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2323090 - Legacy Reports (List, Spotlight, Spreadsheet & Classic Reports) Implementation Tips & Tricks from Support



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We, the Cloud Product Support team, are currently working on an initiative to provide you, our partners, with a comprehensive one stop shop for resources and information sources for the SAP SuccessFactors Analytics & Reporting that you can use for your learning, training, and implementation needs.

The aim is to centralize the available content for the SAP SuccessFactors Ad Hoc Reports that is already out there for you and also help you by creating Knowledge Articles that cover the most common support issues encountered during implementations and Go-live.

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Implementation Support Knowledge & Tips:

Legacy Reports such as List Views, Spotlight, Spreadsheet and Classic should not be implemented anymore for new instances.

Ad Hoc Reports should be used instead. Further information on Ad Hoc reports is available via the KBA Ad Hoc Reports (Report Builder) Implementation Tips & Tricks from Support.

Background information: These legacy reports were made available in about 2006 and were replaced by more robust configurable Ad-Hoc based reports in 2011. They were very popular reports however engineering is no longer fixing issues and encourages all clients to start using Ad-hoc reports and building out replacement reports using Ad hoc Report Builder functionalities.

For this reason this KBA will provide only some existing document describing the main functionalities and configuration for theList Views, Spotlight Views, Spreadsheet and Classic Reports.

The following information is intended for administrators who work with the product regularly, SAP implementation partners and SAP consultants.

Report Type


Report Features




List Views.jpg

Provide on-demand detailed views into the numbers behind the Dashboards for associates, forms, and performance factors.

Each list focuses on only one topic, such as associates, and allows managers to sort and drill through the data.

Spotlight Views.jpg

On-demand, at-a-glance, graphical representations of statistics about one very focused subject.

All information is presented on one page. Managers can quickly check up on a key process.

Spreadsheet Reports.jpg

Allows for in-depth analysis about key processes. Reports are scheduled and generated according to selected criteria and presented in a spreadsheet format.

HR can download the generated report to further analyze the data offline.

Classic Reports.jpg

Provide access to the core processes and data within the system. Data may be exported from the system.

Reports offer detailed data sets and formats for use with external systems and reporting tools.





  • Legacy reports enhancements requests & minor issues fix are not fulfilled anymore (Ad Hoc or ORD Reports should be used instead)
  • Legacy reports cannot be customised and provide little flexibility
  • Spreadsheet reports are based on RDF file which need to be requested to SAP Support. RDF files different from RBP or non -RBP and are available in the 2003 & 2007 excel version. 

Possible Implications:

  • If the above considerations are not followed you could end up investing a lot of time with the legacy reports which eventually will be replaced by the newer Reporting tools and functionalities. 
  • If permission is not set up correctly some users may be able to access data which are not supposed to see

You can refer to the attached  documents for information on the Legacy reports. (!!OLD Documents - not maintained anymore!!)

List-Spotlight Views & Classic-Spreadsheet Reports Overview & AnalyticsReportingDirectory(V4)

General Considerations and Tips for any Ad Hoc Reporting Implementation

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with the link to the KBA with the available answer.

  1. 2166864 - Spreadsheet Report fails from the UI (Scheduled Reports) although the Job Run is completed (Describes what RDF file and provisioning settings to use for Scheduled Reports result)
  2. 2189132 - Spreadsheet Report file empty with 2003 RDF but shows data with 2007 RDF although it completes successfully in both cases (Influence of the RDF & Spreadsheet provisioning settings on the spreadsheets Scheduled Reports output )
  3. 2154267 - Target List View report not considering the Date Options selection (Influence of the Performance Management Date Range selection on the Target List View report output)
  4. 2210920 - Employee list report shows a different value for the Overall Rating This Period (Rounded) from the respective User's form  (Influence Process configuration on the Employee list report output)
  5. 2089634 - List Reports: Configurable List View Display Options - Reporting and Analytics (Briefly explains where to find and configure list views)
  6. 2090131 - Reports: v4e Files. Exporting, working with and converting .v4e files to .xls - Reporting and Analytics  Explains how to work with .v4e files generated from Classic Reports
  7. 2089634 - List Reports: Configurable List View Display Options - Reporting and Analytics Explains how to configure list views


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  • List, Spotlight, Spreadsheet & Classic Reports


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