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2305275 - Top Reasons why a job is not appearing on the map location - Recruiting Marketing


An overview of the most common causes that we found until now as to why a job is not appearing on the map location in the Recruiting Marketing site.


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  1. The job may not be posted

    Please ensure that the job is posted in Recruiting Marketing. You can double check that by searching for the job in the “search for all jobs”/”view all jobs” place in your jobs site.

  2. Location format is incorrect

    Our platform requires each job have a single, city-specific location. Job seekers, search engines, aggregators, social media sites, and job boards all utilize location as a core component of their search. A job with a single, city-specific location is a key differentiator in promoting and marketing your jobs to potential candidates.

    The recommended format for the location is: city, state, country.

    Please refer to the following Knowledge Base Article for further details: 2305869

  3. The job appears at the wrong latitude and longitude

    The root cause is likely our location database having the wrong X and Y coordinates for a given location.

    In this case, please open a support case with us reporting this issue (please provide examples of the requisitions that are appearing wrong). Once the case is submitted, the Engineering team will work to correct the X and Y coordinates to ensure the location is correct.

  4. The location is too small

    Typically, the RMK Map only maps to locations of 3rd order or higher, meaning small villages, towns, unincorporated townships, suburbs and neighborhoods are excluded from the Map.

  5. The location isn't "real"

    Mapping to a location like "SuccessFactors Southwest Office", or "Remote", or "Customer Quality Center, Nevada" aren't "real" locations. A city name must be used.

  6. The location is too broad

    Mapping to a county, state, country, continent, island, or regional area won't map.

  7. The job has multiple locations

    If a job has multiple locations (Minneapolis-Saint Paul-Bloomington-Richfield), then it won't map at all (as it has no orthographic matches). A job with multiple locations can map, but it needs a primary or main location defined.


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