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What to consider when dealing with the rules governing the strategy pages?


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All strategy pages are populated based on rules. These rules define the fields/keywords/title/etc. that the jobs must contain in order to display on that page.

For example, if a rule is created based on the department/job category field, it can specify that all jobs where the department field is populated with “sales” will appear on the "Sales" strategy page.

There are some prerequisites for the rules to work as expected:

Mapping and data:

For Recruiting Management customers with Real Time Job Sync: The field mapping between the Recruiting Management and Recruiting Marketing fields must be setup in Admin Center > Setup Recruiting Marketing Job Field Mapping:

rmk mapping fields.PNG

For example, if we create a rule saying that all jobs where the "Shift" field is set to "Full-Time" should appear on the strategy page, the field associated to the Recruiting Marketing field "Shift" should be mapped in Setup Recruiting Marketing Job Field Mapping and of course populated in the requisition for the rule to work.

Syntax : 

The syntax of the rule is also very important and can cause confusion and unexpected results.  Here are some common issues and pointers when it comes to writing rules:

Default field, parenthesis and operators:
Note the difference between the following two rules:  department:"Human Resources" OR "Talent Acquisition"  department:("Human Resources" OR "Talent Acquisition")
The first rule looks for "Human Resources" in the department field and "Talent Acquisition" in the job description (the default if no other field is specified). The second, care of the parentheses, looks for "Human Resources" or "Talent Acquisition" in department.

Unexpected results can also result from improper quoting of rule values: For example:   department:Human Resources
The above will look for "Human" in department and "Resources" in the description. While it will return departments of "Human Resources," it would also return jobs with departments of "Human Interest," "Humanities," etc. care of the partial match. To select only jobs with department equal to "Human Resources," the correct rule is:
  department:"Human Resources"

Partial vs. Exact Value Errors:
Note that some job fields allow for partial matches while others require exact matches. For example, department allows partial matches. dept and business unit require exact matches. Therefore, if department equals "Aerodynamics" and dept equals "Aerospace" in the jobs data, the following rule will not select records with dept equal to "Aerospace." (department:Aero OR dept:Aero)

Stemming Issues:
Stemming will produce broader results. Consider the following rule written to scan the title field for the value "intern."   title:intern
The results will contain variations of our actual query value : internship, internal, international...

Depending on the original intent of the rule, there are a number of ways to trim the results.

To return job titles with "intern" only:   titleExact:intern

To return job titles containing "intern" or "interne":   titleExact:(intern OR interne)

"Not" logic:
"NOT" logic might also be used, but should be used carefully:  title:(intern NOT (audit OR recruiter))
As a rule of thumb, "NOT" logic should be a last resort and rules must be tested thoroughly.

Solr returned status code of:400 Bad Request:
When you're setting a rule to a category page, you are searching the RMK solr index. The first keyword in the search /solr fields must be English as the first word is telling it what to search. If you use other languages and words with accent marks, it will result in this 400 Bad Request error, which is a syntax error.

NOTE: If a rule does not work it could be a rule issue or a Job data issue.

It is critically important that the fields are correctly configured and mapped for RCM Job Requisitions to support all requirements.

Misconfigurations like declaring a custom field as custom=false or vice-versa (a standard field configured as custom=true) in the Job Requisition XML template can cause data sync issues which will affect Category page rules.


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