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2307100 - Targeted CR List for ASE 16.0 SP02 PL04


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 16.0 SP02 PL04. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
625010 A feature request for alter table where error 14127 would be raised if necessary during the initial phases of the operation.
671152 KBA 2280641 : In rare circumstances, a 3475 error, "There is no space available in SYSLOGS to log a record for which space has been reserved in database ' < name > '" may be reported for a mixed log and data database that has a user defined threshold defined for the log segment.
675998 Job Scheduler Agent does not print error message number and other information like severity level, state, etc. to the sybmgmtdb..js_output table and/or job scheduler agent log file.
713340 KBA 2210395 Static configuration parameters are lost after running "alter thread pool" to modify the thread count.
746660 The stored procedure sp_dropdevice accepts a new optional parameter @flags. The only value accepted for this parameter is 'dropfile'. When passed, the underlying file in the operating system will be removed.
759963 More meaningful msg should be raised when max async i/o exceed the inter limit and ASE should shutdown instead of raising stack trace.
769081 On Linux Intel platform, following message may be seen in OS system log when starting SAP ASE "warning: process `dataserver' used the deprecated sysctl system call with 1.68."
773524 Under rare circumstances, when a transaction rollback fails, the transaction remains open erroneously and allows other concurrent transactions to progress. Eventually this failed transaction becomes the oldest open transaction and prevents the transaction log truncation thus making the database unusable when the log last chance threshold is reached. Additionally if SAP ASE is restarted, the database recovery fails and the database is marked suspect. The new database option "allow db suspect on rollback error" if enabled allows a forceful shutdown of the database and marks the database suspect if a non-recoverable error is hit during a transaction rollback. This provides the ability to the end-user to execute a last DUMP TRAN allowing to archive all the transactions up to the point the rollback failed.
778901 KBA 2127733 : The built-ins lct_admin() with “num_logpages” option, and loginfo() with “active_pages”, “inactive_pages”, or “total_pages” options, have been enhanced to improve performance execution by avoiding a log page scan from taking place when executed in a dedicated log database.
782359 A query from a proxy LOB column mapped to SAP IQ may be slow.
783095 New feature Selectivity Introduced via sp_nvcacheconfig proc
783173 When replicated, a bulk writetext operation on an in-row LOB column causing the data to be placed off-row will generate a 'rs_writetext' LTL command with the wrong 'textlen'. As a consequence, the Replication Server DSI will shutdown with error 5163, "Text data is being converted from one character set to another. The length of the converted text data is longer than the length of the original text data times the config option 'dsi_text_convert_multiplier'. The value for the database ' < > ' is ' < > '. Please increase this value for the database and resume the DSI thread.".
783977 SAP ASE running in threaded kernel mode does not generate a shared memory dump on an RTC CtlibController thread even if certain CSMD conditions are met.
784095 Running out of free extents can lead to an 1122 error: "Attempt to read allocation page before openning SYSALLOCPGS."
784498 Query executed using parallel strategy may hang when SORT (GETSORTED) & SORT (SORTBUILD) pair is seen in the showplan output.
784729 Allow lightweight permission checking for non-imdb queries also. This also helps to reduce unnecessary reads on sysobjects table, seen as a separate issue under CR 791956.
787480 Load tran failed with error 3474, because a log record had been written with a page number that seemed to be signed.
787670 A new 7181 error, "Warning : Database < > may have text pages with uninitialized TIPSA flags. Run DBCC CHECKDB or DBCC CHECKSTORAGE to validate it.", will be printed when SAP ASE is upgraded to 15.7 SP137 or above from versions which are less than 15.7.
788056 An infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) in the function yyparse() might occur when an object name has bracketed identifiers with more than 4 periods (“.”s) and 2 consecutive periods(“..”s). The stacktrace will be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog.
788291 If auditing is enabled when 'PREPARE DATABASE' is executed the audit event 96 for 'QUIESCE DATABASE' is instead generated and reported mistakenly when using a post-15.7.x SAP ASE version.
788593 In rare circumstances, SAP ASE may hit a timeslice error while holding a spinlock when a query that references the system table systransactions is executed. This error will cause SAP ASE to shutdown implicitly.
789359 KBA 2214120 - the engine number may be incorrectly reported for user defined thread pools in the SAP ASE threaded kernel mode.
789917 When a query contains case clause and the result from case is a LOB type, and the result length is close to 16384, a stack trace with ERROR 702 may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog. The stacktrace will reference the mk_constant function.
790073 New abstract plan hint is introduced: with_recompile. The usage is (use with_recompile). When statement cache is on, and abstract plan load is on, and there is a stored plan hint "use with_recompile" in sysqueryplans for a query, the query will be recompiled in the second and following executions.
790220 KBA 2222650. Loading unencrypted DB dump into encrypted DB (with override), ASE should reset sysdatabases table's encrykeyid column to NULL besides update status5 from 1 to 0.
790631 KBA: 2226027 Online Reorg rebuild is blocked/deadlocked with an OPEN CURSOR when traceflag 2792 is enabled
790742 SAP Replication Agent may fail with error 9289 state 83 when replicating the execution of a stored procedure whose parameter values include large values and null values, or when replicating a SQL statement with a large WHERE clause. A 9289 error is of the form " < raname > . Log record ( < x > , < y > ) for object = < n > contains inconsistent data. Transaction log may be corrupt. Please contact SAP Technical Support."
791669 In rare circumstances, a process may hang in the module ‘cm_writelogdes_upto_sequence’ while concurrent sessions are executing DML commands. In the call stack of the hanging process the modules ‘xact_commit’ and ‘bufwritedes_log’ will also be reported.
791873 During the execution of an update query, if an in-row LOB column is not affected by this update query, do not replicate the datum as it is not necessary. This is an optimization from previous SAP ASE versions.
792093 KBA 2243731 - The error "The 'read' call failed for database/archive device while working on stripe device ' < device name > ' with error number 22 (Invalid argument)" when a device is configured to use direct IO and the device block size is greater than 512 Bytes.
792121 In rare circumstances on a multi-engine system a query which is running in parallel mode may hang and do not progress because some of the threads executing the query are sleeping for ever. The stacktrace of the parent thread could include the modules 'LePlanRelease', 'uwrecv' and 'upsleepgeneric' and for the child thread could include 'LeGlobalWorkMap::getNextWorkUnit' and 'upsleepgeneric'.
792229 KBA 2243588. During the upgrade to SAP ASE 15.7 SP135 or later the new column user_status is added to sysusers. In rare cases this new column does not get the expect value 0.
792295 In rare circumstance, error 15946, "Invalid column length %d found for column, column ID %d, row ID %d, page number %u, partition ID %d. The length is greater than the expected maximum column length %d.", may be reported by dbcc checkdb() or dbcc checktable() after some columns are dropped using "alter table ... with no datacopy".
792316 KBA 2243683 - monCachedProcedures is missing many compiled objects such as user defined functions
793016 KBA 2252633 A 941 error can be seen when a table has more than one trigger of the same type and DML that causes the trigger to execute is initiated from a different database than where the trigger resides.
793044 In rare circumstances, an 8201 error could occur during parallel access to multiple builtin object_id on a table that are not in memory. An 8201 error is of the form "Keep count of descriptor (objid= < obj > , dbid= < dbid > ) was expected to be < n1 > . Instead < n2 > was found.".
793076 Drop table might fail with error 3703 when there are multiple triggers of the same type(insert, update, delete), and one of them is a composite of others and this trigger is dropped before dropping table.
793243 When a dump sequence contains a transaction dump followed by an unlogged operation, a cumulative dump, and another transaction dump, the command LOAD WITH LISTONLY=LOAD_SQL,UNTIL_TIME= < time between last transaction dump and cumulative dump > will generate an invalid load sequence.
793627 KBA 2258264 : During an SAP ASE upgrade from 15.7 SP122 version to SP132 or SP135 with SSL enabled, the database response time increase resulting in poor performance.
793992 A 899 error, "The page < pageid > requested for in-memory database < db name > , object < object name > was not found in in-memory storage cache < cache name > . Please contact SAP Technical Support." may be reported when UPDATE a LOB column from in-row to off-row in an in-memory DB failed with minimally-logged DML enabled.
794010 KBA 2304324 : When IMDB devices are configured, they may cause an error 12055 (System call < name > failed with error < n > .) to be reported when querying the monDeviceSpaceUsage MDA table.
794772 The command DUMP TRANSACTION will incorrectly set an invalid, higher than expected, number of free log pages in its internal data structures, when executed after an ALTER DATABASE LOG OFF command that failed to remove a log fragment because some page in the requested page range is allocated. The same problem will happen if the log segment is dropped from a device that contains allocated log pages that become stranded.
794846 Performance enhancement & diagnostics: When NVC is used, SAP ASE may slow down due to in-memory meta page contention
794920 Under Windows NT, SAP ASE may not be able to create new native threads to execute UDF or ADT constructs with JavaVM as soon as the amount of these requests exceeds the value of the 'pci_xopt_maxthreads' option of sp_pciconfig whose default value is 1056.
794981 The message "current process infected with 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module ’kbfusage’ together with a stack trace which includes the modules ‘mda_populate_monMemoryUsage’ and ‘mda__MemUsg_one_FragmentPool’ may be reported in the SAP ASE error log while executing a query on the master..monMemoryUsage table. Alternatively a timeslice error in the same module ’kbfusage’ may be reported.
795008 SSL connection attempts will fail when a cipher suite which is not supported by TLS 1.0 such as TLS_DHE_DSS_WITH_RC4_128_SHA.
795046 New system stored procedure sp_helpview is introduced to display dependant objects of a view and print ddl text of related views. Syntax: sp_helpview view_name, [display option] By default, display option is NULL. In this case, sp_helpview won't display ddl text of views. When display option is 'view_text', ddl text of views will be printed. The scripts can be used to recreate the views.
795563 Select queries at isolation level 0 with 'chained mode on' might lead to HADR deactivation delay or failure.
795680 Under rare circumstances a 694 error, "An attempt was made to read logical page ' < > ', virtual page ' < > ' from virtual device ' < > ' ... The page was not read successfully. You may have a device problem or an operating system problem." may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when an encryption/decryption task is running in parallel with sessions that perform DML operations.
795695 While Rep Agent processes a transaction holding data for compressed LOB columns, a memory leak may occur whereby a 9284 error "RepAgent( < dbid > ). Cannot allocate < n > bytes of memory. You may need to reconfigure the parameter 'replication agent memory size' with more memory." may be reported. This will terminate the Rep Agent. This memory can only be freed after rebooting SAP ASE.
795702 KBA 2281187. When using the XMLTABLE builtin, then a signal 11 (SIGSEGV) or signal 10 (SIGBUS) in the routine memtextlen(), with procedure cache memory pool corruption and with an infected with signal error reported in the routine mem_pageallocate() may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog. Prior to this fix, if a related stored procedure has xml parameter (@var_xml text) and it has statement using XML builtin function XMLTABLE which uses parameter @var_xml, then please drop and recreate the procedure to use 'with recompile' option to avoid using cached query plan for the procedure.
795780 In rare circumstances, a 605 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page < > from cache 'default data cache'. Page belongs to database < > , object < > , index < > , partition < > and not to database < > , object < > , index < > , partition < > ." may be reported in the SAP ASE error log during the execution of an online reorg rebuild command on a table whose descriptor is bound to the metadata objects cache.
795802 ASE configured for HADR allows server to be re-activated mistakenly (using sp_hadr_admin 'activate') during log drain.
795809 During the execution of CREATE or ALTER DATABASE, if SAP ASE fails to allocate space for the system table SYSDAMS while the option 'allow incremental dumps' is disabled, SAP ASE is incorrectly aborting the command after printing the warning message "The allocation of extents for sysdams in database ' < name > ' failed". The command should fail only if the option 'allow incremental dumps' is enabled.
795813 When dropping an index and both the table and the index have a large identifier name, the command may fail to be replicated and the Replication Server DSI thread may shutdown after receiving error 3701 from the replicate SAP ASE.
795822 KBA 2281184 - sp_tempdb "bind" to bind a login may fail if tempdb is full.
795840 The message "current process infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module 'GenCondensedText::generateExpression' or "GenCondensedText::generateCase" followed by a stack trace that includes the modules 'GenCondensedText::generateExpression' may be reported in the error log when running show_condensed_text() built-in function.
795863 Multiple concurrent transaction dumps started while a full or cumulative dump is running can unnecessarily delay the latter command completion time.
795886 KBA 2312920 - In rare circumstances, a timeslice error in the module 'bt__lockprevpg' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'bt__pgdealloc' and 'hkgc_garbagecollect' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log while a heavy activity of concurrent DML commands on Data Only Locked tables is taking place that requires index pages to be shrunk.
795918 When Rep Agent is started but not connected yet to Replication Server, the replication log size reported by RMA and the MDA table monRepScanners (column LogPagesLeft) is zero or null until Rep Agent successfully connects to Replication Server.
795919 In an HADR system, the deactivation of the primary SAP ASE may hang instead of aborting with error 9662 when the transaction log of a replicated database is full and the database option 'abort tran on log full' is turned off.
796018 When a table-valued UDF appears as the inner side of an outer join, and the UDF's arguments are anything other than constants, ASE fails to find a suitable query plan.
796025 Under rare circumstances, when the stream replication synchronous mode is enabled, SAP Replication Server may receive a package that contains a confirmed OQID value that is less than the confirmed OQID value in a previous package. This may lead to data not being replicated correctly between the primary and standby SAP ASE installations.
796053 KBA 2284087 : Server Config may crash when it starts after installing Adaptive Server in silent mode without "Additional ASE Language Modules" and "Additional Connectivity Language Modules".
796082 KBA 2277965 : If we run out of log space while DUMP DATABASE is running, and the option 'allow incremental dumps' is enabled in the database, the command will hang at the end, holding several locks that prevent the log can either be truncated or extended.
796101 When NV cache size is incremented, dirty threshold gets reset to 0. Cache shows only 1 buffer in dirty chain for a long time.
796106 KBA 2284729 : sp_helpcache reports a 515 error when lock data caches are configured.
796187 Under a heavily loaded SAP ASE system, a timeslice error in the module ‘log__newpage’ with a stack trace which includes the modules ‘txtimg_log_datarow’ and ‘plc__flush’ may be reported in the error log while a process is accessing the data cache and the full encryption feature is enabled. This error will result in an implicit shut down of ASE.
796214 Creating a table with quoted table name that has the "{{" characters in the name may incorrectly update sysobjects with a different name.
796219 When RepAgent is configured for stream replication and a retryable error occurs after the execution of a DDL command altering the schema of a table, RepAgent may fail to process again the log records requiring the old schema of the table. Examples of failures are an error 9219 state 58 ("Internal coding error.") or a SIGSEGV in the function ra__process_xtext.
796257 When the nesting of table-valued UDFs approaches the value of config param 'max nesting level', a stack trace may occur and the transaction aborted. Also, when table-valued UDFs are used in queries that contain 6 or more joins, stack traces may occur and the transaction aborted.
796272 Add support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.
796305 The Fault Manager in a HADR setup may fail to kill the primary SAP ASE when it is unresponsive and the profile parameter "ha/syb/failover_if_unresponsive" is set to 1.
796335 In the SAP ASE sysservers system table, 2 extra characters are seen in the srvnetname field for srvclass 17 (HADR_GROUP).
796354 The execution of DUMP TRANSACTION or DUMP DATABASE while the database is offline may break the load sequence. In addition during ONLINE DATABASE this may cause the undo pass to be skipped mistakenly.
796429 Changes adding symbolic support for the SAP JRE HostAPI effectively evaluate system device path requests to platform mapped entries. As this does not match the SYBPCIDB specific administration it will cause trouble towards certain JRE provided frameworks like rmi. This problem does typically cause trouble under Sun Solaris.
796437 An infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) error in sort_set_psortstatus() and stacktrace may be reported when creating global index on partitioned table using parallel sort.
796457 In an HADR system, the deactivation of the primary server may fail silently during the log drain phase after the failure of a database operation (e.g. drop database) has left the database descriptor in an inactive state.
796532 KBA 2289636. When a query references a table with a name that starts with '##', SAP ASE may raise error 2812 complaining about a non-existent procedure. A 2812 error is of the form "Stored procedure ' < name > ' not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce lots of output)."
796553 For internal use only (First release on Windows): HADR Fault Manager does not work on Windows platform.
796565 KBA 2290005: The embedded HTTP server for SAP ASE Webservices allows older ciphers and protocols that are now considered weak. Allow the HTTP server for SAP ASE Webservices to use the latest ciphers and protocols.
796605 Syntax error might be hit when dynamic sql with parameter is executed.
796642 The pssinfo() built-in option 'tdsvers' incorrectly returns the value of the SAP ASE TDS version instead of the client's TDS version.
796657 ODBC : 'sp_drv_getcomment' was causing a performance issue because of a table scan on the syscomments table.
796688 The job scheduler, when executing a job with sql containing '/' or '-' character which is not part of start of the comment, hangs with job state R1/R2 in sybmgmtdb..js_history.
796735 In rare circumstances, DUMP TRANSACTION may hang in the module ‘cm__waitfor_io’ while heavy activity of concurrent DML commands on Data Only Locked tables is taking place that requires index pages to be shrunk. This will prevent the log from being archived.
796782 A 840 error, “Device ' < > ' (with physical name ' < > ’, and virtual device number < > ) has not been correctly activated at startup time . . .” may incorrectly be reported while DUMP TRANSACTION with NO_TRUNCATE is executed on a database that has lost some of its data devices. This error will cause the DUMP command to fail.
796894 Installer did not created Replication Management Agent Windows service.
796916 KBA 2294241: SAP ASE might encounter an infected with a signal 11 (SIGSEGV) in the function mda__traverse_lock_bucket when accessing the monLocks table. The stacktrace will be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog.
796966 A 107 error, "The column prefix < tbl_name > does not match with a table name or alias name used in the query. Either the table is not specified in the FROM clause or it has a correlation name which must be used instead", may be reported when procedureal objects have references to global temp table's columns.
796980 KBA 2297748 : Under rare circumstances, a 6902 error "Page timestamp value falls between the old and new timestamps from log. Page #=3, object id = 1, page timestamp= < ts > . Log: old timestamp= < ts2 > , new timestamp= < ts3 > . Log record marker..." may be reported in the SAP ASE error log for commands whose changes are mistakenly logged in a different database. Alternatively a 614 error "Adaptive Server accessed a row that has an illegal length of 0 while in data base ...", followed by a 3478 error "During undo the page timestamp value is less than new timestamp from log. Page #=22, object id = 2, page timestamp= < ts > . Log new timestamp= < ts > . Log record marker..." may be reported.
797119 A stored procedure execution may lead to an infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) when the stored procedure is created in same transaction for a database with 'ddl in tran' option set. Alternatively other system errors related to memory manager may be observed.
797143 sp_helptext may returned incorrect text for a view which is created with long string.
797184 Post commit shrink feature is disabled by default. To enable this feature, when instructed, bootstrap the SAP ASE dataserver with trace flag 3991, or execute on a live system the command ‘set switch serverwide on 3991 with override’.
797186 Post commit shrink is off by default on SAP ASE 15.7 SP137. On SAP ASE 16.0 S02 PL04, it is now enabled default.
797293 Error 632 "Attempt to move memory with an incorrect length of 198068. Maximum allowed length is 16384" is reported in index compression page during select command.
797361 The function DATEDIFF may return an incorrent number of weeks when the dates used are of the BIGDATETIME data type.
797386 Sometimes during index rebuild of a partitioned table, if an error is encountered, we may see an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV).
797419 The message 3543, 'One or more entries in the data segment free space counts in database ID %d was found to be negative and has been set to 0.' has been changed to differentiate between 'data' and 'log' segments. The new message says 'One or more entries in the < data > | < log > segment ...'.
797492 An 814 error, “Keep count of buffer ' < > ' in cache ‘ < > ' holding logical page ‘ < > ’ in database ' < > ' has become negative” may be reported in the SAP ASE errorlog when an INSERT command is executed on a Data Only Locked Table.
797496 Under some conditions of heavy load, the SAP ASE may print messages to the SAP ASE error log stating "page signature was not removed" even though page signing is not in use.
797534 Under rare circumstances the error "A01: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Failed to write to copy device in" may be printed in the SAP ASE backup server error log when a database dump is loaded using the backup server API.
797564 KBA 2305759 -- An infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) message can be seen in the SAP ASE errorlog after executing a procedure which performs a select into a table while running in transaction isolation level 0. The stacktrace will include the routine s_mustrecompile.
797607 The Windows paths in installer generated responses file need a "\" (back slash) escape character for directory separator (\).
797611 KBA2303515 The message "current process infected with 8" in the module 'fm__init_fmlist' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'cfg_read_vrfy_dumpconfig' and 'dsinit' may be reported in the error log if more than 9 dump configurations exist with post-16.0 SP02 PL02 SAP ASE installations. Alternatively a 5859 error, "The configuration number '652' is invalid." may be reported.
797662 KBA 2273536 : A 605 "An attempt was made to fetch logical page ' < n > ' from cache ' < a > '. Page belongs to < x > and not to < y > ." error on the sysgams system table may be reported following an ALTER DATABASE if the system segment had no free 8-page extents at the time of the ALTER DATABASE execution, and the new size of the database requires the allocation of new extents for SYSGAMS. This happens every 64GB in a 2K page size installation, 128GB in 4K, 256GB in 8K, and 512GB in 16K. The extent allocated to sysgams is overwritten by an extent allocated to sysdams system table.
797689 The sample API program pipedev.c fails to dump or load a database. The backup server errorlog will show the messages"SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Emulator interprocess communication failed with error state = 9, error code=0, system message=Pipe I/O returned 0 bytes.", followed by a set of messages "Error in srv_select() - file descriptor # is no longer active".
797745 Under rare circumstances when the number of objects cached for a database in the metadata cache is high, in the range of thousands, the house keeper process may hit a time slice error in the module 'des_checkpoint_flush_sysstats' while flushing objects statistics which will result in an implicit shutdown of SAP ASE.
797795 In rare circumstances, when full database encryption is enabled, SAP ASE may report message like "current process infected with signal 4" with includes modules bwfinish or brfinish shown in error log
797796 A 2824 error, "Process < spid > cannot hold PROC_BUF < address > named ' < name > ’ because it holds another PROC_BUF < address > named ' < name > '. A process can only hold one view, rule, or default at a time." may be reported in the SAP ASE error log during the server startup and while the RepAgent is attempting to replace a stored procedure buffer with the same buffer in a replicated database.
797940 KBA 2309309: The error "Could not open TSM library /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/libApiTSM64.a(dsmapish.o)" will be raised when trying to execute the 64 bits program sybtsmpasswd on AIX.
798030 The HADR Fault Manager installer reports it cannot login to SAP ASE servers on primary and companion site if different system administrator (not "sa") login/password is specified.
798092 In an SAP HADR environment, when the Primary SAP ASE is in a deactivating state (i.e. undergoing deactivation) or in an inactive state (i.e. deactivation is complete) then the Job Scheduler could run into issues as the connections from the JS Agent get terminated.
798133 Under rare circumstances when SAP ASE Replication Agent attempts to put a new command into a package that is full, instead of stopping or retrying, it will continue sending data to SAP Repserver mistakenly. This will cause wrong data row information to be stored in the SQP that will eventually cause the SAP Repserver to terminate abnormally.
798209 SAP ASE hits a stack trace in the function ktMuxThreadGetSchedQ during shutdown.
798229 The Fault Manager in an HADR setup takes more time to identify when SAP ASE is restarted (by the fault manager).
798240 When a SQL statement contains both syntax errors and braces ('{' or '}'), the syntax error is not displayed.
798311 When RepAgent is configured for stream replication, it may fail to retrieve the schema of a table while processing text/image data and terminate with error 9204 state 115: "RepAgent( < dbid > ): Could not locate schema for object with id = ( < objid > ), current marker ( < pageno > , < rowno > ))".
798343 When user installs HADR, the ASE installer always write "PE=EE" (Enterprise Edition) and "LT=SR" (Server License) values to $SYBASE/REP-15_5/sysam/
798397 If user database sizes are different on 2 sites, warning message will be printed instead of error.
798521 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'comnb_i4tovarchar’ together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'ra_ci_trace_CMD_applied_get_colvalue’ and 'd__print_replr’ may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when the DBCC print_replr command is executed. Alternatively the error may be seen in module 'com__bigdatetimetochar’ when the DBCC log command is executed.
798625 Under rare circumstances the message "current process infected with 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module 'smp_bufpredirty' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'finishlog' and 'xact_commit' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when a transaction is committed
798750 When a lightweight procedure creates a temporary object (i.e. a temp table) and the lightweight procedure is compiled/recompiled, a check of the partition information on the temporary object can provoke a stack trace.
798907 The message "timeslice < value > current process infected at" in the module 'charindex' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'rvm__audit_login' and 'lobj_crtlogin' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log during the execution of sp_addlogin when a new login is created with an encrypted password.
799010 KBA 2324155. A 712 error may be reported when builtin function set_appcontext is frequently used. A 712 error is of the form "There is insufficient heap memory to allocate < n > bytes. Please increase configuration parameter 'heap memory per user' or try again when there is less activity on the system."
799059 In rare circumstances, when a database is encrypted, SAP ASE may crash or a task may crash with message "timeslice < > , current process infected at < > (pausenonatomic +0x < > )" reported in SAP ASE's errorlog. The errorlog also shows message like "Spinlocks held by kpid < > " where reported kpid is that of one of the task showing time slice error with pausenonatomic
799491 When setting an appcontext followed by a remove appcontext, an infected with 11 (SIGSEGV) may be logged in the SAP ASE errorlog. The stacktrace will include the function actx__create_attr() near the top of the stacktrace.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0


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