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2284849 - Tax Code Determination Error for Down Payment Requests


The Tax Code is not automatically determined by the system in a Down Payment Requests and the following error message is displayed: The determination of tax code failed because tax rate is missing. Either select one manually or an error occurred in business configuration: APBCT_COMMON 607. Report an case.

Reproducing the Issue

The issue occurs when you create a down payment request via the sales order or directly in the Customer Invoicing workcenter and the company is located in France and the account located in Monaco.
We will use the example of creating a down payment request in the Customer Invoicing workcenter.

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. In the Common Tasks select the New Down Payment Request option.
  3. Enter the account ABC (ABC represents the ID of the account).
  4. Enter the respective amount.
  5. The following warning message is displayed: Tax code missing
    The following error message is displayed: The determination of tax code failed because tax rate is missing. Either select one manually or an error occurred in business configuration: APBCT_COMMON 607. Report an case.


For down payment requests no real products are used and therefore no product tax classification is available which can be used for the determination of the tax rate type to be used in tax calculation.

The tax rate type can be also determined by other special tax scenarios such as exemption but if such one is not applicable for a document, it can happen that no tax rate type and also no tax code can be determined by the system.

Therefore, for each country a default down payment tax code (one for Supplier Relationship Management, one for Customer Relationship Management) is configured in an internal tax table which helps in the determination of the tax code to be used in a down payment scenario. Usually these are a standard tax code for domestic sales / purchase. But these default down payment tax codes will only be used if no tax rate type can be determined and the determined tax attributes such as e.g. tax event also fit to these default tax codes for this scenario.

Example: Selling of goods from France to Monaco

  1. Tax Event FR 312 Sale Of Goods To Monaco is determined
  2. The default downpayment Tax Codes for Sales for France does not fit the determined tax event FR 312 for this scenario, hence this does not help.
  3. Tax calculation tries to determine the tax codes based on the available information:
    • Unfortunately for this tax event two tax codes are available: FR 505 and FR 506 with different tax rate types (standard and reduced).
    • But as no tax rate type to be used could be determined in this case, the system cannot deduce which is the right tax code to use here.
    • Hence no tax code is determined automatically and therefore the error message is raised.
  4. Therefore in this scenario you would need to set the tax code manually.


You have to maintain the Tax Code manually.

We have forwarded a request to improve the error message as feedback to our product planning process. We are continuously extending our products with new functions and appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately it is not possible for our Support Team to provide you additional information regarding the availability of this feature in a future release. For further information regarding your request please contact your sales contact (Account Manager/Customer Advocate/Solution Advisor).



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