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2317952 - SAP Jam - How to request the Microsoft Outlook add-in


How to request the Microsoft Outlook add-in for SAP Jam


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A Microsoft Outlook add-in exists that integrates SAP Jam with Microsoft Outlook.


This is only available if your SAP Jam instance is on the Advanced Plus or Enterprise edition of SAP Jam.

To request the add-in please create an official SAP Jam support case. The process is that an SAP Jam support colleague will create a new private SAP Jam group, attach the relevant files and documentation and invite you to the group.

Please include the following information in the case:

  1. Company name, ID and data center for which company will be using the Add-In
  2. Names of the relevant people to invite to the group. Normally this would be key colleague using the add-in & colleague(s) responsible for setting it up. 
  3. Which version of Outlook your company is using; 32-bit or 64-bit version of Outlook
  4. What language you would like the installer to be- English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Spanish or French

Please note:

  • That all subsequent support will be provided through the SAP Jam group and not via the case. The logic for If you have any questions relating to the add-in that some SAP colleagues, who are experts with the add-in, do not have access to the case tool but can access the group to help.
  • The group that support will create will not be an external group in your instance and therefore has no impact on your amount of available external SAP Jam groups.


If you are part of SAP Product Support, please refer to the internal memo section of this KBA.

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SAP Jam Microsoft Office Integration.pdf
SAP Jam add-in for Microsoft Outlook Admin Guide and release notes.pdf