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Reproducing the Issue

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Before opening an case with Product Support please be sure that you have performed the following sanity checks on your configuration/data - bearing in mind most issues are due to a configuration issue -:

  • The feature is correctly enabled, as described in the related Implementation Handbook
  • Correct permissions are granted to the administrator to be able to use the tool (as specified in the Implementation Handbook)
  • Has the configuration changed recently? Can the recent change be un-done so re-testing can be performed?
  • Can the issue be reproduced for just 1 or multiple admins? If the issue is reproducible for all, it is still likely to be a permissions issue. If it seems to be related to 1 or a small admin population the next step is to check and verify the permissions are correctly granted.
  • Is the data correct? (Ensure that any recent configuration changes you have made have not caused any data inconsistencies)



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Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks recommended by Product Support, which you should consider first before opening a Support case

FAQ Index

Admin Alerts

Admin Alerts Tile is used by System and/or HR Administrators to manage data integrity, as well as ensure System Administrators are aware of certain processes stalling such as Workflows or Pending Hire processes. This is a great tool to use during Foundation Data Consistency Checking before loading data into a Production system (or even after the fact). Currently it only supports Job Information data.

Currently the Admin Alerts tile allows the permissioned users to -:

  • HR Data - Monitor Job Information data consistency (Warning is raised to notify inconsistent/invalid data entries in employees Job Information data structure);
  • People Issues - Displays how many "Pending Hires" are ready to be created as Employees in the system (requires RCM to EC or Onboarding to EC integrations to be enabled);
  • Stalled Workflows - Workflows that are still pending approval, and how many days since they were last modified.


The Admin Alerts Tile is activated by granting the Admin user with permission to Administrator Permissions > Manage User > "Manage Workflow Requests". Once the permission is granted, the tile can be enabled from the Home Page.

Other features are activated in the portlet via the "Edit Admin Alert Settings" option on the Admin Alerts Tile itself, and other options can be enabled if there are other integrations present/configured for the instance, such as Payroll Integration, S/4 HANA Integration and SAP ERP Integration -:



Admin Alerts How To

How to grant permissions to the different sections in the Admin Alerts tile:

  • 2339054 - Admin Alerts - Permission "HR Data Issues" Feature
  • 2339030 - Admin Alerts - Permission "Stalled Workflows" Feature

Admin Alerts FAQs

Admin Alerts is reliant on maintaining correct configuration in the elements that it governs, meaning if you have an error in this portlet, it is likely configuration related! Some frequently asked questions are:



Add New Employee Wizard

It is quite common that during implementation, you will encounter errors when navigating through or completing the Add New Employee wizard. The majority of issues encountered are typically due to configuration issues such as Missing or Invalid configuration of a field/element, or an invalid Business Rule configuration or sometimes due to an MDF Objects configuration (such as the Position object). Below are a few common articles covering the cause and resolution of such scenarios:

General FAQs

  • 2278264 - "Add New Employee" option not available in Admin Center
  • 2079913 - EC New Users : how the password is generated for new Employee Central users entered via Add New Employee - Employee Central
  • 2162864 - "Manager Cycle Detected" Error in Add New Employee Wizard
  • 2197679 - Blank Error Message While Hiring or Adding New Employee
  • 2314289 - Unable to Hire New User via Add New Employee Wizard - JDBC Batch Update Error
  • 2308534 - Add New Employee - Save Draft for New Hire
  • 2314254 - Unable to Search New Hire Employee (employee-status picklist issue)
  • 2290193 - Error when saving new hired employees User_Limit_Error_No_Link

Business Rule Configuration FAQ

  • 2080655 - Hide Fields in Add New Employee Wizard - Employee Central

Rehire Employees FAQs

  • 2221239 - "OK to Rehire" Functionality
  • 2079985 - How to Rehire an Inactive Employee - Employee Central




Mass Changes

In this section we will look at an alternative to importing Job Information data. Please click here for the Managing Mass Changes User Guide. Please work through the guide to enable Mass Changes on your instance. Once enabled, please test Mass Changes and work to perform a simple change to one or more employee's Job Information data.




Manage Employee Central Settings

As of b1602, we introduced a new way to enable EC Features - via the "Manage Employee Central Settings" page (Provisioning 2.0). Please review the following KBA which details how this feature works, and considerations that must be made by Customer/Partner - click here



Data Retention Management (Purge Inactive Users)

SuccessFactors supports Purging Inactive Users from the system. Please be sure to review the following guide end to end, and ensure that you understand any limitations with the feature. One of the biggest limitations for example, is that once a User is purged from the system their UserID can no longer be used. The "Data Retention Management" tool is owned by the Platform team. Please note that all UserID Hard-Purge/Re-activation requests (as mentioned in the following KBA) are owned by the Platform Product Support team.

The following is from the Implementing and Using Data Retention Management (Legacy and Non-DRTM) Handbook, where extra consideration must be taken when Employee Central is enabled. Please review the following sections from the handbook - click here.

  • Purging Inactive Users
  • What you have to do first before you can purge inactive users
  • How do you purge inactive users?
  • To approve the purge of inactive user





Data Protection and Privacy

Please refer to the handbook & community pages for the most up to date information


Main topic KBA -

  • 2616166 - Employee Central - Data Protection and Privacy


Important Facts

  • Product Support will not configure any Data Protection and Privacy feature for customers. The tools are provided to customers so they can set their system to be compliant with Data Protection and Privacy laws globally (not just for GDPR). If you need help in planning any configurations, please engage with SAP Professional Services or your Implementation Partner.
  • It is the customers responsibility to be compliant with regulations. SAP is providing the tools for the customer to meet the compliance requirements.
  • Product Support will not offer any Legal Guidance or advice on the topic of GDPR or other Legislative Regulations


Helpful KBA's

  • 2615045 - Data Blocking feature warning message within Role Based Permissions
  • 2616208 - Workflows: How to enable the "View Completed Workflows" permission in Role-Based Permissions (Data Blocking)
  • 2614665 - Syncing the Termination Date between Employee Central and the SuccessFactors Platform
  • 2618726 - Syncing the Country of Company between Employee Central and the SuccessFactors Platform
    • 2618236 - Manage Business Configuration: sysUserDirectorySetting is missing from Employee Profile > View Template list
    • 2617614 - How to Configure companyExitDate Field under Manage Business Configuration





Help Text

It is possible to configure your own Help Text for each individual EC portlet where the Help Icon (  ?  ) is shown. Please review the section in the Employee Central Master Implementation Handbook, section "Changing or translating portlet help" - click here

  • 2621791 - How to add Personal Information Portlet Help Text
  • 2590926 - How to Configure Custom Help Text
  • 2552089 - Job Relationship Help Text not Appearing for PP3




Business Configuration UI

Business Configuration UI (BCUI) allows administrators to maintain certain elements of the Succession Data Model using their end-user UI instead of maintaining these elements in XML. Since BCUI is available in the Admin Center, administrators can make configuration changes that they previously had to contact colleagues for with access to Provisioning. BCUI covers the following frequent use cases:

Changing labels
Adding or changing translations
Activating fields
Changing the display sequence of fields
Changing the visibility of fields
Setting fields to “required”
Adding custom fields 
Assigning Business Rules to Elements and Fields

Please review the Admin Guide for Business Configuration UI - click here

The guide contains the following

Setting Up the Business Configuration UI
Starting the Business Configuration UI
Configuring HRIS Elements and Fields
Adding Custom Fields and Fields Not Included in the Succession Data Model XML
Working with Sections in HRIS Element jobInfo
Assigning Configurable Rules to HRIS Elements and Fields
Configuring HRIS Sync Mappings


Common Configuration Errors




People Profile

Please refer to the People Profile handbook which covers configuration, expected behaviours and functional gaps. Please note that the People Profile handbook is found under "Foundation" section of the help portal - click here

  • 2388035 - How to configure the field order when in "Edit" mode in People Profile - Employee Central
  • 2397345 - How to configure the field order when in "View" mode in People Profile - Employee Central




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When opening a support case in relation to an EC Admin Tool, please ensure the following information is attached to the case

  • Attach the Data Models related to the issue: Succession Data Model, Country Specific Succession Data Model, Corporate Data Model and Country Specific Corporate Data Model. Applies for:
    • Hire/Rehire wizards
    • Admin Alerts
    • Business Configuration UI
  • Screenshot of the Error Message - also copy/paste the content of the error message to the case if possible (for JAVA errors or errorIds)
  • Timestamp - Copy/paste the text from the "Show version information" popup into the case
  • Has the configuration changed recently?
  • Is the issue replicatable for all users or just some/one?
  • Granted users Role-Based Permissions settings
  • Please provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue you are encountering - preferably including screenshots - Please make sure that the screenshot is full screen (meaning to show complete web page view)
  • When creating an issue, please answer following questions (answer whichever is applicable, if a question doesn't apply in a scenario then answer "Not Applicable"):
    • Did this issue start recently?
    • Was the same feature or functionality working before?
    • Is the issue reproducible for other users?
    • If the issue is realted to a picklist field or Foundation Object, then please attach an export of the Picklist/Object



See Also

  • 2315109 - Employee Central - Tips & Tricks from Support


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