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2290873 - LMS: Notifications are sent blank or are missing data


Users report receiving blank notifications and/or missing data (i.e. learning user name) in learning notifications.


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Blank notifications or notifications missing information generally are either:

  • Missing syntax tags
  • Missing notification labels or the labels have been customized



If notifications are sent blank or with missing data, it is usually due to missing syntax tags in the notification template.

To check available syntax tags:

  1. From LMS Admin UI, access System Admin > Configuration > Notification Templates.
  2. Search for the notification template having the issue.
  3. When viewing the notification template, click the link for syntax tags to show the available syntax tags for the notification.

syntax tags.png

Generally, missing syntax tags such as those for programs, curricula, and requirements are not included in the default notification coding.  

Some examples of these syntax tags:

  • <QUAL_ID/>  Curriculum ID 
  • <REQ_QUAL_ID/> Curriculum ID 
  • <REQ_ID/> Requirement ID 
  • <PROGRAM_TITLE/> Program Title 
  • <PROGRAM_ID/> Program ID

Tips on using syntax tags:

  • Include the missing syntax tags in template, in between the start and end of <LOOP> tags.
  • Ensure the proper syntax tags for the student are also included with the related syntax tags (i.e. <PROGRAM_STUD_ID/> for Program User ID).

Some notification templates require the use of labels, which formats the data in the notification.

NOTE: If customization is needed for your business, we recommend creating new labels instead of editing the default labels and label values.  Note that customizations are outside the scope of support. 


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