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2304803 - How to create Country Specific fields for Legal Entity


For some Objects, like Legal Entity, there have been some Country Specific fields pre-delivered, but there may be a need to have more countries added to the configuration to capture Country Specific information about the Legal Entity. For example - if the Legal Entity is based in the USA, we want to record some extra information such as EEO Company Code, Legal Entity Type, Federal Reserve Bank ID, etc, this is already available - but for some countries this is not  -:

This article walks through the steps of creating Country Specific fields for Legal Entity, where the country specific object was not pre-delivered.


Employee Central 2.0


1) Navigate to Admin Center > Configure Object Definition and create a new Object Definition

2) Fill in the following fields exactly as shown below - do note that you can set "Code" and "Label" to whatever you wish, but it helps to keep these in line with other existing objects in the system. Hence the below example is setup with same/similar labels as other Country Specific LE objects. Be sure to set the exact values as below. Most important is -:

  • Effective Dating = From Parent
  • Pending Data = Yes
  • Todo Category = Generic Object Change Request


3) As per the above image - next add the fields you require for the country - in this case we added Fiscal Reg Code and Company Reg Code. Once added, make sure to set their length to 255, and then click Details and add labels/translations


4) Finally, before you click save, set the externalCode fields Data Type to Auto Number (this is also very important, do not set this fields Type to anything else other than Auto Number)


5) And then lastly, set the Visibility of both the externalCode and externalName fields to Not Visible

6) Leave the Security section blank and do not add any Business Rules - you can make these configuration settings later once you are finished setting up the objects. Click Save

7) Now that the Country Specific object is created, we can assign it to the parent. In this case - Legal Entity. So, navigate to Configure Object Definitions > select Object Definition and search for the parent - in this example "Legal Entity".

8) Click Take Action > Make Correction


9) Scroll down to the Associations section, and add the new Country Specific object you created for Legal Entity Romania

  • Name = toLegalEntityROU                                        (Be sure to give it a sensible name, it is best to use the existing format used for other country specific Legal Entity composite objects)
  • Multiplicity = One to One
  • Destination Object = Legal Entity Romania                (The custom Country Specific object that we created above)
  • Type = Composite


10) Next click on Details and add the following -:

  • Label = Add a nice label - we added "Romania"
  • condition > fieldId = countryOfRegistration.code         (This is required configuration - please make sure you set this exactly)
  • conditionValues > value = ROU                                      (the 3-letter ISO code for the country in question - in this case ROU = Romania)


11) Finally - click Save to save the change to the Legal Entity object

12) Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Data and create a new Legal Entity. When you select the Country of the Country Specific object we mapped above - the fields will become available in the UI.



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