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2321185 - Time Out error or performance issue when trying to open a record in a customer's instance


Customer's instance shows performance issue when loading a record to be displayed such as:

  • long loading time
  • communication error
  • time out error

time_out_user_record.PNG                com_error.PNG



  • SAP Successfactors HXM suite
  • SAP Successfactors Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Admin interface
  • Users

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to System admin > Users > search for a user and open the record
  2. Observe a long loading time or an error is displayed


  • This issue may occur when the user has a large number of assigned and/or completed items combined with the order in which the record tabs are in.
  • The performance can also be degraded if this setting is enabled "dropDownEnabled=true" in the search selector configuration file of a referenced custom column. If there are too many references it can cause a performance issue when opening the record.
  • Communication Error can have multiple causes though, we recommend replicating the issue while collecting traces and contacting product support with the results if the resolution provided here does not address your issue.


Disable Referenced custom column drop down:

If a custom column is reference with many values,disabling the drop down in the user snapshot can improve the performance.

  1. in SystemAdmin> Configuration> Search Selectors > find the selector related to your custom column
  2. Set "dropDownEnabled=false" in order to resolve the issue.



Change the module tabs order

Change the order of the Assigned or Completed Items tabs (depending which one has the most records).

Moving them down the list means the related query is not running while the user snapshot is loading

  1. System Admin > Configuration > Record Configuration > Select User
  2. Click to the Related info tab
  3. Select Assigned items or Items Completed depending on your case
  4. Click Move down as many times as needed to move the tab down the list
  5. Click Save



SAP, SF, Successfactors, learning, LMS, timeout; communication; slow; slowness; user, user record, loading, performance,  SnapshotRemotingServiceImpl – 
com.plateausystems.elms.framework.snapshot.api.SnapshotException: , error code [589]; SAP DBTech JDBC: [589]: too many parameters are set: # of params :, Record Configuration, dropDownEnabled , KBA , LOD-SF-LMS-ADM , System Admin, Global Variables, References , LOD-SF-LMS-CAT , Catalog , Problem


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