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2290954 - More information on LRN-11003 - Ability to add an attribute more than once to an AP rule


Prior to B1602 release Assignment profiles did not had the ability to have same attributes multiple times within a rule, it used to give a message that the attribute already exists.

attribute already exists.PNG



In B1602 release adding multiple attributes in Assignment Profiles was introduced as an enhancement.


The enhancement is to allow the same attribute to be added more than once within a single assignment profile. 

The enhancement focuses on, allowing the admin to use the same value (attribute) more than once in the same rule group with 'AND' operation. Therefore you will not be seeing an "OR" between 2 rules of the same group using the same attribute for an Assignment Profile Rule.

Inside a group we support only 'AND' operation and between groups we supports 'OR' operation.

Adding multiple times the same attribute with different values within a single AP creats an "OR" relationship.

In the below screenshot you can see State= Louisiana and State= Oregon in the same AP in two different Rules groups, this is an OR function.



Whereas the examle below shows the same attribute used in the same Rules group with different values, this is an AND statement.

Attributes - 2.PNG


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