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2317874 - How to set-up the Employee master data confirmation message between SAP ERP and the Boomi middleware


This document explains how to setup confirmation message between the middleware (Boomi) and SAP ERP system.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • Employee Central
  • Dell Boomi


  1. Logon to the SAP system -> Transaction SM30
  2. Enter table / view V_T77S0
  3. Click Maintain/Edit


  4. Click New entries
  5. Enter the following data:
    • Group: YSFEC
    • Semantical abbreviation (sem.abbr): YRESP
    • Value abbreviation (value abbr.): X
    • Description: Trigger master data replication response message

  6. Click Save

SOAMANAGER Configuration

In SAP ERP HCM, start transaction SOAMANAGER and click Web Service Configuration.

In the drop down, choose Consumer Proxy and in the Search Pattern field, enter CO_PAOCF*. Press Search.



 In the Configurations tab, click Create and select Manual Configuration


Enter data as below and click Apply Settings

  • b.Check the Logical Port is Default checkbox
  • c.Description: LP_Employee_Master_Data_Replication_Confirmation_Out

Go to the Consumer Security tab and enter User ID / Password. You would find this User ID / Password from ATOM Management in Boomi.

In the Dell Boomi, under Manage -> Atom Mangement, choose your Atom.
In Atom Info choose Shared Web Server Settings.
Choose the Authentication Type as BASIC from the dropdown menu.


Copy the base URL (exclude https:// from the url) as mentioned in the above screenshot.

Go to the User Management tab.
Click the plus symbol to create a new user.


Copy the username/password (token) from the above screen and allow access to the confirmation process as shown above.

Use this username/password in SOAMANAGER Consumer Security step as discussed above.


Please maintain the below settings in HTTP settings

enter the URL Access Path: /ws/simple/getEmployeeMasterDataReplicationConfirmation_Out


Computer Name of Access url - (This is the base url that we have copied above by excluding the https://)

Port number of access url - 8080

URL protocol information - HTTPS

Maintain the SOAP Protocol settings as shown below - Warning: if it is not possible to set the value for field RM protocol, see KBA 2495704 - RM Protocol field not working in SOAMANAGER.


Click on "Finish" and Save.

Make sure that the logical port is now activated in the SOAMANAGER by starting a Ping Web Service.
You will get this error message HTTP ERROR 405:


From a technical point of view everything is alright. You get this error message because the Ping can't fill the business content of the web service, see KBAs 1947516 and 1711486.
If you get this or a similar error message when you start the Ping Web Service:SRT Framework exception: Service Ping ERROR:

Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: ("ICF Error when receiving the response: ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR")
you are most probably missing one or more certificates.

This error message is generated at technical handshake between SAP ERP HCM and the middleware systems, at the level of the Internet Communication Framework (ICF).

This KBA refers Boomi configuration. For configuring master data replication on CPI (including confirmation message), you can check this blog post: Configuring the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Master Data and Organizational Assignments from Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM

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