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2308880 - Standard Fields Division / Location / Department. Value Sources on the Job Requisition Dropdown in SuccessFactors Recruiting


The values for the Enum standard fields Division, Department, and Location in the Job Requisition do not always reflect the information defined under: Admin Center -> Manage Data


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  • The values are not pulled from Employee Central and there is no relation with the information under Admin Centre -> "Manage Data".
  • Values for the standard fields Division, Department and Location are pulled from the User Directory which can be downloaded using Admin Center > Employee Export (Here you can check all the values under the Division, Department, and Location columns to see that they match the values in the job requisition.)
  • The values for both active and inactive users are taken into account in the job requisition.
  • Inactive users are included because potentially they can be converted into active users at a later date.

For example: If a recruiter cannot find a location in the job requisition detail, it is because that specific location is not associated to a user in the user directory.

Note: If there are more than 100 values for these fields, the [Custom Select] option appears next to the field. This option displays automatically based on the number of values in the field, and only applies to the standard enum fields. This is not configurable.

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