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2280824 - HRIS Section - Incorrect/Missing configuration can lead to undesired UI behaviour


  • Home Address portlet > Fields with Picklists display OptionID instead of Label
  • National ID > Card Type field is blank
  • Country Specific Configurations are not working correctly or not working at all
  • Job Information is no longer displayng Country Specific fields

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  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

To reproduce this issue via XML import -:

  1. Configure hris-section in the Succession Data Model for Job Information
  2. Import the updated Succession Data Model to your instance
  3. Configure hris-section in the Country Specific Succession Data Model for Job Information for all countries
  4. Import the updated Country Specific Succession Data Model to your instance
  5. Export the Succession Data Model, remove the hris-section configuration for Job Info
  6. Import the updated Succession Data Model to your instance
  7. Observe unexpected behaviour as pentioned under symptoms

To reproduce via BCUI -:

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration
  2. Select the jobInfo element from the left panel
  3. Set a value for ALL fields under the "Section" column
  4. Save
  5. Then select the expand arrow next to "jobInfo" to display all of the Country Specific Job Info configurations
  6. Edit each country specific Job Info configuration, and add a "Section" value to ALL fields for ALL countries.
  7. Save (save after each country has been updated)
  8. Go back to the jobInfo element and remove the "Section" values for all fields (set to No Selection) and Save
  9. Observe unexpected behaviour as pentioned under symptoms


The HRIS Section feature has been enabled for Job Information configuration, but is currently only  specified in one of the 2 related Data Models:

  • Succession Data Model
  • Country Specific Data Model


If HRIS Section is used in Job Info configuration in the Succession Data Model (SDM), then you must include the hris-section configuration in the Country-Specific Succession Data Model (CSF-SDM) for any country where jobInfo is defined. This is true the opposite way around also (if you have configured in Country-Specific Succession Data Model but not in Succession Data Model).

So the following check list needs to be performed when modifying EC configuration when HRIS Section feature is enabled.

  1. Make sure in both SDM and CSF-SDM - hris-section is correctly configured in BOTH xml's - you can also check the configuration via Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration (BCUI) if you have no access to the XML
  2. Make sure you assign the fields to the same section in both Data Models, for example: Do not configure custom-string11 in SDM under orgFieldList and custom-string11 for country USA (via CSF-SDM) under jobFieldList - this is not supported

Example of what this looks like in the SDM XML - You need to make sure that all fields mentioned under jobInfo are kept inside the <hris-section id=""> </hris-section> conditions. Also, you must mention all of the different sections in the Succession Data Model configuration (positionInfoList, orgFieldsList, jobFieldsList, timeOffRelatedFields) - Do not mention the Postion or Time Off related sections if neither feature is enabled -:


Please note that in the CSF-SDM XML, you only need to add the relative hris-sections, for example, you do not need to include hris-section such as orgFieldsList if there are no country-specific fields to go in that section BUT, you must have all the fields in CSF-SDM under jobInfo under ONE of the hris-sections - jobFieldsList is the best place for Country Specific Job Info fields.


Example from Business Configuration UI (BCUI) - Job Info held in Succession Data Model -:



Example of Country Specific Job Info configuration made via BCUI -:




Please note that it is currently possible to mis-align this configuration both via Provisioning XML import, as well as via Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration.

As with any changes in a configuration - please make sure you carry out your changes and verification in a Test system first, prior to enabling in any productive system.


HRIS Section - Validations - BCUI

There are validation messages provided in BCUI to warn you when you have not correctly configured the Section value for one or more fields.

Job Info element -:



Country Specific Job Info element -:




HRIS Section - Validations - XML Import

There are warning messages provided in Provisioning when importing SDM or CSF-SDM, to warn/remind you that HRIS Sections feature is enabled:

Succession Data Model imported with hris-section enabled -:



Country-Specific Succession Data Model imported when hris-section is enabled but not configured in the CSF-SDM -:


See Also

Please refer to the Employee Central Implementation Handbook for further information on the use of hris-section in Employee Central Job Information configuration - found here


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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central all versions ; SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite all versions