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2315083 - Instance Refresh for Reporting and Analytics Products (WFA/Canvas/Advanced Reporting/People Analytics)


  • A HXM Suite instance refresh does not include all reports.
  • Additional steps are required for certain reports to work.
  • This KBA article covers all the exceptions and the additional steps required. 

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics


  1. What is a BizX Refresh?
  2. What do you need to consider when getting a BizX Refresh?
  3. What reporting tools are refreshed?
  4. Instance Refresh Process?
  5. List of Reporting products refreshed
  6. What to expect and to do per reporting products enabled in my target instance?
  7. Q&A Section 

What is a BizX Refresh?

  • An instance Refresh is copy of your BizX environment into a target instance. 
  • After the refresh, the instance "refreshed" and origin instance will be a "clone" instance.
  • For this reason, as we clone all settings and data but your instance might have also different products integrated, SuccessFactors refresh team need to re-establish the link with other products that are stand alone product (not in BizX environment) such as WFA/Canvas Reports/Report Centre/People Analytics and other products.

What do you need to consider when getting a BizX Refresh?

You need to know what products are implemented in your target instance such as Canvas reports, Workforce Analytics/Planning and Advanced Reporting for Employee Central, Report Centre and People Analytics.

Instance Refresh Process?

  • This task is performed by SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support team & engages different teams.
  • This KBA is dedicated for the Reporting/Analytics part. For other products, please refer to the instance refresh KBA

List of Reporting products refreshed

Reporting Tools that are supported: NOT included in the refresh:
Adhoc Canvas Reports
Spreadsheet Canvas & WFA Users
Dashboard / Youcalc Canvas & WFA Menu
Pixel Perfect Talent Card (PPTC) Canvas & WFA Bundles
Classic reports WFA/P
List views All Queries in Canvas/WFA
Advanced Reporting for Employee Central Story Reports
People Analytics

What to expect and to do per reporting products enabled in my target instance?

Adhoc / Spreadsheet / Dashboard - Youcalc / Pixel Perfect Talent Card (PPTC) / Classic Reports / List view:

  • No action needed.
  • Your reports will be copied exactly as the origin instance.
  • You should have exactly the same configuration between your Origin and Target refreshed instance.

Canvas Reports:

  • You should specify in the instance refresh that Canvas Report is implemented in your target instance.
  • The teams working on the instance refresh will reestablish the connection to your Canvas instance. 
  • Canvas reports are not refreshed.

Advanced Reporting for Employee Central:

  • The Advanced Reporting refresh will be taken care automatically with the BizX Refresh.
  • Why?  - the refresh will overwrite all your Employee Central data + Configuration (Datamodel/MDF). 
  • Advanced Reporting which is a separate database need to be refreshed


  • WFA is not included in this refresh.
  • However, if you previously had WFA link to your instance, CPS refresh team will reestablish the connection to your Canvas instance.
  • Make sure you have specified this product in the refresh case.

People Analytics Report Story

Instance refresh process is supported with SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics so customers can carry their usual instance refresh activity on their SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics enabled instances. The steps required for customer on instances refreshes are to:

  1. Export Reports from Target instance
  2. After the Instance refresh is completed. 
  3. Run the IPS sync twice. It is important to run it twice because the IPS will read the users once and delete the delta users.
    • On the second run it will create the users correctly with the new information and person UUID that came with  the source.
      • In case IPS Sync is failing with Authentication Error, after instance refresh, please check the below:
        • If Refresh Source Instance and Target Instance had the same password for the user, then no action will be required

        • You may run a Read job to confirm if it fails to read users, then you need to update the password on above IPS screen. If you do not know the password- reset it on SF, then update on the IPS source system and (only if Password migration from KBA 2950998 has been set up) IAS source system.

  4. Import reports

Note: Stories from the source tenant aren't copied to the target tenant during Instance Refresh. It is recommended to export the Story reports you want to retain on your target tenant, before you perform Instance Refresh. After the refresh is complete, reimport the Story reports into the target tenant.

For internal reference. Please see KBA 3098256.


Q: What are the potential issues post instance refresh process?

  • Access to WFA/Canvas not available post refresh: 
    For example - A login page is displayed when I try to access to Analytics.
    Make sure that you have notified the refresh team if WFA/Canvas is implemented in your instance. 
    Wait for SuccessFactors confirmation before to log-in to WFA/Canvas. 

  • The Advanced reports doesn't work anymore after refresh: 
    This could be an expected behaviour as you have refreshed all your configuration and data.
    In Canvas or Advanced Reporting, your reports can be no longer valid because you have refreshed your data and configuration for all HXM Cloud suite products. You should revalidate your reports or create new reports.

Q: How long the service will be reestablished after the refresh for WFA / Canvas?
A: It could take 2-3 business days to reestablish the connection between your HXM Cloud instance and WFA/Canvas instance. 


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