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2318840 - Employee Central Implementation - Service Center FAQ


Employee Central Implementation - Service Center FAQ

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Reproducing the Issue

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Before opening an case with Product Support

Please be sure that before you open a support case with Product Support, you have performed the following sanity checks on your configuration/data - bearing in mind most issues are due to a configuration issue -:

  • The feature is correctly enabled, as described in the related Implementation Handbook - Please note that for EC Service Center we recommend you follow the enabled guidance EXACTLY as described, before looking to perform any customizations.
  • Correct permissions are granted to the administrator/end-user to be able to use the tool (as specified in the Implementation Handbook)
  • Has the configuration changed recently?
    • Was it working before the recent changes?
    • Can the recent change be un-done so re-testing can be performed?
  • Can the issue be reproduced for just 1 or multiple admins?
    • If the issue is reproducible for all it is still likely to be a permissions issue.
    • If it seems to be related to 1 or a small admin population - the next step is to check and verify the permissions are correctly granted.
  • Is the data correct? (Ensure that any recent configuration changes you have made have not caused any data inconsistencies)
  • Have you verified that, according to the related Implementation Handbook, the feature is configured according to Best Practices recommended in the handbook?




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Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks recommended by Product Support, which you should consider first before opening a Support case

FAQ Index


EC Service Center v1 Implementation (depreciated):

  •  2284437 - Employee Central Service Center WAR file


EC Service Center v2 Implementation:

100% of the issues Product Support encounter for ECSCv2 are due to either Configuration or Data. Please ensure you are following the most current version of the handbook (link below) as well as leveraging the below articles to resolve any errors you might encounter during implementation.

PLEASE NOTE: The ECSC implementation should only begin once Employee Central implementation is completed. Do not implement "along side" an Employee Central implementation. The configuration for EC must be completed first.

Configuration FAQ :

  • 2434481 - Attachment types supported on EC Service Center (Ask HR)
  • 2591040 - Communication interactions notes visibility in Service Center (ASK HR)
  • 2515793 - Supported language in EC Service Center (ASK HR)
  • 2596773 - Multiple ASK HR links in 'Quick Links' tile after refresh
  • 2602118 - Issue with Knowledge Base Integration into AskHR
  • 2674432 - Prerequisites for Enabling SAP Employee Central Service Center (ASK HR)
  • 2677611 - Employee Central Service Center Bizx_Odata Destinations in HANA Cloud Platform
  • 2735421 - Solution Template in ASK HR Application
  • 2735311 - Hide fields in Contact HR section in ASK HR application
  • 2735461 - Ticketing attributes available in ASK HR system
  • 2735503 - Integrating for ASK HR system with Custom mobile application
  • 2800010 - Enabling AskHR on SuccessFactors Employee Central Home Page
  • 2801464 - Redirect ASK HR hyperlink in Homepage
  • 2801562 - Tickets to be shown in bold when unopened in ASK HR application
  • 2802768 - ECSC Live Chat Integration
  • 2802808 - Employee Name with special character for ASK HR application
  • 2859662 - Ask HR App doesn't show the tickets in order 
  • 2840200 - AskHR does not direct to Search Knowledge using context
  • 2995866 - Affected User field for ASK HR
  • 2926377 - ECSC : ASK HR ticketing life-cycle workflow
  • 2840200 - AskHR does not direct to Search Knowledge using context
  • 2835871 - Employee Central Service Center Downtime

How To's:

  • 2801514 - How to change attachment icon for ASK HR tickets?
  • 2801498 - How to add new fields in ASK HR application?
  • 2499322 - How to add quick links for SAP EC Service Center (ASK HR) ?
  • 2801406 - How to find out SAPUI5 version for ASK HR ?
  • 2591108 - Requirement to maintain custom labels or language translations for values in Priority field for Employee Central Service Center (ASK HR) applications
  • 2593302 - Renaming application name 'ASK HR' to customer specific name
  • 2590986 - How to publish extension for Employee Central Service Center (ASK HR) ?
  • 2591107 - How do I request Employee Central Service Center (ASK HR) Subscription ?
  • 2735543 - List of SCP (SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit) Landscape supported for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Subscription
  • 2674445 - How to configure SAP JAM Knowledge Base with EC Service Center (ASK HR) ?
  • 2710689 - How to Grant HANA Cloud Platform(HCP/SCP) Access to SAP Product Support for ASK HR Application?
  • 2719610 - Unable to access buttons for renaming and deleting the attachments in ASK HR
  • 2735451 - How to create sub-account in SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit (SCP) for ASK HR application?
  • 2735460 - Modifications to ASK HR layout in SF System
  • 2735465 - How to identify Sub-account ID in SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit ?
  • 2735468 - EC Service Center - Modifications / Configuration Changes to the Ask HR Application
  • 2735504 - Restrict access for few sections in ASK HR for Employees
  • 2735546 - Verifying the permission settings for SF API for Employee Central Service Center
  • 2744820 - ASK HR - How to disable fields from the Search tab in Knowledge Base
  • 2801443 - How to reset the default mapping between SCP and SuccessFactors for ASK HR application?
  • 2801552 - How to add Spell check feature for Ask HR application?
  • 2859636 - ASK HR filter behavior b1911 release
  • 2859704 - Attachments and Conversation on E-mail are now shown in Ask HR application 
  • 2859712 - Create a ticket using e-mail (Outlook) and verify in Ask HR application and C4C system
  • 2859700 - Enhancements on e-mail notification of ASK HR tickets
  • 2859718 - C4C agent's reply using "Email" option for ASK HR feature
  • 2859844 - Employee's reply to Agent's reply via E-mail for ASK HR application
  • 2859862 - Employee's reply to agent's reply via portal in ASK HR application
  • 2925413 - ASK HR : Duplicate E-mail chains & Tickets created 
  • 2925254 - Grievance process and Disciplinary process in ECSC (ASK HR)
  • 2859704 - Attachments and Conversation via E-mail are now shown on Ask HR application
  • 2859662 - Ask HR App doesn't show the tickets in order
  • 2859636 - ASK HR filter behavior
  • 2858526 - Sentiment Analysis Tracking in Ask HR
  • 2823514 - ASK HR : Contact HR does not support transalation
  • 2779483 - Employee Central Service Center - Day 1 Expectations and Limitations of the Mobile Application for ECSC
  • 3045413 - How to hide priority field in ASK HR application ?
  • 3045437 - How to hide case Category in ASK HR application?
  • 3045438 - Flexibility to return specific results in ASK HR Knowledge Base Search
  • 3045382 - ASK HR - Knowledge Base search to have drop-down values
  • 3045392 - Survey feature for ASK HR application

Common Errors:

  • 2591018 - Unable to access tickets under Tickets Overview and Contact Information sections for Employee Central Service Center (ASK HR)
  • 2664981 - Employee Central Service Center: Troubleshooting Guide for Ask HR v2
  • 2591093 - Unable to view data under Contact HR section for few employees in Employee Central Service Center (ASK HR)
  • 2742013 - Error Opening ask hr
  • 2591114 - ASK HR application generated an error on clicking the ASK HR hyperlink in homepage
  • 2611461 - EC Service Center (Ask HR) Error : Something went wrong! Please contact your system administrator
  • 2620463 - Error during employee replication for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to SAP C4C system using SAP HCI System
  • 2682213 - AskHR - Inconsistent Behaviour on IE- Split ScreenDisplay
  • 2733389 - ASK HR Hyperlink is pointing to wrong URL in Homepage
  • 2801328 - Unable to find ServiceDeskContactSupportInformation
  • 2744322 - Error when access SAP JAM Knowledge Search option in ASK HR application "You are not yet authorized to access SAP Jam. Please try after some time."
  • 2746042 - AskHR - Contact HR information not displayed for employees
  • 2757924 - Ask HR - After an Instance Refresh - "Your User Profile is not configured, please contact system administrator"
  • 2735495 - Unable to access Custom External Module
  • 2761757 - Assertion failed for Custom External Module in Ask HR
  • 2777289 - 1902: ERROR "Could not open app. Please try again later" when clicking on "Ask HR" link from any page
  • 2801307 - ServiceDeskContactSupportInformation (Ask HR Contact Details / Contact HR) greyed out
  • 2804519 - Service Center - Unable to Create Tickets in Ask HR
  • 2887413 - ASK HR (Service Center) permissions option got visible in Manage Permission Role
  • 2949815 - Ask HR V1 - User Session is not successful. Please contact admin!
  • 2926386 - ASK HR : Timestamps are in different timezone in C4C & SF system

C4C related 

  • 2822845 - Service category dropdown is showing blank or Incorrect categories in Ask HR application
  • 2854736 - Unable to set ASK HR cases to Solution Confirmed 
  • 2878586 - Error occurred while processing property 'AuthorName' when access AskHR ticket

ASK HR Mobile 

  • 2957791 - ASK HR Mobile Version - Country specific service categories 




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Where to open a ticket?

EC Service Center is a little different than other EC features, as it is infact a product built across several SAP products - 4 SAP products - SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HANA Cloud Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Hybris Cloud for Service (C4C). There are only 2 parts of the entire configuration that are done in SAP SuccessFactors - Provisioning setting + HCP Extension (explainedin the Service Center handbook). Most of the configuration (and subsequent issues) are not actually from the Employee Central part of the pie, but, the Support cases must be raised with SAP SuccessFactors - Employee Central Product Support. Please note that there is one exception to this, and that is if the issue arises in the SAP Hybris Cloud for Service part of the solution. Then the Support case must be raised from within the SAP Hybris Cloud for Service part of the solution.

More information about how the SAP Hybris Cloud for Service support process works? Please click here

When opening a support case, please ensure the following information is attached to the case

Please ensure that login details for - SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HANA Cloud Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Hybris Cloud for Service - are provided via the Secure Area in the Support case - this will help reduce the time needed for suport to troubleshoot the reported issue.

Bear in mind that this product is built across 4 SAP products - SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HANA Cloud Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Hybris Cloud for Service - so clearly explaining in which area you are encountering an issue is key here to ensure Product Support can engage with the right Support/Development team if needed.

As usual, please ensure you provide the following information if applicable to your issue -:

  • Screenshot of the Error Message - also copy/paste the content of the error message to the case if possible (for JAVA errors or errorIds)
  • Timestamp - Copy/paste the text from the "Show version information" popup into the case
  • Is the issue replicatable for all users or just some/one?
  • Screenshots of granted users Role-Based Permissions settings
  • Screenshots of UI configurations
  • Please provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue you are encountering - preferably including screenshots - Please make sure that the screenshot is full screen (meaning to show complete web page view)
  • When creating an issue, please answer following questions (answer whichever is applicable, if a question doesn't apply in a scenario then answer "Not Applicable"):
    • Did this issue start recently?
    • Was the same feature or functionality working before?
    • Is the issue reproducible for other users?
    • If the issue is realted to a Picklist or Object field, then please attach an export of the Picklist/Object data




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