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2279026 - Employee Central Advanced Reporting Implementation Tips & Tricks from Support


  • The Cloud Product Support team is working on an initiative to provide our partners with a comprehensive one stop shop for resources and information sources for the SAP SuccessFactors Analytics & Reporting to use for learning, training, and implementation needs.
  • The aim is to centralize the available content for the SAP SuccessFactors Advanced Reporting that is already out there by creating Knowledge Articles covering the most common support issues encountered during implementations and Go-live.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Online Report Designer
  • Report Canvas


Please use the below links to access the section you need help with: 

  • Advanced Reporting is available for all EC Customers irrespective of whether they have purchased Workforce Analytics (WFA) or not.
  • Advanced Reporting enablement is required for the reporting functionalities described in the guide.

Advanced Reporting in the Online Report Designer

Note: All above & below URLs requires a login to the Help Portal.

The following information is intended for administrators who work with the product regularly, SAP Implementation Partners and SAP Consultants.

  • The implementation of Advanced Reporting for Live Employee Central Customers can now be completed via the Upgrade Centre.
  • The different phases of the implementation depends on the Employee Central implementation and the customer requirements.
  • The Advanced Reporting enablement involves data structure to be completed in the BizX Database.
  • The data is then organized and reporting metadata is only created once there is configuration completed and data loaded, else, validation issues with reports transferred from different instances are possible.
  • It is very important the system is properly running prior the enablement.
  • Refer to the Employee Central Advanced Reporting Implementation guide available on the SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics Help Portal page.


  • Employee Central must be properly configured
  • Check that EC implementation check/guidelines are followed (e.g. configuration completed & data loaded in the instance). Refer to KB article 2315109
  • As part of Advanced Reporting enablement the Online Report Designer Tool (ORD, referred as Canvas Report) is configured. You can refer to the Online Report Designer (Implementation Guide) for further details.
  • Standards Reports will work only if EC Core and the respective additional features are enabled for EC, i.e. Time off reports will need Time Off to be configured
  • Sample configuration changes which requires you to Purge Advanced Reporting Metadata Cache:
    • EC Foundation Objects
    • EC MDF Objects
    • Data Model/s

IMPORTANT: If you face an issue where the EC data is not in synch with the Advanced/Detailed Reporting data you may create an case with the following information:

  1. Were any configuration changes made to EC recently?
  2. Was the instance refreshed recently?
  3. Was the report working before?
  4. Is the data available via EC for the user running the report? e.g. Employee files, Manage Data etc.. 
  5. Affected Report and User name
  6. Have you tried to purge the Advanced Reporting Metadata Cache? Do you have VBM enabled on your instance? 
  7. Any other information you may find helpful.

Possible Implications:

  • If the above considerations are not followed properly it may cause delays to the whole Advanced Reporting enablement process
  • If Employee Central Core functions are not properly configured and Advanced Reporting is enabled it may lead to errors and incorrect behaviour of the respective functionalities with the result of having to reconfigure Advanced Reporting from scratch.
  • For existing Customers, if Advanced Reporting is enabled, REALMS instance available, and the company ID is changed the current configuration of Advanced Reporting could break.

General Considerations and Tips for any Advanced Reporting Implementation

  • With every implementation of Advanced Reporting there are some high level considerations to take into account and plan for during the implementation cycles.
  • It is imperative that to consider, at the very least, the common implementation issues mentioned below.
  • Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with the link to the KBA with the available answer.
  1. 2769843 - Enable Online Report Designer (ORD) / Report - Canvas from Upgrade Center
  2. 2776882 - 1902 EC Advanced Reporting Metadata Sync (View Based Metadata) - Describes the Common Scenarios when a purge is required to have up to date metadata in Advanced Reporting
  3. Realms: Data does not appear in Realms query after applying "Change Reporting" filter  - Provide a sample issue you may face while using Advanced Reporting (Realms) functionalities solved by a refresh of realms template definition in the instance.
  4. Realms objects display the technical name in the Query Designer - Provide a sample issue you may face while using Advanced Reporting functionalities solved by a reload
  5. Blank or empty page when selecting Analytics Sub-Tab  - Describes why a blank page is shown instead of the Analytics Home page when you select the Analytics sub tab
  6. No Realm is available - Unable to select any Object or Data field from the Advanced reporting - Describes why you get 'No Realms is available' when selecting Advanced Reporting from the Analytics Tools  
  7. How to Implement Employee Central Standard Reports Templates for Advanced Reporting - Describes the steps to follow to implement EC standard reports
  8. How to upload EC Standard Report templates in the Report Center - Describes how to upload/import standard report templates when the report center is enabled
  9. EC Standard Report template upload fails for a few templates - Provide some sample issue you may face while uploading the EC standard templates and what to do next
  10. Error uploading report bundle to Analytics - Provide a sample error you may face while attempting to upload a report bundle using the Report Transfer tool (e.g. EC Standard Report templates)
  11. Standard Report errors - No primary table defined - Metadata reload failure (Further infos via the Metadata Framework (MDF) guide Link) - Provide some sample issues you may face while running EC Standard Reports
  12. Employee Central Advanced Reporting: Standard Reports Headcount and FTEs not working as expected  - Provide some sample issues you may face while running EC Standard Reports
  13. EC Standard Report - tips and trick from Support to validate reports - Guide - FAQ - Provide some 'how to' answers + all known validation errors for the EC Standard Reports
  14. Workflow reports are not fetching information on Advanced Reporting -  How to configure Workflows for Advanced Reporting. 
  15. Advanced Reporting - Report built on Absence Request (Time Off) does not respect Role Based Permission (RBP) - Securing objects in Time Off so that they respect RBP. 
  16. Advanced Reporting - Report built on Time Account does not respect Role Based Permission (RBP) - Securing objects in Time Off so that they respect RBP.
  17. Manager Report with Person Context not reflecting the expected Restrictions for Time Account data - Securing objects in Time Off so that they respect RBP. 



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