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Reproducing the Issue

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Please be sure that before you open a Support case with Product Support, you have performed the following sanity checks on your configuration/data, bearing in mind most issues are due to a configuration issue:

  • The feature is correctly enabled, as described in the related Implementation Handbook.
  • Correct permissions are granted to the administrator/end-user to be able to use the tool (as specified in the Implementation Handbook).
  • Has the configuration changed recently?
    • Was it working before the recent changes?
    • Can the recent change be undone so retesting can be performed?
  • Can the issue be reproduced for just one or multiple admins?
    • If the issue is reproducible for all, it is likely to be a permissions issue.
    • If it seems to be related to one or a small admin population, the next step is to check and verify the permissions are correctly granted.
  • Is the data correct? (Ensure that any recent configuration changes you have made have not caused any data inconsistencies.)
  • Have you verified that, according to the related Implementation Handbook, the feature is configured according to Best Practices recommended in the handbook?
  • Is the Config UI you are using a Custom Config UI you have created?
    • Have you tested with the most recent Config UI?
      • Download the latest Config UI/Config UI Rules/Config UI Rule Messages from the SuccessStore, and test with this first. You may find the issue is with the UI you have configured.




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Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks recommended by Product Support, which you should consider first before opening a Support case.

FAQ Index



How To

Below is a list of frequently asked "How To" questions from Partners and Customers.

  • 2477238 - How to add new Country Specific configuration to Payment Information Detail object
  • 2305691 - Configuration for Country Specific Field in Payment Information UI
  • 2355096 - RCM-ONB-ECT Integration of Payment Information Prerequisites
  • 2391139 - Payment Information Workflow, Does not Respect Configuration UI Layout
  • 2367928 - Future date Payment Information
  • 2365176 - "Updated by" field in the History Page of Payment information not visible.
  • 2424203 - Rules structure to generate workflow from Payment Information portlet
  • 2347941 - Payment Information V3: Import of Payment Information Details does not Populate Bank Field
  • 2162848 - Workflows in Direct Deposit portlet
  • 2324306 - Use of any Pay Type without using Main Pay Type
  • 2462005 - Remove validation for Payment Information
  • 2488404 - Is it possible to make Payment Information portlet mandatory during New Hire process?
  • 2683368 - How to Import Payment Information – New & Existing Users
  • 2519246 - Always set Pay Type as Main Payment Method
  • 2519996 - Payment Information: Without maintaining Bank database
  • 2530159 - Default effective date in Payment Information portlet with current Pay Cycle begin date
  • 2334910 - Hide payment information portlet
  • 2440812 - Defaulting Payment Information using Business Rules
  • 2465615 - How to Remove or Permission Country and Currency Icons coming in User Bank details or Payment Information
  • 2472278 - Payment Information: Bank field value now reportable via Advanced Reporting
  • 2489840 - How to restrict users from changing the default effective date of today when editing Payment Information
  • 2504806 - Payment Information - Cannot Create Future Dated Record with Auto Delimit of Past Record
  • 2537384 - Payment Information - User Assistance Documentation link
  • 2557490 - Payment Method - How to Configure UI Rule for other Bank Transfer to Display Same Data as Bank Transfer (5)
  • 2570074 - Bank Info or Payment Information portlet's Change History Audit Info
  • 2660722 - How to Run an Audit on Payment Information 
  • 2533328 - Updated by or Last Modified by is not Showing on Custom MDF UI  
  • 2755545 - How to Create SRSD to Audit Payment Information
  • 2745414 - Payment information is not replicated to secondary assignment

Configuration Issues

The following are frequently encountered Configuration Issues that do not require a Support case to be raised

  • 2248231 - Payment Information portlet does not show all the expected fields after Migration or Configuration
  • 2386703 - Application error when saving Payment Information
  • 2305817 - Payment Information portlet - field values are set to null upon edit or the portlet is continuously loading.
  • 2377140 - When Saving Payment Information Field Remains Blank
  • 2399046 - User can Edit MDF Portlet Without Permission
  • 2421821 - Error “Cannot convert undefined or null to object” when viewing Personal Information or Payment Information
  • 2431379 - Application Error in the Add New Employee Wizard, When Adding Payment Information
  • 2486574 - User can View Payment Information Block Without Permission
  • 2490100 - Payment Information portlet: Bank Name does not populate
  • 2516575 - Payment Information Fields Duplicating, Clearing or Disappearing
  • 2386686 - One country's Bank Account number with another country's IBAN
  • 2476269 - Data is saved before approving or rejecting the workflow
  • 2508478 - Bank Field in Payment Information Portlet does not display values for some users
  • 2508504 - Payment Method appearing multiple times
  • 2508751 - Direct Deposit to Payment Information migration: field mappings
  • 2515563 - Editing Payment Information displays multiple records
  • 2518607 - Payment Information: Rule returns null for jobCountry when adding multiple records
  • 2519279 - Payment Information: Account Type for country not appearing in UI
  • 2522458 - Deletes the bank field value when it is first selected
  • 2522468 - Payment Information - Bank name and Routing number / BIC field refreshing and becoming blank
  • 2523804 - Payment Information Portlet is Blank for Existing Users
  • 2337400 - The field Job country is not Auto-Populated in User Payment Information Portlet
  • 2347362 - Validation issue with Payment Information for Spain
  • 2360256 - Payment Information - Country Specific fields (Conditional Values/Associations)
  • 2386831 - Unable to find Payment_Information_Portlet in SuccessStore to generate the UI
  • 2398501 - Payment Information UI Layout
  • 2425021 - Payment Information History not available
  • 2465442 - Unable to Save Configuration UI Rule
  • 2480146 - Expected behavior for the future pending changes in Payment Information portlet
  • 2499301 - Payment Information Portlet just hanging
  • 2504758 - Unable to upload Chinese Characters in Payment Information Portlet
  • 2530408 - Payment Information: Multiple groups in UI
  • 2550917 - Customised Pay Type Values Not Appearing
  • 2550984 - USA specific field Account Type value is not getting saved 
  • 2551623 - Direct Deposit: Payment Method displays -1
  • 2561159 - Payment Information: Configuring the Country Specific Bank Validation Object
  • 2587647 - How to Import Country Specific Validation Configuration
  • 2568012 - Error when Hiring Employee from Manage Pending Hire


  • 2501763  - Invalid Bank Details. The given combination of Routing Number/BIC and Bank Country does not exist in the Bank data
  • 2248110 - Amount / Percentage as Main Payment Method in Payment Information Portlet
  • 2327169 - Error while trying to save PaymentinformationDetail object
  • 2459381 - Error while entering second Payment information record through Insert New Record
  • 2471217 - Direct Deposit to Payment Information migration error: Old payment method and new payment method are inconsistent. Please correct the data.
  • 2471224 - Payment Information migration error: but bank details are inconsistent. Please correct the data.
  • 2518638 - Payment Information migration issues
  • 2519776 - Payment information: Duplicate fields
  • 2538688 - Payment Information migration fails
  • 2162143 - Application error on Personal Information Page-EC-Payment Information
  • 2293079 - Payment Information: Error when saving Payment Information
  • 2314375 - Error Message when saving Payment Information Portlet
  • 2334907 - Error on Importing Payment information
  • 2342583 - Payment Information Error: "Sorry, it is not possible to maintain payment information if there is no job information or no country in job information"
  • 2362710 - Blank Error when saving Payment Information
  • 2364653 - Error in Payment Information Portlet
  • 2446855 - Unable to create Payment Information data for Future Dated Hire
  • 2460138 - Application Error during Manage Pending Hires > Rehire | Existing data not transferred to Payment Information in Manage Pending Hires > Rehire
  • 2486814 - Receive Error That Rule is Failing when Adding Payment Information for a Future Hire
  • 2496117 - An Error occurred while creating new Bank record Via Manage Data
  • 2560594 - Payment Information migration job fails
  • 2575424 - Payment Information application error
  • 2633329 - Error when migrating from Direct Deposit to Payment Information




 The following are audit information

  • 2660722 - How to Run an Audit on Payment Information
  • 2533328 - Updated by or Last Modified by is not Showing on Custom MDF UI
  • 2755545 - How to Create SRSD to Audit Payment Information
  • 2371077 - How to report on MDF Object Payment Information  
  • 2472278Payment Information: Bank field value now reportable via Advanced Reporting

People Profile

 The following are PP3 Specific Config Issues/How To's

  • 2264212 - How to add Payment Information section to People Profile 3
  • 2348200 - PP3 - Can't Navigate to the Compensation Information Page in the Add New Employee Wizard
  • 2409336 - PP3 - Payment Information UI not working the same in Add New Employee
  • 2487085 - Label missing for the "+" symbol in Hire/Rehire screens for Payment Information Portlet
  • 2396043 - Payment information history is missing in People Profile





IssueIdentified_blue_small.jpg Handbook_blue_small.jpg Tips_blue_small.jpg Incident_orange_small.jpg

When opening a Support case, please ensure the following information is attached to the case:

  • Screenshot of the Error Message - also copy/paste the content of the error message to the case if possible (for JAVA errors or errorIds)
  • Timestamp - copy/paste the text from the "Show version information" popup into the case
  • Is the issue replicatable for all users or just some?
  • Screenshots of granted users Role-Based Permissions settings for Advances
  • Screenshots of UI configurations
  • Please provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue you are encountering, preferably including screenshots. Please make sure that the screenshot is full screen to show the complete web page view.
  • When creating an issue, please answer following questions: (Answer whichever is applicable. If a question doesn't apply in a scenario, then answer "Not Applicable".)
    • Did this issue start recently?
    • Was the same feature or functionality working before?
    • Is the issue reproducible for other users?
    • If the issue is realted to a Picklist or Object field, then please attach an export of the Picklist/Object data.



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