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2286760 - Reports Are Not Returning Data in SuccessFactors Learning


  • A report which used to run with a set of filters is now aborting
  • Running a report for an entire user population fails
  • Running a report for the full year aborts in LMS


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


The LMS reporting framework is designed with guardrails.


Note report execution depends on the following:

  1. Complexity of the query - can be optimized to run faster and simplified to return only necessary data but only up to a point
  2. Volume of data returned - Please remember that data is dynamic meaning the number of users and training assigned to those users is likely to increase over time and a report run with the same criteria may work and then start failing when the data increases. Running reports without filters is NOT best practice and is likely to fail after a while
  3. Server performance at the time when the report is running

SAP recommends you to use filters while running reports that produce large data, or have a long runtime.

"There are some necessary limitations to our reports generated directly out of LMS. Limits are set not based on number of records coming back, but the overall size of the report output, and the feasible length of time for the query to generate results.

Those limits out of the box are 10mb, and 10min background job, 5min query job timeouts. These same limits also affect ORD reports as they utilize the same design concept.

In b2011 the value of the maximum time for reports to run has been fixed at 24 hours, and that of the maximum storage size for reports has been fixed at 5 GB in the system. These limits are set to a higher value to prevent any interruption in business, and they don’t impact any recurring reports as per current analysis.

We are always looking to improve the level of service around reporting for our customers, and have put a high amount of effort to make ORD reports very proficient as well as adding additional reportable data elements over releases.

Reporting beyond those limits tends to require a different solution as typically a user would take any report beyond that limit, then break it down into different reports. There are a great deal of options of search filters to give admins the ability to find the report targets they need, but our challenge is for LMS to produce what can be called data mart/warehouse style reports. It is not the design of our out of box reporting framework to handle that level of reporting. Customers are encouraged to work within the scope of these parameters, which are fairly high (a 10mb report is a fairly large report for any person to look at).

If customers have reporting needs beyond what the application can handle, there are several solutions to consider such as our Workforce Analytics LMS Metrics packs, or to work with our professional services team to review and implement a solution based specific needs. Professional services can recommend custom reports containing only the necessary data in the output which may be producible under the reporting caps, or other solutions such as Producer Connectors, or Data Services database table extract."

Note: For data extract services please reach out to your CSM/CEE or sales representatives

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