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2293442 - Interview scheduling user questions


Commom questions about interview scheduling.


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    • If a candidate cancels an interview can the organizer/recruiter send them a new one?

    If a change in interview time is necessary, the organizer must delete the candidate from that schedule and set up a new interview schedule. The candidate will be notified via e-mail. For interviews that need to be rescheduled, or that the candidate cannot attend, the candidate can choose to cancel the interview or decline and reschedule. Candidates cannot reschedule a confirmed interview within 24 hours of the scheduled interview time. They can cancel a confirmed interview at any time.

      • When a candidate cancels, is it normal behavior that they just show as ‘not booked’ rather than canceled?

      It is expected behavior that the candidate shows as "not booked" if they cancel the interview. This is the only option at this time, no plans to change it but you could try submitting enhancement request via the community.

        • Should the users still be able to send a reminder if the interview is canceled by the candidate?

        The option to send a reminder email is available even if candidate cancels the interview in case it gets rescheduled or needs to be rescheduled.

          • If a candidate has set up an interview, does that feed directly into interview central for the line manager to review and rate?

          Once the candidate confirms an interview time, the interviewers receive an e-mail confirmation and a To-Do List item to complete the Interview Assessment in Interview Central. Organizers can also book a candidate into an interview time slot without forcing the candidate to login. This books the interview for all interviewers, including creating an Interview Assessment form in Interview Central.

            • Can you opt out of sending an email to the candidate when using interview scheduling if the appointment has been confirmed by phone? 

            There is currently no way to opt out of sending the email as that is triggered to the candidate  when using the interview scheduling tool.

              • Can you delete an interviewer from an interview that has already been scheduled?

              Changing interviewers or the interview duration is allowed whilst the interview is still in the draft state. Once the interview has been scheduled and the candidates are in either the not booked or booked statuses, changing the interviewer is not supported. If interviewers need to be swapped or deleted, organizers need to cancel the existing interview and reschedule.

                • Can the confirmation email sent to the organizers and interviewers (Interview Confirmation to Organizers and Interview Confirmation to Interviewers triggers) be sent as an Outlook appointment?

                Yes, but only emails sent through the trigger Interview Confirmation to Interviewers are sent to recipients as Outlook appointments. 

                Emails sent through the trigger Interview Confirmation to Organizers are just emails and won't be Outlook appointments. 

                • Does the Operator receive email for the Meeting Invitation from the service account when booking interview for Candidate?

                When Interview Scheduling with Outlook Integration is enabled and configured and when an interview is booked, it is expected that the "Interview Confirmation to Interviewers" email trigger will be sent as an Outlook meeting invitation. This is sent by the service account to all the interviewers on the interview. The sender address will come from the service account email Id configured in Admin Center - > Set up Interview Scheduling Outlook Integration and often follows a predefined format (ex. “”). 

                • Existing Behavior of the email triggers for Interview Scheduling:

                       "Interview Confirmation to Interviewer" Trigger [Email is send via O365 Exchange]
                       Sends the calendar invite with blocker details to Interviewers.
                       As the Organizers are part of CC for this trigger, they receive the meeting blocker as part of this trigger.

                       "Interview Confirmation to Organizer" Trigger [Email is sent via SF System]

                       This trigger sends the Email with the content defined in the email template.
                       It does NOT send any blockers to the Organizer.

                       Currently due to limitations in SF system, we cannot send any meeting blocker to the Organizer as the email flows via SF system.
                       Hence "Interview Confirmation to Organizer" Trigger is just an email, not a meeting invite.


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