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2314863 - Fixed Asset Depreciation Run Error - No Functional Area Could be Assigned


You have executed a depreciation run but the run finishes with errors:

"Derivation for acc.principle ABC*, chart of accts XYZ**, G/L account DDD***, Nonsales ObjectNo Functional area could be assigned"

*ABC represents the Accounting Principle ID.

**XYZ represents the Chart of Accounts.

***DDD represents means the G/L Account ID.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Fixed Assets work center.
  2. Navigate to the Periodic Tasks - Depreciation view.
  3. Click New - Fixed Asset Depreciation Run.
  4. Enter a run description, maintain the company and the respective period and year.
  5. Click Start Now to immediately execute the run.
  6. After a few moments a message appears stating Run ID EEE finished with errors (EEE means the Depreciation Run ID).
  7. On the top of the screen click Display Log.
  8. In the Log navigate to the Erroneous Fixed Assets tab and you can see the below error message:
  • "Derivation for acc.principle ABC, chart of accts XYZ, G/L account DDD, Nonsales Object"
  • "No Functional are could be assigned"


Since you have scoped to report Income Statement by Function of Expense and maintained the reporting principle as Funct of exp, the system tries and assign a functional area when it is hitting the G/L Account DDD which is another operational expenses. However, the system failed to assign since it could not find a default functional area for nonsales object or a functional area assigned to this G/L Account in particular in the activity Settings for Income Statements by Function of Expense and Earned Profit Analysis.


You should maintain a functional area for the accounting principle ABC and G/L Account DDD, as follows:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select the project, and select Open Activity List.
  4. Go to tab Fine-Tuning Activities.
  5. Open activity Settings for Income Statements by Function of Expense and Earned Profit Analysis.
  6. Click Edit functional area determination.
  7. Select the row for Accounting Principle ABC.
  8. Choose tab Determination Using G/L Accounts.
  9. Click Add Row.
  10. Input the G/L account DDD, and select Functional Area.
  11. Click Save.

After that, execute the Depreciation Run again and the error message should not appear again.


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