS_DESTROY bit to be reset when tempdbs are used.
793977 A 2004 error, “'Procedure ' < global_temporary_table_name > _p' has already been created with group number 1 - create procedure with an unused group number.”, will be reported in a replication environment with DDL enabled while the creation of a global temporary table object is replicated, which will cause the replication stream to stop.
793999 When dropping an index and both the table and the index have a large identifier name, the command may fail to be replicated and the Replication Server DSI thread may shutdown after receiving errors 102 and 159 from the replicate ASE.
794067 Job Scheduler stored procedures, if executed inside a transaction, may hang the application and the Job Scheduler may delay execution of the jobs.
794082 Rolling back transactions within nested triggers can cause unnecessary recompilations of the parent trigger.
794128 Wait Event 215 (waiting on run queue after sleep) is not reported in the monProcessWaits table
794162 After large buffer pools are configured and db statistics are updated, the database server might report errors indicating that the buffer pools are under-configured. Increasing large buffer pool size does not fix the problem.
794175 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'qry_init_stats' followed by a stack trace that include the moudles 'qry_init' and 'decision' may be reported in the erorr log when executing a query that involves a LIKE clause.
794265 When DDL replication is setup, the DDL command 'REFRESH PRECOMPUTED RESULT SET' is replicated twice. As a consequence, the SRS DSI thread terminates after receiving error 11028 from the replicate server when the precomputed result set is using the immediate refresh policy.
794556 Executing multiple queries on the monMemoryUsage table may result in reduction in the amount of free memory available in the database server's Global Fragment Pool. This may cause further queries on the monMemoryUsage table or other commands in the database server to fail.
794568 In a replication environment with DDL enabled, if a GRANT with predicated privilege command is larger than 255 characters, it will be truncated mistakenly, whereby the truncated command will be replicated to the SAP Replication Server, which will cause the replication stream to stop because the truncated GRANT command cannot be recognized by the target database server.
794619 In rare circumstances in HADR environment, a timeslice error "spid < process id of deactivate task > exhausted its 'time slice'" and message "SQL causing error: sp_hadr_admin deactivate" maybe reported in errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules hadr__deactivate_poll, hadr__deactivate_begin and hadr__deactivate.
794633 A second parameter 'ftp' is added to textptr() to make textptr() return NULL always for NULL LOB data if this parameter is specified.
794666 The monDeviceSpaceUsage will leak memory from Global Fragment Pool under some exceptional circumstance.
794760 Under rare circumstances, the message, "ulvspinlock: spinlock being released improperly", together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'ulvspinlock' and 'altdb__thcheck' followed by a server crash, may be reported in the error log if the command ALTER DATABASE OFF tried to remove an amount of log space such that the remaining space would be under the last chance threshold.
794764 Under rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with signal 11" in the module 'CgpGlobal::CgpTransform' followed by a stack trace that include the modules 'CgpGlobal::CgpGenerate' and 'Optimize' may be reported in the error log if a batch with IF EXISTS condition is executed.
794843 The error, "shmdt: Operating system error 22 in file dmpldrpc.c at line nnnn", may be reported when using parallel threads to DUMP an in-memory database in HPIA platform.
794963 A 3475 error, "There is no space available in SYSLOGS to log a record for which space has been reserved in database < dbid > (id < id_no > )", may be reported after a database dump with a log hole is loaded into a database with a data hole instead.
794987 On Windows platform, updatease fails to boot the dataserver if the master device is too large.
795006 Under rare circumstances, a LOAD CUMULATIVE or LOAD TRANSACTION command might hang when the database in the dump has some hole and the target database does not. The stack trace of the hang process will show the modules 'rec__reconcile_dmap', 'crdb_update_sysusages', and 'buf_get_latch'.
795042 A 839 error, "Grabbed buffer dirty but not writing", may be reported during bufgrab due to incorrectly linking of KEPT buffer to LRU-MRU.
795071 When an ALTER DATABASE OFF command is executed on a database that has been created with asynchronous initialization, a 695 error, "An attempt was made to read logical page < > for database < > ( < > )), object 'syslogs' (8), index 'syslogs' (0), partition 'syslogs_8' (8) from disk. Wrong logical page < > ' was brought into cache 'default data cache'. If pages are being signed, this may indicate a signature check failure." in the module 'getpage__noscan' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'altdb_shrink' and 'altdb__move_extents' may be reported in the database server error log.
795235 On Windows platform, Job Scheduler fails to start with the message, "Job Scheduler Agent errorlog path < PATHNAME > does not exist. Please set valid errorlog path using sp_jsconfigure.", if the path contains a trailing escape character.
795239 In rare circumstances, the server may hit a timeslice error in the modeule des_checkpoint_flush_sysstats().
795278 In rare cases, some extents may not be deallocated when dropping a table or index if an extent is part of the seven first extents in an allocation page and only the first page is allocated in this extent. The execution of DBCC CHECKALLOC may report a 2540 error, however no corruption or data loss is associated with this error.
795371 Updatease failed to start the dataserver if the runserver file contains the 'var=value' option for dataserver.
795382 Spurious "invalid column length" errors may be reported by DBCC CHECKTABLE on encrypted columns and when running sp_post_xpload.
795383 New feature that implements a lite version of the jconnect stored procedure sp_mda as well as two new utility registered procedures sp_version and sp_charset.
795403 Trailing characters in the result of hadr_state() built-in when used in a stored procedure.
795437 syconfig might report 'Cannot open runserver file' error during upgrade.
795565 ALTER INDEX will not be replicated if it is executed from a user stored procedure.
795591 The client using SSL or non-TDS clients when disconnecting during login may cause the conn_hdlr task to remain in the database server with “MAINTENANCE TOKEN” state which can be seen in the 'sp_who' output.
796025 Under rare circumstances, when the stream replication synchronous mode is enabled, SAP Replication Server may receive a package that contains a confirmed OQID value that is less than the confirmed OQID value in a previous package. This may lead to data not being replicated correctly between the primary and standby SAP ASE installations.
796187 Under a heavily loaded SAP ASE system, a timeslice error in the module ‘log__newpage’ with a stack trace which includes the modules ‘txtimg_log_datarow’ and ‘plc__flush’ may be reported in the error log while a process is accessing the data cache and the full encryption feature is enabled. This error will result in an implicit shut down of ASE.



  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 16.0 SP02 PL03
  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0


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