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2291564 - Complete Content on Launch doesn't work with communicating courses


The Option "Complete Content on Launch" at the Item level when used with communicating course (AICC, Scorm) does not work. Screen shot attached for the setting.
Complete on Launch.png

Note: When you launch the course and close it the content object does get marked as complete. Whereas when you navigate within the course (that is, when content sends back communication to LMS) then course ignores the option to Mark Complete when launched.


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Reproducing the Issue

For Example to test it use AICC Wrapper:

  1. Create AICC Wrapper course with "Complete Content on Launch" as checked at Item Level.
  2. Assign it to a User and launch the course.
  3. Now if you close the window without clicking on agree or disagree it marks complete as expected.
  4. But if you click the disagree button after launching the content object does not get marked as complete even if "Complete Content on Launch" is checked.

The same behavior is with any Scorm courses when you navigate after launching the course if there is any communication sent back to LMS then "Complete Content on Launch" option is ignored.


  • The option "Complete Content on Launch" should not be used with communicating courses (AICC, Scorm content) in LMS as it could cause unexpected results when both settings are used concurrently.
  • The functionality was only provided to use with non communicating course like PDF, Doc, Video, etc.
  • In the new UI AICC Content Object to the Item will no longer allow "Complete upon Launch" to be checked and will not be visible.
  • For a document update your Content object launch type to “Documents Type” then you will see the option “complete on launch option” at the item level. And you will get credit for the content when you launch it.
  • Setting the content to AICC means for LMS that the content will send communication on progress and therefore expecting a lesson_status to be passed at the end of the content to set the completion status. 
  • This information was verified with Engineering and product management teams.
  • Should customer require a similar functionality for communicating contents, Support advises creating an enhancement request as per the attached KBA 2090228


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