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2316198 - Sap Hybris Cloud for Customer Integration With Twitter


Please notice that, starting on October 2024 this process will not be valid anymore due to Twitter/X new guidelines.

More details here can be seen at SAP Help Portal, under the topic "X (Formerly Twitter) Integration Discontinued"

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.

Sap Hybris Cloud for Customer provides functionality to connect multiple social media feeds, including Twitter.

In this Case document I am going to provide the detailed process and steps to integrate Sap Hybris Cloud for Customer system to your Company Twitter Accounts.

When integrating Cloud for Social Engagement with Service the process will not change however there are more ways to gather and share information increasing the way organizations can offer support to and connect with their customers.

Kindly follow the steps to configure the Sap Hybris Cloud for Customer Integration With Twitter.

1.Setting up Twitter Integration in SAP C4C.

In order to be able to see Social Media Messages in the C4C system it is required scope your implementation project accordingly.

  • Go to Business Configuration work Center
  • Choose Implementation Projects
  • Chooose the appropriate project
  • Choose Edit Project Scope
  • In the scoping expand Service
  • Choose the Customer Care and Service Request Management
  • After enabling these options go through the Questions under these scoping elements and enable the question Do you want to support direct messages for Facebook channels? Hereafter confirm and finish the scoping.



2. Create Twitter API

For setting up the integration with Twitter, you will need the Twitter API key for your account.
The steps below will explain how you will create the twitter API key

The first step to start the process to create the API application for the twitter account that is to be used to feed the communication into Sap Hybris Clod For Customer system. Any tweet specifically directed to this account will be passed into the Sap Hybris Clod For Customer system.

  • logon to the Twitter Account
  • Choose the Profile Settings


  • At the button of the profile settings choose the Developer hyper link.


  • At the bottom of the Developer Area you should next choose Manage Your Apps to mange your Twitter application.



  • This now allows us to create the Twitter side connectivity.
  • To do this start by selecting the button to Create New Application.


Create New Twitter App

  • Complete the required fields as detailed, agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Provide the Name, Description and enter Website, Callback URL will be the same as Sap Hybris Cloud For Customer System URL.
  • Now choose to Create Your Twitter Application.



Twitter Application Configuration


  • Now the twitter App is created sucesfully.


Change the Twitter App Permission

  • Now switch to the Permissions tab and choose Read, Write and Access Direct Messages, then choose Update Settings. When the twitter Application is created it was Read Only.


Twitter API key

  • Now switch to the Keys and Access Tokens tab and make a note of two keys that have been generated for the for your application.


3. Create Hybris Cloud For Customer Media Channel.

  • Need to create the media channel in the cloud for customer system to set up the communication to your twitter application.
  • First login to the Hybris Cloud For Customer system then navigate to silver light version of the Hybris cloud for customer via the adaption option on the menu shown below.


  • To create Media Channel navigate to the Administration work center and select the Service and Social view.



  • Now choose the Social Media Channel.


  • Choose the New icon to create a New channel.


  • Choose the Social Media Channel Type and then enter the Twitter Application Keys generated when the Twitter Application was setup. 
  • Then choose Connect With Channel button which establishes the link to Twitter Account.


  • A new browser window will be open from Twitter website, asking for the account authorization for hybris cloud for customer to communicate with twitter account.
  • Now enter the details then choose the Authorize App continue.


  • Now a window open saying, now Sap cloud for customer confirms the connection and you can close the window.


  • Now choose the Get Accounts Details button.


  • This simply fills the Channel field with Twitter handle.
  • Fill the ID (should not be more than 10 char), Language field and Save and Close.



  • Selection of Block Responses enables you to stop your service agents from replying to Twitter message from within the Sap Hybris Cloud for Customer systems.
  • Selection of Twitter Account For Responses enables you to replies to originate from the another Twitter handle.
  • Now Refresh the List to see your newly created Channel.

4. Schedule a Communication Job

  • Schedule a Communication Job to have communication between Twitter Account and Sap Hybris Cloud For Customer System.
  • First choose the newly create channel and open the summary of the media channel.
  • Next step is to create a background job to run on a periodic basic to collect the relevant Twitter Message which have been created.
  • Choose the Create Run icon as shown below.


  • Confirm the correct Channel Id is automatically selected.

Note : you can use the single job to poll different media channels by adding relevant channel id.


  • The last step is to step up schedule for background job, choose the Schedule icon as show below.


  • Enter the details required to scheduling job.


5. Further Processing

  • When the Twitter messages are directed at your Twitter Account, the message will be now automatically fed into the Sap Hybris Cloud for Customer system.
  • The messages can be seen in the Tickets view of Service Work Center and also under Social Media Messages view.
  • Now you can open the Ticket and further process this ticket directly by clicking on the associated ticket. The employees can further process the ticket and also respond via Social Media (Tweet or Private Message) or other communication channels.  
  • The system also automatically finishes customer, product, priority fields if these can be established.
  • Also workflow rules can be created to automatically assign tickets to service teams or individual employees , this assignment triggers the notification to be raised within the system and cans end emails to the relevant parties if required.


If the tickets are not created then go to the Channel ID, here you can see the application logs to see the data is imported to the SAP Cloud for customer system or not.

I had created 2 channels, where you can see for one channel the data import is failed for the another channel it is successful. You can see the below screen shots for the the difference.





Once the data is sucessfully imported to Sap Hybris Cloud for Customer system in the application log you can see the message  Number of new service requests created for channel for_customer : 1.





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