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2321976 - I-9 Not Pulling Location Level 4 Address


  • In Section 2 of the I-9 the address is pulling from location Level 1 Address from corporate structure and not from Level 4 address as confirgured in Super Admin.


  • Super Admin


  • By Default the address will pull from level 1 location address for the I9 section 2.
  • Not mapped correctly to pull from level 4.
  • Keys need to be added in Super Admin to be mapped to the I9 form in order to use level 4 address. 


  1. If you have access to super admin please follow these steps, if you do not have access to super admin please open a support ticket for one of our Cloud Product Support team member to assist.
  2. If you have configured in Super Admin to have the section 2 of the I9 to pull the address from level 4 of corporate structure and it is still pulling the address from level 1 please follow these steps.
  3. Go into super admin and find your account.
  4. Once in your account go to corporate structure
  5. Select level 4 
  6. Select Level Properties
  7. Take a screen shot of the properties because you will be deleting the address, city state and zip.  You will need to replace them again exactly how they are in your screen shot.  (see screen shot of example)

Level 4.png

      8. You will be mapping new keys.. for Address delete the address then add it back in again exactly as in is in your screen shot. Once you add it go to map key and put a check in the check box.

          Enter the key "BusinessAddress" then click create.


level 4 2.png

      9 Follow the same instructions for City, State and zip delete and replace.  The following are the keys to be entered for City, State and Zip.

        City key = "BusinessAddressCity".

        State key= "BusinessAddressState".

        Zip key = "BusinessAddressZip".

    10. If you would like for the Company Name to pull from Level 4 you need to follow the same steps as above. The company key = BusinessCompany.

    11. Run your test using a brand new test candidate to see the expected results.  If for some reason the Company  name is still not pulling from level 4 after you made the  changes in step 10, please check the following.

          a. In Super Admin under Corporate Structure level Check on the Data Key for Level Code and Data Key for Level Name.  They must not be the same they need to be different.  If they are the same add the word "Text" to the current Data Key for Level Name. 

          Example if you have the name ParentCompany for both the Data Key for Level Code and Data Key for Level Name, Change the  Data Key for Level Name to ParentCompanyText.  Click update.

         b. In the Onboarding Application under Corporate Structure make sure that the Property “Company” is not blank.  If it is this is why BusinessName is blank and defaults to the key “Division” .   To fix update the Company Name in the Corporate Structure.

          See example below of Company being Blank. This should not be blank.

Company Name.png


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