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2270326 - How to configure which Pay Components should be displayed in payComponentNonRecurring and payComponentRecurring portlets


This article takes a look at how to configure Pay Components to show in Compensation Information portlet > Compensation/Tagret sections as well as the Spot Bonus portlet.

  • Which Pay Components should be visible in the Spot Bonus (payComponentNonRecurring) portlet?
  • How do I configure a particular Pay Component to show only in the Spot Bonus portlet?

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central - Compensation Information


When configuring Pay Components, you must specify the following 2 values in order for the system to determine which Pay Component is available in which section/portlet -:

  • Recurring
  • Target


These options can be set in different combinations, which will allow the system to determine which portlet the Pay Component will be available in, to the end user.

The 2 standard area's where Pay Components are displayed are -:

  • payComponentRecurring


  • payComponentNonRecurring


For a Pay Component to display in the 2 area's for payComponentRecurring, the Recurring/Target options for the Pay Component must be set as follows -:

payComponentRecurring -:


For a Pay Component to display in the Spot Bonus portlet (payComponentNonRecurring), the Recurring/Target options for the Pay Component must be set as follows -:

payComponentNonRecurring -:



Important Expected Behaviour Note

  • There are a few other fields in the Pay Component configuration
  • In cases where Display on Self-service = No and isEarning = No, then the Pay Component is relevant only for Self-service Scenarios for Deductions.
    • It is important that the DSS flag is not considered in the Add New Hire wizard, so there is a possibility that Deduction Pay Components appear under Compensation Information > Compensation for the hire scenario.

Please note the following behaviours for the Spot Bonus (payComponentNonRecurring) portlet

  1. Only Non-Recurring Pay Components are selectable under:
    • Employment Information/People Profile -> Award Spot Bonus
    • Admin -> Add New Employee (New Hire)
  2. All types of Pay Components (Recurring and Non Recurring) are selectable under:
    • Spot Bonus Portlet -> Edit or Plus/Add Icon (+)

Note: If You want a product improvement, Please raise an enhancement idea by following the steps explained in: 2090228 - How to submit enhancement requests for SAP SuccessFactors products.

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide: Chapter - Controlling Visibility of Pay Components in the Employee Profile

Control which pay components appear in the Compensation and Deduction blocks on the Employee Profile.

These settings affect only the drop-down lists in the Employee Profile. Once a pay component exists in the system, it is displayed in the Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures screen independent of the settings.
Go to Admin Center  Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures.
  1. Search for the pay component.
  2. Check the fields Recurring and Target.

    Recurring determines whether a pay component is visible in the recurring pay components (comp info) or the nonrecurring section (Spot Bonus). If a pay component has the setting where Recurring is No, it is not visible in the drop-down for the Compensation Information block.

    Target determines whether a pay component is visible under the Compensation section of the Compensation Information block or under the Pay Targets section. When Target is set to Yes, the pay component appears in the drop-down in the Pay Targets section. When Target is set to No, the pay component appears in drop-down list in the Compensation section.

    Non-recurring pay components are only visible for the following:
    • Employment Information  Take Action  Spot Bonus

    • Admin Center  Add New Employee (New Hire)

    All pay components are visible for Employment Information  Spot Bonus  Edit

  3. To edit the settings, select Take Action  Make Correction.
  4. Save your changes.

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