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Reproducing the Issue

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Before opening an case with Product Support, perform the following sanity checks on your configuration/data, bearing in mind most Application or BIRT/JAVA errors are caused by one or more configuration issues:

Employee Central Ad Hoc Reports - list of EC Ad Hoc reports = KB article 2080162 - Employee Central: Ad Hoc Report Types Explained

  • Checked that all fields (Columns) in the related element (Column Set) are configured according to the related Implementation Handbook and Data Object Tables handbook
  • Correct permissions are granted to the end user to be able to use the report (as specified in the Implementation Handbook)
  • Has the related Column/Column Set configuration changed recently? Can the recent change be un-done so re-testing can be performed?
  • Can the issue be reproduced for just 1 or multiple end users? If the issue is reproducible for all it is still likely to be a configuration issue. If it seems to be related to 1 or a small admin population - the next step is to check and verify the permissions are correctly granted. 

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Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks recommended by Product Support, which you should consider first before opening a Support case

FAQ Index

Configuration Issues

You can usually determine there is a Configuration Issue preventing EC Ad Hoc Reports from running when you try to run one of the reports, and you encounter a JAVA error message pop-up similar to that below. This usually means one or more fields/objects are configured incorrectly, causing the schema load to fail.

BIRT Errors


  • 2272691 - Unable to run Adhoc report with domain "Person and Employment Export report" 
  • 2080032 - EC Ad Hoc is only showing pick list id's and not the descriptions
  • 2291656 - Ad Hoc report - calculated columns
  • 2250749 - Adhoc reports showing wrong currency for Pay Component Group Sums
  • 2231540 - Employee data missing in ad-hoc reports 


Employee Central Ad Hoc Reports - FAQ & Tips

Please refer to the below article, to understand the typical uses of the Employee Central Ad Hoc reports

  • 2080162 - Employee Central: Ad Hoc Report Types Explained
  • 2155392 - Adhoc Report TimeStamp Configuration
  • 2288908 - How to change the format of Date fields in EC reports
  • 2092850 - How to make changes to Employee Data on mass via Import
  • 2266216 - How to Export Employee Central Data for Import Activities
  • 2080152 - How can I tell when Employee data was entered or last amended, what changed and by whom?
  • 2550241 - Report on Global Assignment Fields
  • 2265424 - Does Ad Hoc Reporting support extraction of Dependent Portlet data?
  • 2274688 - How to report on Workflows
  • 2226656 - MDF Position Data in Table (Ad hoc) Reports Displays InternalId for Foundation Object Columns - EC
  • 2099893 - Ad Hoc Person and Employment Audit report is not returning expected data
  • 2631131 - Employee Central: Ad Hoc Reports take a long time to execute or are timing out 

Pay Component Group Sums Sync

  • 2080171 - Employee Pay Group Sums do not retrieve any data when selected in Ad Hoc Reports
  • 2345923 - HRIS Pay Component Group Sums Sync Job Fails Repeatedly





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When opening a support case for EC Ad Hoc Reports, please ensure the following information is attached to the case:

  • Attach the Data Models related to the issue: Succession Data Model, Country Specific Succession Data Model, Corporate Data Model and Country Specific Corporate Data Model
  • Screenshot of the Error Message - also copy/paste the content of the error message pop-up to the case (for JAVA errors or Application Error errorIds this is crucial)
  • Timestamp - Copy/paste the text from the "Show version information" popup into the case
  • Is the issue replicatable for all users or just some/one?
  • Granted users Role-Based Permissions settings
    • Attach the View Permission Role output (right click on the page and Print to PDF)
  • Please provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue you are encountering - preferably including screenshots - Please make sure that the screenshot is full screen (meaning to show complete web page view). Include:
    • Name or UserID of user encountering the issue
    • Is Proxy involved? If so the Name or UserID of the user who is being proxied
  • When creating an issue, please answer following questions (answer whichever is applicable, if a question doesn't apply in a scenario then answer "Not Applicable"):
    • Did this issue start recently?
    • Was the same feature or functionality working before?
    • Is the issue reproducible for other users?
    • If the issue is realted to a Picklist or Object field, then please attach an export of the Picklist/Object related data 


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